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a general purpose
    A General Purpose CAD Program For Microwave Linear Circuits
    , Ltd invented a series of parallel programmable network processors, including IXP425, IXP1200, IXP2400 and IXP2800. IXP1200, one of the intel's Network Processors, is a primary product which is suitable for enterprise usage. It has a general purpose process and six micro engines. IXP1200 fits the requirements of Broad Band access device and it is the best choice of Giga-bit firewall.
    In this paper, a general purpose optimization software package YOUHUA -1A, implemented on TQ-16 (China-made computer) and CYBER-18, and its applications in engineering are introduced.
    Design and Implementation of a General Purpose Visualization System
    Automation word segmentation of modern Chinese text is the baseof Chinese information processing, so a general purpose applicationinterface for segmentation is important.
    This paper researches and analyzes XKMS and its relevant technology deeply, XKMS is one of the XML security standards that published by W3C. It provides a general purpose interface to use PKI, makes server do the complicated PKI tasks of instead of by the client. It can solve the inter-operation Problem and reduce the complexity of client application.
    Finally, a general purpose and extensible volume rendering framework has been carefully designed and developed. Based on this platform, we implement several transfer function design algorithms and the multi-resolution volume rendering algorithm, which utilize GPU-based hardware acceleration method.
    In this paper, a general purpose computer-aided design program for microwave linear circuits is presented.
    We have designed and implemented a general purpose simulation language for neural nets (SLONN).
    Expert system development tool ESDT-HKD is a general purpose language for knowledge engineering,Rule plus frame plus black board is used as knowledge structure of system. It is a perfect system implemented on IBM/PC.
    专家系统开发工具ESDT-HKD是一个通用知识工程语言。 它以规则+框架+黑板作为系统的知识结构,是一个在IBM-PC机上实现的功能较完善的系统。
    This paper introduced the data acquisition system for r energy spectrum and also introduced a general purpose IBM communication software packet COMLAN, which is developed for the data acquisition system.
    Analysing the function of I/O interface with AT bus, the paper summarizes a general method of expanding I/O interface for industrial control, and gives a general purpose expanded circuit.
    本文通过分析AT总线I/O口的功能,总结出在应用于工业控制时I/O口扩展的一般方法。 并给出一个通用的扩展电路。
    The paper presents a general purpose multiagent cooperation model that solves these problems . The model specified how individual behaves of many agents is unified into a community behave. How to map the model into computing implementation ,including agent architecture , multiagent cooperating process,and unexpected event processing is discussed.
    Here presented is a general purpose system: Knight. It is suitable for different application areas. In its knowledge discovery process the system employs the evolutionary programming methodology and information concept.
    This paper introduces a general purpose method of creating Webpages, data spreadsheets and data files of MIS using Visual BASIC and Excel 2000. It illustrates the implementation procedure of a certain project and presents an evaluation report on its performances.
    本文结合一个具体的项目实例 ,介绍了采用 VB和 Office2 0 0 0中的 Excel2 0 0 0实现 MIS系统中的 Web页面、数据报表以及数据文件的一个通用、便捷的方法 ,并给出了具体的实现过程 ,最后对执行结果进行了评价。
    Automatic word segmentation of modern Chinese text is the base of Chinese information processing. So a general purpose application interface for word segmentation is important.
    现代汉语文本自动分词是中文信息处理的重要基石 ,为此提供一个通用的分词接口是非常重要的。
    First two facilities are considered for implementing binary components. This paper then introduces a general purpose component object model called SCOM.
    首先讨论在 L inux平台上实现二进制组件的基础 ,然后描述一个通用的组件对象模型 SCOM.


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