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    Engineering basics of industrial design is one of the three kinds of basic knowledge necessary for industrial designers.
    A Study of the Basis of Environmental Law──Environment, Technology, Economy
    Three Basic Activities for Forest Certification
    Analysis on the Three Basic Issues of Our Government Management Innovation
    There are three important parts in industrial automation field, such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), robot and CAD/CAM.
    Economy progress,needs progress and marketing theory development are three foundations for appearing of experiences.
    The application of the "Three Bases" in the football of juvenile
    Three Basic Obstacles in Normalized Operation of Markets in China
    Given the confusion and limitation on the definition of city, the essence of city is presented in the thesis. Three basic theories are discussed: Theories of man's nature, theories of need and theories of circumstance;
    Thus, this paper is of great theoretical and practical importance to the integration of our current logistics resources.
    本论文重点研究了集成化物流的运行机理和管理架构,主要包括集成化物流的基础、资源整合、运作模式、组织结构、管理模式、供应商管理和风险管理。 首先,提出了集成化物流有效运作的三大基础;
    Electrolytic capacitor is one of the three basic electronic components, capacitor anode aluminum foil is the key material for high quality electrolytic capacitors.
    Chapter one is the foundation of the concept, range and criminal law of the economic crime of main research adjust and control.
    In the mid 1970s ,the market,technology and risk basis for the coming forth of Stock Futures transaction in the U.S had been established on the whole.
    It is known that the web-based education is composed by the hardware , the software and the web-based education resources .
    随着网络教育的蓬勃发展,与之相适应的资源建设也日益受到人们的重视。 众所周知,网络教育有三大基础:硬件、软件和网络教育资源。
    And the comparatively depauperate status of bill market in China, which is one of three basic sub-market of money market, receives especial attention, because the development of the bill market is very important for both the construction of social credit system and the implement of macro-economic policy in China.
    At present, web-based education is emerging one of the primary practice and study of instruction informationization. The three foundations of which are hardware, software and network-resource , and web-based course is an important of the later.
    The connotation and procedural rules of res judicata has long been famed as 'Bible interpreting validity of modem court decisions' abroad.
    既判力的内涵及其程序规则,在国外素有“解释现代诉讼裁判效力之圣经”的美誉,成为诉讼法的支柱理论之一。 在国内,民事判决既判力被视为诉讼法的三大基础理论之一。
    Evolution of television production and broadcasting system is analyzed briefly in this paper.
    Considering the three basic theories of the System Engineering Theory - Information Theory, Control Theory and System Theory, this paper points out the BCM's limitations in the establishment of information system, the capacity of the Crisis Management and assistant measures through real causes studies.
    In modern society, communication has become an industry in which new technology is used widely and which is developing fastest with the most vigor. It is one of the three basic cadres in information society including energy, traffic and communication among which data traffic plays an extremely important role.


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