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    Safeguard the System of Civil Rights Develop the Base of Economy
    保障民权之机制 发展经济之基石——试论宪法修正案中“公民的合法的私有财产不受侵犯”之规定
    The author thinks that we should both ensure the openness of government information and protect national secrets and personal privacy.
    我国政府的信息公开制度势在必行 ,既要倡导政府信息的充分公开 ,又要确保国家的秘密及公民个人隐私不受侵犯 ,当个人利益与社会和群体利益不一致时 ,公民的知情权重于公民的隐私权。
    Constructing a public lawsuit will contribute to the common interests and perfects the litigations system
    Reflection on the Right of House Not Receiving Intrude Again
    Jurisprudence Annotation to the Right of Dwelling House Not to Be Infringed
    But the researches at that time, in general, concentrated on a respect of the national defense strategy, namely the development strategy of modernizing China’s national defense.
    Digital audio, video, and pictures are increasingly furnished with distinguishing but imperceptible marks, which may contain a hidden copyright notice or serial number or even help to prevent unauthorized copying directly.
    Responding to these problems, the author draws on the popular and effective, practice abroad and puts forward his resolution including establishing the mechanism of judicial review.
    Thirdly, rational eco-man has to establish the justice belief to counter the international ecological invasion, to protect his own ecological interestsand to contribute to setting up a just and sustainable developing world.
    Therefore, all of these supply the reformation of taxation policy with the direction.
    Network privacy, which is produced when the concept of privacy developed into network age, refers to the right that the private messages of the network users are not infringed.
    The relation of supply chain enterprises is cooperative and competitive. Enterprises not only have to guarantee itself interest, but also have to realize the best performance of supply chain, which make the decision of enterprises very complicated.
    People should go on with normal international business activities under the conditions that the laws permit;
    If all these cognate trades follw the principles of fairness,equality and good faith, ensuring the state property of being encoathed, and avoiding the improper loss of corporate assets, hence protecting the legal interest of shareholders, then such trades among them are the normal ttrades which can not be avoided under the market economy system.
    The developement of e-business and e-government affair system not only requires the protection of system's resources but also needs to provide the proper visitor with the best service. So the syetem are required to determine who can get access to the system's resources , what information the visitor want, what privilege the vistior have on the data he is visiting.
    As long as we carefully analyze and accurately demonstrate the doubtful points and difficult points in practice, continuously study and improve the criminal law theory of the crime of embezzlement of public funds, we can crack down on criminal activities of embezzlement of public funds stably, accurately and severely, safeguard the safety of public property and maintain the probity of the Party and the government.
    But how to limit abuse of national power and guarantee the basic rights of farmers is the problem that we have to be faced with in constructing grassroots political power in country.
    The effective way to deal with the relationship between them is to ascertain what makes up and counterplea causes of news reputation infringement and provide more freedom space for news media.
    The unified environmental administrative procedural code can better standardize the exercising of administrative authority over the administrative subject, control the abuse of administrative authority, raising the legal consciousness of relative person, thus better protect the rights and benefits of a relative person, and ensure the environmental rights of citizen not to be infringe.


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