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    Conclusion Livin α is applicable to detect cancer cells in urine of patients with bladder cancer and may be helpful in screening bladder cancer.
    Purpose: To establish the radiologic features of discoid lateral meniscus by special dimensions and analysis of the knee radiographs of discoid lateral meniscus, comparison with normal controls.
    Conclusion: Inducing synoviocytes apoptosis may be one of the therapeutic mechanisms of As_2O_3 for RA and it also provide useful help for choosing clinically adequate therapeutic drugs and doses for RA.
    It suggests that A/E≥1 of mitral blood freguency spectrum can be used as a clinical sereening index in diagnosing left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in hypertension and CHD patients.
    Conclusion:The results suggestthat inducing synoviocyte apoptosis may be one of the therapeutic mechanism of As2 O3for RA and it also provides useful help for choosing clinically adequate therapeutic drugs and doses for RA. 〔
    结论 :As2 O3可诱导 RA滑膜细胞凋亡并且可能因此而起治疗作用 ,同时可为临床筛选 RA治疗用药及剂量提供帮助
    [WT5”FZ]Results:[WT5”BZ] The MIC50 and MIC90 of EGB for 33 strains clinic isolated streptococcus mutans were 62.5g/L and 125g/L respectively.
    结果 :银杏叶的提取物对临床筛选出的 33例致龋变形链球菌株 ,最小抑菌浓度MIC5 0和MIC90分别为6 2 5g/L和 12 5g/L。
    Conclusion These data indicate that more potential Pea may be screened by measuring fPSA/tPSA ratio if tPSA is from 4.0tol0.0ng/ml .
    结论 当tP-SA为4.0~10.0ng/ml时,fPSA/tPSA比值作为一种参考标准可以用于临床筛选潜在的前列腺癌患者。
    Methods Form July to November,2002,11 patients with malignant liver tumors were included in this study. In patients with small malignant tumors,located in the left lateral segments or in the anterior segments of the right liver were candidates. HBsAg (+) in 7 cases,Anti HCV (+) in 2 cases,liver cirrhosis in 10 cases, Child A in 6 and B in 5 case, AFP (+) in 4 cases.
    方法  2 0 0 2年 7月~ 11月 ,经临床筛选病灶位于肝脏边缘、右肝表面或左半肝的病例 11例 ,HBs Ag(+ ) 7例 ,HCVAb(+ ) 2例 ,有肝硬变者 10例 ,肝功能 Child分级 A级 6例、B级 5例 ,AFP(+ ) 4例。
    The study on phenomenon of EGFR complexes internalization provide the experimental basis for selecting anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody in clinic.
    Conclusions:The criteria of AmsterdamⅡis rela-tively strict(rigid),a simplified standard can prove benefits of clinical screening of HNPCC.
    Conclusion It may be applied for clinical screening assay for chemotherapy of NPC in vitro by means of MTT.
    CONCLUSIONS: The active angiogenesis and the overexpession of uPA in PTC is closely associated with its cervical lymph node metastasis. PTC with uPA overexpression and high MVD value is easier to cervical lymph node metastasis, which is of vital importance to guide the clinical selection of PTC with high risk for lymph node metastasis.
    And the relationship between spontaneous apoptosis and its relevant genes, survivin and fhit, the correlation between the clinicopathologic parameters and the above values in primary nasal and paranasal sinus carcinomas were investigated.
    From July 2002 to March 2004, 47 patients with solid liverneoplasm were included in this study. In patients with solid tumors or local focus, located in the left lateral segments or in the anterior segments of the right liver were candidates. Male in 35 cases and female in 12 cases.
    With this method leukemic cells harboring the N-ras point nutation were specifically detected at a minimum concentration of 0.1%~0.5%. Presentation DNAs from ten patients with AML were screened for mutations in codons 12, 13, and 61 of N-ras using PCR method. Three of then (30%) contained mutation--all in codon 13 of N-ras.
    3.To investigate the general anesthesia MAC that patients with different syndromes needed, to provide reference to screening the suitable objects for acupuncture anesthesia in clinic.
    This study is aimed to assess the effect of MTA combined with fibronectin on reparative dentinogenesis and odontoblast differentiation, investigate the possible mechanism underlying traumatized pulp repair, which would facilitate the choosing of ideal pulp capping agents.
    In my study, acellular method of constitution engineering was used to prepare Acel-lular Rat Sciatic Nerve (ARSN ). HE (Hematoxylin and eosin) staining , PAGE (polyacrylamidedel electrophoresis) and immunohisto-chemical method were used to analysis its components. In order to observe the histocompatibility we embedded ARSN in muscle tissue and finally provided experimental basis of screening a nature, easy to obtain and satisfactory ECM (extracellular matrix) cage of peripheral nerve.
    本实验应用脱细胞的组织工程学方法制备脱细胞大鼠坐骨神经(Acellular Rat Sciatic Nerve,ARSN),用HE染色、聚丙烯酰胺凝胶电泳和免疫组织化学方法对其成分进行分析,并将ARSN埋植于肌肉组织内观察其组织相容性,为临床筛选组织相容性良好的周围神经细胞外基质支架,修复周围神经缺损提供实验基础。
    Objective In order to improve the diagnosis level of adenomyosis and select one better nonsurgical imaging method and modality of choice for diagnosis of adenomysis before surgery.


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