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main controller
    The hardware is based on S3C4510B as the main controller,which has powerful Internet function and many interfaces to remote control local equipment.
    This display employs MC9S12E64 based on HCS12 series single-chip microprocessor from Freescale Inc as the main controller to support I2C bus protocol based PCF8576CT single-chip LCD driver.
    The system adopts 80C31 MCU as the main controller, hybrid Rare-Earth permanent magnet stepper motor as the execution component, bio-passage rotary transformer as antenna position sensor.
    AT89S52 single-chip computer ,which is used in the homogenization silo and Charge levelindicator as the main controller ,adds some corresponding peripheral circuit to realize the intellectual control and communication.
    This article takes the S3C4510B from SAMSUNG Company as the main controller, uses CAN BUS to set up communication network, designs and develops the hardware platform for the fuzzy group control elevators.
    In the design of hardware, P89C51RD2 chip, which belongs to a series of 89C51on Philips, acts as main controller; EP1C6 chip made in Altera Company is used to image processing;
    The monitoring sytem in the two levels were finished. The main controller of the system is OMRON CS1H-CPU65H PLC. The PLC controller was connected to three hoist slave stations via wired remote I/O bus, 16 OMRON temperature controllers via RS-485 bus and OMRON NT631C programmable terminals via RS232/RS422 bus,respectively.
    该系统以OMRON CS1H-CPU65H型PLC为主控制器,该主控制器分别用远程I/O总线与3台吊机从站联网、用RS-485总线与16个OMRON温度控制器联网、用RS-232C /RS-422总线与NT631C触摸屏联网。
    In the secondary controller system, AT89S51 is chose for the main controller and the 5G14433 is chose for the A/D chip. AT89S51’s software includes controlling 5G14433, doing further disposal for the water signal, controlling the transmission network, incepting and executing the command from the host controller system.
    On the basis of this, software and hardware of the separate station's measuring, controlling and communication system, in which use TI's single chip microprocessor MSP430F149 as the main controller, and use MOTOROLA'S G20 as the GPRS communication module, were designed and realized concretely.
    A numerical PID control system which uses 8098 single chip microcomputer as its main controller is introduced in this paper.
    The digital control system with TMS 320 C25 digital signal processor as main controller is introduced. The hardware and software of this system are presented.
    介绍了用TMS 320C25数字信号处理器作为主控制器的数字控制系统,给出了该系统的硬件和软件。
    Programmable Controller is used as main controller in synchronously controlling up to 4 sinking hoists,which ensures the safety of sinking stage's elevation and subsidence in vertical shaft construction.
    The basic operational principle of the force-position type sensing system is introduced and the composition of the system with 8031 single chip computer as the main controller is described.
    The composition and the principle of the new type railway coach air conditioner controller based on 89C51 single chip computer as the main controller is presented and the CW - 2000 carrier communication module is also introduced.
    介绍以 89C51单片机为主控制器,以 CW- 2000模块实现电力载波通迅的新型铁路空调客车空调控制器的组成及工作原理。
    A new method for detecting tightness of gas meter is presented by use of multi-sensors. A single processor AT89C52 is adopted as the main controller in detection which accomplishes fast data acquisition and processing.
    提出一种用差压传感器和压力传感器检测煤气表密封性能检测的新方法 ,该方法采用AT89C52单片机作为主控制器 ,实现了数据的自动和快速采集与处理。
    and design objects and technology methods of embedded system's Internet accessing were discussed in detail. A home gateway solution embedded with TCP/IP and CEBus protocols was developed, with Rabbit-3000 as the main controller, RTL8019 as Ethernet adapter, SSC P300 as CEBus interface.
    In view of the drawback of the constant temperature water area controlled by contact thermometers in early chemical industry, we introduce a temperature-handling system constituted of AT89C51 a oneboard computer as main controller, AD590J a integrated temperature sensor and so on.
    针对化工早期接点温度计恒温水域控温存在的缺点,本文介绍了一种基于AT89C51单片机为主控制器, 结合AD590J集成温度传感器等组成的恒温水域温控系统。
    In a movement system that use 8-bit singlechip as its main controller, if we choose a high-resolving-powered and parallel-input D/A converter, the resource of singlechip will be occupied largely.
    acquisition control circuit adopts double CPU structure with ADSP as the main controller to realize the high speed data acquisition, signal processing and preliminary analysis, and with MCS51 as auxiliary CPU to realize the functions i.e. communication and man-machine interface.
    This display employs MC9S12E64 based on HCS12 series single-chip microprocessor from Freescale Inc as the main controller to support I2C bus protocol based PCF8576CT single-chip LCD driver.


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