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    The hardware is based on S3C4510B as the main controller,which has powerful Internet function and many interfaces to remote control local equipment.
    It adopts the master-slave structure, which takes PC/104 as its master controller and 13 pieces of micro control unit(MCU) as slave controllers.
    This display employs MC9S12E64 based on HCS12 series single-chip microprocessor from Freescale Inc as the main controller to support I2C bus protocol based PCF8576CT single-chip LCD driver.
    In this paper, the synchronous phase-locked technology is verified on the 10kVA three-phase inverter based on TMS320LF2407A.
    Lower control system uses MCS-51 microcomputer as main control chip, it also includes interface circuit, such as sensor, A/D, D/A, LCD, real-time clock, watchdog and serial E2PROM.
    The system adopts 80C31 MCU as the main controller, hybrid Rare-Earth permanent magnet stepper motor as the execution component, bio-passage rotary transformer as antenna position sensor.
    Chapter five is mainly the program of PC, it include two parts:one for the connect PC to TCP/IP net with Socket program, and realized the communication between PC and 89C52 for the network interface system;
    Digital processing part mainly finishes demodulation, which is made of A/D, D/A, DSP, FPGA.
    AT89S52 single-chip computer ,which is used in the homogenization silo and Charge levelindicator as the main controller ,adds some corresponding peripheral circuit to realize the intellectual control and communication.
    Second, provide the design and implementation method of the hardware of communication converter. Adopts PIC18F248 as the master controller, realize the interface conversion between RS232 and CAN.
    This article takes the S3C4510B from SAMSUNG Company as the main controller, uses CAN BUS to set up communication network, designs and develops the hardware platform for the fuzzy group control elevators.
    In the intelligent remote terminal unit the high performance Digital Signal Processor ADSP-21065L is regarded as the controller, CAN bus is regarded as communications network to make up distributed system.
    In the design of hardware, P89C51RD2 chip, which belongs to a series of 89C51on Philips, acts as main controller; EP1C6 chip made in Altera Company is used to image processing;
    First, a design project with the primary conroller of TMS320F2812 was determined after sufficient study.
    Through adjusting of themodulation depth of SPWM to regulate the output voltage from 0 to 200V.This subject uses ARM7TDMI-S base 32 bit micro-controller LPC2129 as maincontroller.
    通过调节 SPWM 的调制深度实现输出电压幅值 0-200V 的调节。 本课题使用基于 ARM7TDMI-S 的 32 位微控制器 LPC2129 为主控制器实现。
    The chip P1C16F873A was selected as MCU, 24LC256 was selected as expend EEPROM, the RS232 was selected to connect STIM and NCAP, through these things, and the hardware construct of this system was build.
    Secondly, basing on PROFIBUS technology, this thesis designed a hierarchical distributed control system for EDCS of 2730/500 Fourdrinier with Programmable Computer Controller (PCC) B&R 2005.Thirdly, aiming at the realization of EDCS, this thesis had done the following work.
    接着以分级第阶分布式控制系统为参考,以贝加莱可编程计算机控制器PCC B&R 2005为主控制器,基于PROFIBUS现场总线技术,设计了2730/500长网多缸纸机的电气传动控制系统。
    The monitoring sytem in the two levels were finished. The main controller of the system is OMRON CS1H-CPU65H PLC. The PLC controller was connected to three hoist slave stations via wired remote I/O bus, 16 OMRON temperature controllers via RS-485 bus and OMRON NT631C programmable terminals via RS232/RS422 bus,respectively.
    该系统以OMRON CS1H-CPU65H型PLC为主控制器,该主控制器分别用远程I/O总线与3台吊机从站联网、用RS-485总线与16个OMRON温度控制器联网、用RS-232C /RS-422总线与NT631C触摸屏联网。
    In the secondary controller system, AT89S51 is chose for the main controller and the 5G14433 is chose for the A/D chip. AT89S51’s software includes controlling 5G14433, doing further disposal for the water signal, controlling the transmission network, incepting and executing the command from the host controller system.
    On the basis of this, software and hardware of the separate station's measuring, controlling and communication system, in which use TI's single chip microprocessor MSP430F149 as the main controller, and use MOTOROLA'S G20 as the GPRS communication module, were designed and realized concretely.


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