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    The B-cell preponderant epitopes were probably in the regions of 199~209,318~322,381~391. Conclusion: Prediction of the secondary structure and B-cell preponderant epitopes of EBV LMP2 may lay the basis for studies of the monoclonal antibody and the design of epitope vaccine.
    B细胞优势表位可能位于其N端199~209、318~322和381~391区段。 结论:用多参数预测EBV LMP2的二级结构和B细胞优势表位,可为其单克隆抗体的制备和表位疫苗设计等研究提供理论依据。
    More than 500 adolescents provided 620 different descriptions, 9 of them described their physical and family characteristics, and 611 personality characteristics could be classified into 19 secondary factors of Chinese adolescent personality structure, and 30 facets of Western personality structure respectively.
    Objective To characterize the conserved regions of hexon protein of human adenovirus (HAdV) Methods Antigencity prediction and secondary structure analysis was accomplished with the software ANTHEPROT 5.0,was done with software DNAMAN5.2 ,Three-dimensional model of HAdV3 hexon was predicted with the SWISS-MODEL Protein Modelling Server.
    目的阐明人腺病毒(HAdV)六邻体蛋白保守区的抗原性的特征,为鉴定六邻体的抗原表位奠定基础。 方法用生物信息学软件ANTHEPROT5.0和DNAMAN对HAdV3六邻体氨基酸序列进行抗原性预测分析和二级结构的分析,然后由SWISS-MODEL Protein Modelling Server预测出HAdV3六邻体蛋白三维结构。
    Objective: To predic the secondary structure and B cell epitops for MIC3 of Toxoplasma gondii.
    Chemical composition of bauxite chamotte 85#,75#,70# reached special class,secondary classⅠand secondary classⅡ,respectively according to GB standards. The bulk density of calcined bauxite reached corresponding GB standard.
    Secondary structure showed that matured peptides encoded by BC-MAP30 and YT-MAP30 formed six successive β sheet.
    For secondary and tertiary hospitals,there are about 30.2% to 55.8% of outpatients transferred to CHS.
    IR-spectra show that PB interacts with DNA through both the phosphate groups and the bases of DNA and the formation of DNA/PB complex causes the change of the conformation of the DNA secondary structure,which is further proved by CD-spectra.
    The secondary structure of bovine interferon-τ mature protein was predicted by MLRC and the results showed that five α-helices(A-E) is substructure of interferon-τ mature protein,and Asn78,Cys1,Cys29,Cys99,Cys139,Ile143,Lys160 and the 11 amino acid residues from carboxyl terminus are high-degree conservation region,which are essential for structure and function of bovine interferon-τ.
    二级结构预测发现牛干扰素-τ成熟蛋白是以5个α-螺旋(A-E螺旋)为基础构成的。 Asn78、Cys1、Cys29、Cys99、Cys139I、le143、Lys160和C-末端的11个氨基酸为高度保守区,它们是维持牛干扰素-τ的结构和功能所必需的。
    We introduce the objective and methods of SSDL participating in TLD international intercomparision organized by IAEA/WHO, and summarize the intercomparision results of national secondary dosimetry standard for 60Co radiotherapy level in 1989-2006.
    Similarities of matrix(M) protein gene sequences among 8 isolates of avian infectious bronchitis virus isolated from Shaanxi Province was analysed by MegAlign module of DNAStar biologic software,and then the B cell epitopes and secondary structure of M protein were predicted by Kyte-Doolittle,Jameson-Wolf,Karplus-Schulz,Plot-Emini and Garnier-Robson methods.
    以陕西8株鸡传染性支气管炎病毒(AIBV)分离株M蛋白的基因序列为基础,应用DNAStar软件中的MegAlign模块对其进行了同源性分析; 用Kyte-Doolittle方法、Jameson-Wolf方法、Karplus-Schulz方法、Plot-Emini方法和Garnier-Robson方法综合预测了其中4株代表毒株的M蛋白B细胞抗原表位和二级结构。
    Formate and H2/CO2 could be utilized as substrate but not acetate,methanol,trimethylamine or secondary alcohols.
    The PCR amplicons were sequenced,then genomic sequence analysis was performed by com- parison with the sequences of the prototype strains St1,ST2,and BPV,MVC,B19,and the secondary structures and other characters of HBoV NS1,NP-1,VP1 and VP2 were predicted by bioinformafics.
    运用生物信息学的方法,对HBoV BJ3064基因组编码的各蛋白的二级结构及其他生物学特性进行了预测分析。 结果测序结果显示HBoV BJ3064及BJ3722基因组序列全长均为5299 bp,有4个主要的CDS (coding domain sequences),分别编码NS1、NP-1、VP1和VP2蛋白。
    There were 21 coils, 17 helices and 6 strands in the secondary structure of the protein.
    A new assembling receptor-zinc porphyrin dimmer and a series of secondary dipyridylammonium ions (RCH2)2NH2+ were designed and synthesized.
    To control a secondary inverted pendulum, a kind of neural network control method is introduced, in which genetic algorithm and neural network are mixed.
    OBJECTIVE To study the difference in secondary structure of enzyme molecule between Cu,Zn-Superoxide dismutase (Cu,Zn-SOD) and low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) chemically modified Cu,Zn-SOD (LMWH-SOD conjugate).
    目的研究铜锌超氧化物歧化酶(Cu,Zn-Superoxide dismutase,Cu,Zn-SOD)经低分子肝素(Low molecular weight heparin,LMWH)化学修饰前后蛋白分子二级结构的变化。
    RESULTS FTIR and CD analysis showed that secondary structure of zymoprotein, presented in LMWH-SOD, gave an increase in α-helix content but similar β-conformation content to that of Cu,Zn-SOD, also the β-conformation is the primary conformation for both.
    A New Method for Predicting Protein Structural ClassesPredicting Protein Structural Classes Based onSecondary Structure Sequence


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