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product distribution
    Commercial application of the two catalysts(CORS and CORV-CZ) showed that, combining with adjustment of the process for reducing olefin, the catalysts reduced olefin volumetric fraction by 12 to 18 percentage points while tolerating 4000×10~(-6) mass fraction of vanadium in the balance catalyst and maintaining ideal octane number and product distribution.
    The results indicated that VQS system was featured with flexibility of start-up and operation, and high efficiency of gas-solid separation (solid content of the slurry less than (4g/l)). The product distribution was improved effectively.
    The results showed that when CHZ-4 catalyst reached 50% - 55% of the inventory of equilibrium catalyst, the unit processed 45. 67% residue oil and 16% coker gas oil. The catalyst showed better bottoms crackability, better heavy metal tolerance and good product distribution. The coke and dry gas selectivities were equivalent to those of domestic USY catalysts.
    The results show that the β-zeolite treated by chloridization appears higher activity and better stability lasting for 2 000 hours when the treatment temperature is 600 ℃ and treatment time is 6 hours. The influence of reaction temperature on product distribution was studied. It can be found that not only the olefin content decreases 18.2% but also the desulfurization ratio reaches to 35.4% under 110 ℃.
    结果表明,当氯化温度为600℃,氯化时间为6 h时,所得催化剂活性较高,稳定性较好,能持续运行2 000 h,分析反应温度对产品分布的影响,在110℃的低温条件下,汽油中的烯烃体积分数下降了18.2%,同时硫脱除率高达35.4%,且催化剂再生性能较好,再生后仍保持较高的催化活性。
    The reaction condition (including temperature, space velocity, ratio of H2 to oil) has great effect on the product distribution.
    By the change of the product yield according to the temperature varied, and the change of the product distribution with coke inhibitor added, then made sure that the effect on the feed stock's thermal reaction properties with different mass fraction of coke inhibitor.
    As a result of pilot test,quite a few sample can reduce the sulfur and olefin more than 30% simultaneously without causing deterioration of the product distribution or octane number dropping.
    The commercial operation demonstrates that, when the olefin-reducing catalyst is added with this co-catalyst, the olefin in FCC gasoline is reduced by 3% -5% , octane number is enhanced, little change is observed in product distribution and reaction performance of olefin-reducing catalyst is improved.
    The reliability of the MTO technology was exhibited from the aspects of process,catalyst selection and other technical indexes via being compared to the traditional FCC technology; The riskes related to catalyst consumption and product distribution,which may arise during the industry scale-up process,were discussed; Finally,the corrsponding resolutions were brought out to avoid such risks.
    In this paper, suitable reaction dynamic equations are compared and selected from deferent literatures for ethanolamines reaction process. Affective factors are analyzed which are related to the reaction rate and final product distribution. The calculations show the follows results.
    本文通过比较不同的反应动力学表达式,选择了较好的反应动力学方法,在Aspen plus中建立了乙醇胺反应过程的模型,对影响反应速度和产品分布的反应温度、氨水浓度、物料混合方式、以及物料配比等因素进行了分析,得出了该反应工艺温度提高到90℃可以使反应速度差不多处于最大值,氨水浓度增大使反应停留时间减少,生产负荷提高。
    The application result showed that this activator could maintain effectively catalyst activity by adjusting acid sites,consequently reducing coking on the surface of catalyst,and improving product distribution and product quality.
    Reaction temperature,operating pressure inside coke drum and recirculation ratio are the main factors influ- encing delayed coking process. Based on the analysis,the technical proposal for improving product distribution and in- creasing liquid product yield is put forward,and the techni- cal innovation proposal which aims for a higher processing capacity of the unit is also advanced.
    The Effects of reaction temperature,mass ratio of catalyst to oil,space velocity and mass ratio of water to oil on product distribution,yields of light olefins(light olefins including ethylene,propylene and butylene) and composition of the fluid catalytic cracking(FCC) gasoline upgraded over the self-made catalyst GL in a confined fluidized bed reactor were investigated.
    The product distribution was optimized and the economic benefit of the FCC unit was increased.


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