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optimized structure
    The simulation of material gain, carriers transport, field intensity and spectrum educed the optimized structure.
    Based on the further study of crop rotaion system, We made out the program of optimized structure for cotton planting by seting different former stuble crops as change quantity, simulating practical crop production and establishing linear planing model.
    The optimized structure parameters, shape of cutting elements, proper material for bit body and heat treatment of PDC anchor bit are obtained through a series of lab tests and several design modification.
    On the basis of conventional optimized structure, a new optimization method is proposed.
    New optimized structure reduces the propagation delay and has higher operating speed.
    新的优化结构减少了电路的传输延迟 ,提高了电路速度 .
    This paper introduces the geological location and the water and soil maintainence ecological environment situation in Heilongjiang mountain area and also poses the method for construction,for instarce,maintainence of whole pattern,optimized structure,strengthening scientific research and fruit transmition etc.
    简要介绍了黑龙江省山区地理位置 ,水土保持生态环境现状。 提出了保持整体格局、优化结构、加强科学研究及成果转化等山区水土保持生态环境建设对策
    To solve the problem,genetic algorithm is applied to optimize structure element by means of learning to sample image and obtain the best morphology filter based on optimized structure element. Based on this,a simple and practical filtering arithmetic is designed for reducing the salt and pepper noise in gray image.
    And in this paper, the traditional structure and the optimized structure are implemented in Verilog hardware description language. Then, these designs are synthesized with the Design Compiler synthesis tool (with . 18 micron CMOS standard cell library) to obtain the delay and area.
    The fully optimized structure, obtained by minimizing the total energy and atomic forces, is in good agreement with experiment.
    通过使总能量和原子受力达到最低 ,得到晶格的优化结构 ,结果与实验符合得很好 .
    Analyzed the kinematics characteristic of the bionics machine, and got the optimized structure parameter, which has been used in our robot design.
    An optimized structure of super self-aligned SiGe HBT is described based on our research of different super self-aligned technologies.
    The optimized project for structure was obtained based on analysis on main pier cofferdam of Xianhu bridge in Nanning using large common finite program ansys,the strength and distortion of old structure and optimized structure was compared at the same time.
    The optimized structure of the separators was obtained by analyzing the numerical simulation result,and the influences of suction velocity on the flow field and particle separation was analyzed by changing the inlet parameter of the separators.
    To meet the design requirement of phase-lock speed and stability simultaneously, a new method to adjust dynamic parameters of EPLL is put forward, thus an all-digital phase-lock logical circuit with optimized structure is obtained.
    For the integration and optimization of the complex multi-flow heat exchanger network,the optimized integration method of the multi-flow heat exchanger based on the dual-flow heat exchanger network is put forward,and the optimized structure of the multi-flow heat exchanger network is obtained.
    Therefore,we must from the talented person raise,raise the level,the consummation system,the perfect mechanism,the optimized structure embark,in strives for realism in the innovation to make the issue,strives for the breakthrough in the persistent effect mechanism construction,diligently realizes the bilingual education teachers level to surmount the type development.
    We analyze the kinematics characteristic of the bionics machine, and got the optimized structure parameter, which has been used in our robot design.
    This paper introduces the principle of π/4-DQPSK modulation, and proposes an optimized structure that can realizes π/4-DQPSK effectively. And the author implements the structure with VHDL. The function is verified right and hardware resouces consumption is small.
    本文详述了π/4-DQPSK的调制原理,提出了一种可实现π/4-DQPSK调制的优化结构方框图,并针对提出的方框图应用硬件描述语言VHDL 具体实现了调制功能,功能验证正确,耗费硬件资源很少,起到了优化的效果。


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