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traditional security
    As a kind of active measure of information security assurances, intrusion detection acts as an effective complement to traditional security protection techniques. By building dynamic security circle, it improves the assurance ability of information systems to the utmost extent, and reduces the danger to systems brought by security threats.
    Intrusion detection makes up the disadvantages of the traditional security technology and result in active defense.
    Through citing the example of the Euro-Mediterranean free-trade zone's building , the article explains the openness, the attention to the traditional security and the non-traditional security, the multi-layer's target by new regionalism.
    Differeate with the traditional security approach focusing on the invalidity of the intrusion, the intrusion-tolerant can continue to provide the well or sub-well services and ensure the system security and completeness although some parts of the system are destroyed or controlled by the vicious attack.
    Chapter two analyzes the Indian strategic interests in Central Asia on the aspects of traditional security, non- traditional security and economy during the post-cold war period.
    As the necessary part of the security architecture, Security evaluation has become very important in information system protection and safety guarantee. Based on analysis the traditional security evaluation methods, a Improved AHP(IAHP) and Survivability Hierarchical Evaluation Method(SHEM) are presented, which have been implemented in the survivability evaluation of a website.
    Traditional security often refers to military security and politics security.
    It makes up the limitation of traditional security defending technology.
    它有效地弥补了传统安全防护技术的缺陷。 通过构建动态的安全循环,可以最大限度地提高系统的安全保障能力,减少安全威胁对系统造成的危害。
    As a new network security technology, intrusion detection technology can detect sorts of malicious attacks in time and respond when the net system is endangered. It is a reasonable supplement to traditional security technology such as firewall, and belong one of the research hot of the computer networks.
    On the other, there are great relationship between the NTS and the cooperation force of the traditional security, this relationship prompt the cooperation of East Asia from the interest, regime and the identification.
    The thesis gives a careful analysis of the defects in traditional security system and the new security requirements of Web Services, carries out a research on the structure, syntax and trust mechanism of Web Services Security Specification;
    Connecting with my own work experience, based on the research of traditional security techniques, this paper mainly analyzes the technology of invasion detection.
    Now, as the key technology of dynamic security defense system, intrusion detection complements effectively those traditional security defense techniques.
    As known to all, after the emergence of the new problems to threat human beings in post-cold war, the traditional security values with state as its center and military affairs as its main keep-away means, is replaced by the new security values.
    The difference between TRBCC model and traditional security model is demonstrated by an example in which multi-VO coordinative computing process is build up and the formal specification of multi-user coordinative computing requirements is performed by the TRBCC model.
    本文通过实例展示TRBCC网格安全需求分析模型以及扩展的Strand Space理论与传统安全模型的不同。
    1. The traditional security assessment of power system is analyzed and its shortcomings is pointed out.
    These years, the intrusion aimed at computer and its basic equipment emerges in endlessly. To protect the computer and network’s safety, people beginning to study the protecting technology of network security. Intrusion detection system is a new security ensure technology behind the traditional security protecting methods such as firewall, data encrypt techniques and so on.
    Traditional security view cannot explain why the human-being is still facing various threats.
    It is difficult to collaborate in Traditional Security between China and ASEAN for lacking of trust in history. But they may collaborate effectively because their common interests in NTS.
    When such kind of security problem appears, the traditional security theory cannot give very good explanation, cannot provide the practical and feasible means to respond.


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