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traditional security
    In the traditional and non-traditional threat front, the maintenance safe to oneself of the country meets the new challenge, the combination of traditional security and non-traditional security lets the collective security mode become a kind of important choice of the country.
    First, the students believe that traditional and non-traditional security issues are both very important to Chinese national security, and non-traditional security threats are increasing while traditional security threats remain serious.
    Firstly,an analysis of the differences between survivability and traditional security concepts is made.
    With the development of network commerce and network computing technology,the study on security problem has been broadened more and more. Specifically,with the gradual mature and mass application of XML-based web services technology in the past two years,the traditional security solutions(PKI technique) can't meet the new needs for security. It becomes important and essential for the study on the second generation of the PKI framework and its applications.
    随着网络商务和网络计算技术的发展,对安全问题的研究越来越深入,特别是近两年以XML为基础的W eb Services技术逐渐成熟并部署应用,传统安全解决方案(PKI技术)已经不能满足新的安全需要,因此对基于xm l的第二代PKI架构和应用进行研究是非常重要和必要的。
    Global environment and crisis make the ecological security get more attention from the world,not like traditional security such as military,national defense,and food security,ecological recovery is not only an economic notion,but also a comprehensive one.
    Although many countries have attached great importance to traditional security,non-traditional security problems have also aroused more and more attention at the same time.
    The oil reflects that excellent development of Sino-American relations is being puzzled by the intersection of between non-traditional security and traditional security.
    The political counting in the pattern of traditional security and the cognitive deference in non-traditional security are jointly restricting the cooperation and dialogue between the two countries in the non-traditional security area.
    This paper is based on the existing middleware technologies and the analysis of the security on three popular middleware platforms. We propose a common middleware security model which combines the characteristics of traditional security models and follows the design requirements of a layered middleware security architecture.
    Against this backdrop, feminist scholars analyzed traditional security concepts and environmental security theories and practices, revealing the shortcomings of the lack of gender therein and revealing the root of the dualism embedded in Western political thought.
    China’s new concept of peace diplomacy which is focused on “mutual trust, reciprocity, equality and coordination” and the construction of “harmonious world” is suitable in dealing with non-traditional security threats as well as dealing with traditional security threats.
    Single security policy is implemented in the traditional security kernel.
    Northeast Asia,confronted with grave traditional security problems and increasing non-traditional security threats,has an urgent need for a multilateral security mechanism based on the concept of cooperative security.
    The paper makes clear the difference and relationship between traditional security and non traditional security. Then,it analyzes the status quo,chance and challenge that China comfronts about issues of non-traditional security from several aspects.
    The inevitability,object,field and operating countermeasures of developing circular economy in our country are put forward by analyzing the limitation and shortage of traditional security,development and development models,and introducing the core thought and profound content of sustainable development strategy and ecological security,and concepts and features of circular economy.
    As a dynamic security defensive mechanism, it can improve effectively integrate safety of large scale of network, and is completely supplement of traditional security mechanism.
    Petrol security shouldn't be regarded as just non-tradition,in fact,it has already been attributed to the visual field of traditional security.
    In contrast to traditional security threats,non-traditional security threats directly affect the interests of all nations and their people,with its universal existence,transnational collusion,non-singular forms,random occurrence and severe harmfulness.
    The traditional security safeguards focus in server and network protection, but ignore security of the terminal device itself.
    Cornpattern theory,the research model of public security subject for 20 years can be named for traditional security pattern.


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