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    In this paper, the author studies the multipliers between Hardy spaces on the unit ball in CN. The author gets the characterizations of the bounded multipliers Mg:Hp(B)→Hq(B).
    It is introduced the sinter NdFeB permanent magnetic material surface preserative coating technology by writer research and development.
    Study on Theses and Authors in New Architecture
    A Study on "Journey to the West" by Australian Chinese Scholars Twsen-Ren Liu
    Fourthly, leaning agent adjusts the domain model and user model adaptively by reinforcement learning and genetic algorithm.
    The author points out that the social economy objectively requires the development of hub container ports and analyzes a variety of elements causing the emergence and development of hub container port, which includes the level and scale of hinterland economy, the natural and social factors of the location on which the port is based and the international ranking status of the port.
    作者研究了集装箱枢纽港的特点与形成条件,指出集装箱枢纽港的形成演化既是社会经济发展对运输发展的客观要求,也是集装箱运输自身发展的必然结果。 它的形成和发展的原因是多方面的,港口腹地经济的水平与规模、港口自身的自然条件和城市依托条件、港口在国际航线中的位置等都影响集装箱枢纽港的形成和发展。
    The author select rock mass from damsite in Laxiwa hydroelectric station as object to which information processing system on rock mass structure is applied.
    A software has been developed for computing and plotting composite electron diffraction patterns of MP159 alloy between fcc matrix and twin, and/or fcc matrix and hexagonal close packed e -martensite(hcp).
    Expression of WT1 in leukemias and its relationship with cell growth and apoptosis in myeloid leukemia cell lines have been analysed.
    Waring-Goldbach problems in short intervals have appealed to many authors and have been investigated, among which the Goldbach-Vinogradov theorem with almost equal prime variables may be the most famous one (see for example [1], [2], [3] and[4]).
    Based on the two theoreticalfoundations for the study------the Human Capital Theory and The New Economic GrowthTheory, the treatise gives the human capital's concept, contents, attributes in the sense of author's study.
    "In the Preface-the Research about Research", thewriter mainly introduces the methods and process of the research-asequential research of more than one hundred years' development of the school by historical documents and field investigation.
    在文章的“序言——关于研究的研究”部分中,作者主要介绍了自己的研究方法及研究过程。 作者的研究方法是采用历史文献与田野调查相结合的方法对碧塘乡中心小学一百多年的发展历程作“历时研究”。
    In this paper, the author gives sufficient and necessary condition of solvable group using the weak c-normality of maximal and Sylow subgroup and gets some results about supersolvability and p-nilpotentlity of groups
    在这篇文章中,作者研究了弱c-正规的性质并用Sylow子群和极大子群的弱c-正规性来确定一些群的结构,给出了一个群为可解群的充分必要条件,同时由极大子群、Sylow子群的弱c-正规性得到群G p-幂零、超可解的有关定理。
    The dual space of Hp(B) for 0 < p < 1 has been studied by several authors.
    In order to study oxidation damage of SO2 and mechanism of its toxicological role in mammals, the activities of glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) in nine organs (liver, lung, kidney, heart, spleen, brain, stomach, small intestine and testicle) from mice were investigated after exposure to SO2 at different concentration.
    The thesis introduces the author's research work systemically and discusses the XML Integration in asynchronous system, the Service Reference based on SOAP, Web Services-based database access and other key technologies in details.
    本文系统介绍了作者的研究开发工作,详细论述了异构数据源的XML集成、基于SOAP的服务调用、基于Web Services的数据库访问等系统开发关键技术。
    This thesis introduces the author's research and development work and discusses the workflow modeling based on Petri net, OA system analysis and design based on Lotus Domino/Notes, security problems of OA system on Lotus Domino/Notes platform, and other key technologies in detail.
    本文介绍了作者的研究开发工作,详细论述了基于Petri网的工作流建模、基于Lotus Domino/Notes的办公自动化系统分析与设计、基于Lotus Domino/Notes的办公自动化系统安全问题等关键技术。
    The simulation system the author has engaged in makes use of OOP technology and takes Visual C++/C++Builder as developing language on Windows, basing on SGI standard OpenGL library.
    作者研究和开发的机器人仿真系统采用面向对象技术,在Windows操作平台上选用Visual C++/C++Builder结合SGI公司提供的OpenGL库进行开发。
    Based on the two problems above, the author put forward a product management model called Product General Structure Information Model suitable to forging numerical control machines, which is used to series products on product structure management and configuration. And DDSoftPSM system is developed.
    It is studied how to create and organize BOM based product structure tree.


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