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    Methods:The states of anti-HGV among 298 healthy persons and 111 patients with hepatitis were detected with ELISA.
    METHODS:Thirty- one CHC patients were treated with Peg-IFNα-2a for 24 wk (subcutaneous injection of 180μg,once a week), and followed up for 24 wk.
    15例健康志愿者为对照组。 试验组给予培干扰素α-2a,180μg,皮下注射,每周1次,疗程24 wk,治疗结束后随访24 wk。
    The serum ferritin level was determined at 0 wk in 31 CHC patients and 15 controls.
    在0 wk时检测31例病人和15例健康对照者的血清铁蛋白水平。
    Methods An endpoint method of enzymatic reaction was used to detect serum PLD activity in 50 healthy subjects and in 137 patients with hepatic disease.
    Methods 146 cases with malignant tumor of digestive system,79 cases with benign inflammatory diseases of digestive system and 76 cases as control person were selected. We detected the concentration of the tumor marker CEA、AFP、CA125、CA19-9 levels by the Chem-iluminescent immunoassay,CRP detected by the Immunonephelometry.
    Methods: Peripheral blood samples were collected from 102 patients with HBV-induced liver cirrhosis and 106 healthy donors. Polymorphisms of the 1166A/C of AT1R gene were determined by PCR-RFLP,and plasma concentrations of Angiotensin Ⅱ were measured by RIA.
    Methods: 34 GERD patients diagnosed by reflux disease questionnaire(RDQ) and endoscopy and 15 healthy control subjects were enrolled in this study.
    [Methods] The serum levels of IL-15 were measured by a double-antibody sandwich ELISA in 27 severe hepatitis B patients, 20 chronic hepatitis B patients and 20 healthy subjects, parameters of liver function, PT and HBV DNA were detected in the same time.
    方法采用双抗体夹心酶联免疫吸附试验检测27例重型乙型肝炎、20例慢性乙型肝炎患者及20例健康体检者血清IL-15水平,并同期检测患者肝功能、PT和HBV DNA等指标。
    Methods In 38 patients with UC and 30 healthy people,prostaglandin E2(PGE2),thromboxane B2(TXB2),Malondiadchyde(MDA),Lipid superoxide(LPO),activity of superoxide dismutase(SOD) in blood and activity of myeloperoxidase(MPO) in colon were detected by corresponding kits while CAI grade and endoscope grade were evaluated.
    Methods Diplo-antibody immunofluore-scence(ELISA) was used to detect serum IL-6、IL-8、IL-10 and sICAM-1 in 30 healthy persons,42 patients with mild acute pancreatitis(MAP) and 23 with severe acute pancreatitis(SAP).
    方法对轻症急性胰腺炎(MAP)42例、重症急性胰腺炎(SAP)23例于入院第1、4、7 d采用ELISA法测定血清IL-6I、L-8I、L-10、细胞间黏附分子-1(sICAM-1)水平,并以30例健康者作为对照。
    Methods The plasma levels of granular membrane protein-140(GMP-140),Yon Willbrand factor antigen(vWF:Ag),thrombomodulin(TM),D-Dimer(DD) in 32 patients with active UC,20 patients with remissive UC and 45 controls were measured by enzyme linked immunosorbant assays(ELISA). Anti-thrombomodulin III activity(AT-III:A)was determined by chromogenic substrate method.
    The contents of Zn,Cu and Fe in gastric juice of 48 patients with bile reflux gastritis and 30 healthy controls were detected by FAAS.
    (2) The gallbladder’s pre- and postprandial volumes in 30 cirrhotics、10 hepatitis B and 26 controls are checked by B-ultrasonic, and their postprandial gallbladder emptying rates (PGER)were calculated respectively and the plasma levels of CCK and VIP were measured.
    (2) B超测定30例肝硬化、10例肝炎患者空腹和脂肪餐后胆囊的容积,计算其排空率,并检测血浆胆囊收缩素(CCK)和血管活性肠肽(VIP)的含量,26例健康人为对照组。
    [Results] (1) 55 healthy donors plasma MMS concentration is 338 ?
    [结果]门)55例健康献血员血MMS含量为:338土 68U儿。
    Methods 1. The TNF-α Concentrations of serum in 56 patients with chronic severe hepatitis B and 30 healthy controls were determined by radio immunity assay (RIA) and the correlation between the level of serum TNF-α and total bilirubin (TBIL) was analyzed.
    METHODSThe percentages of CD5+ B cells ( CD5+ CD19 + ) , traditional B cells( CD5-CD19 + ) , total T cells ( CD5+ ) , and total B cells ( CD19+ ) in 21 patients with chronic hepatitis B and 12 chronic asymptomatic HBV carriers and 10 healthy controls were determined using immunofluorescence double-staining and flow cy-tometry.
    采用免疫荧光双标记技术和流式细胞仪对12例慢性无症状乙肝病毒携带者和21例慢性乙型肝炎患者及10例健康对照者外周血中CD5~+ B细胞(CD5~+ CD19~+ ),传统B细胞(CD5~- CD19~+),全B细胞(CD19~+)和全T细胞(CD5~+)的百分率进行测定。
    Gastric emptying rate with radiopaque markers, cutaneous electrogastrography and the level of motilin, cholecystokinin in plasma were recorded in 42 patients with functional dyspepsia before prokinetics treatment and 21 healthy subjects.
    Methods: The study comprised 45 patients with liver cirrhosis (32 male/13 female) and 18 control subjects (11 male/7 female).
    方法:研究对象包括肝硬化患者45例,其中男性32例、女性13例; 选择18例健康体检者为对照组,其中男性11例、女性7例。
    Methods:1. The serum levels of the cytokines, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukin (IL)-18, gamma-interferon (IFN-gamma), IL-10 were measured in 62 patients with acute liver failures (ALF), 14 patients with chronic viral hepatitis and 13 healthy volunteers by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.
    Methods Three point mutants (C481T, G590A and G857A) in the NAT2 were genotyped in 101 patients with IBD (UC 84 and CD 17) and 109 healthy controls by polymerase chain reaction- restriction fragment length polymorphism techniques.
    方法采用聚合酶链反应-限制性片断长度多态性方法(polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism,PCR-RFLP),检测101例IBD患者及109例健康对照者NAT2野生型等位基因(NAT2*4)和3种突变型等位基因(NAT2*5B,*6A,和*7B)。


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