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of light
    When these calli have grown into 3—4 mm inasize,then it was transferred to the above modified MS medium containing 1.5 mg/1 6—BA, 0.2 mg/1 IAA and 0.2 mg/1 GA_3,and were cultured under condition of light and 26—27℃. After 15—25 day,whole plants have been successfully regenerated from these calli.
    待愈伤组织长到约3—4mm 大小时,把它转移到含有1.5mg/Ⅰ6—BA、0.2mg/ⅡAA 和0.2mg/ⅠGA_3的上述改良MS 培养基上,放在每天12小时光照和26—28℃小培养,经20—30天便分化出完整植株。
    With the increase of light intensity from 3000 lx to 4000 lx, the difference in doubling time between mutant 309 and parent 6128 decreasedfrom 5.3 h to 0.3 h.
    当光照强度从3000lx增加到4000lx时,绿色突变株与亲本株生长速率之差由5.3小时缩短为0.3小时,其光合固氮和光合放氢的活性分别为亲本株的30%和45%。 各菌株ATP的含量因所含色素成份不同而异。
    After the closing of the crop, the intensity of light redu. ees 39%—89% at 10 cm of the canopy.
    The conidia germinate best in water drops at temperatureoe 15°—20° C with pH at 5. 6—6. 6. The function of light qnthe germination is not apparent.
    It is bright purple in pH 3-7. It will be broken under the effects of light, heat and the metal-ions, for example, Fe~(2+), Fe~(3+) Cu~(2+) et al.
    光照、加热和Fe~(2+)。 Fe~(3+)、Cu~(2+)等金属离子的加入,有使该色素受到破坏的趋势。
    In sprite of light or darkness under water temperature is 2~35℃, pH3~ 10, salty is less than 11‰, the turions which already perform the resting period can germinate.
    As a prcduct,model 3DU84 is equivalent to model PN 101/102:the min. value of light current will be 1.5 mA at 100 Lx with the typical value of 2~10 mA.
    The mechanism of the effects of light pruning on radiation microclimate and plant water relation as well as on grape quality was discussed.
    The influence of light on the development of DA cells after eye opening and the possibility of neurotransmetter changing are discussed.
    The multiple-factor analysis method was adopted in induction in vitro potato tubers. Regression mathematical models of number of tubers (y_1) and weight of tuber (y_2) were achieved, that two objective function with three tuber inducers of light intensity (x_1), concentration of CCC (x_2) and BAP (x_3), Influence degree of each factor is difference for objective function.
    It was found that the photovoltage and photocurrent were increased withthe increase of light intensity. The greatest photocurrent and photovoltage of mole-cular films were 9.6×10~(-8)A/cm~2.mW and 11.6mV/cm~2. mW, respectively. The res-ponse time and relaxing time of molecular films were 1s and 3.5s, respectively.
    200-300 lx can be adapted to its seedling, the young tree still can grows very well under the canopy with 500-1000 lx of light.
    When the explants were cultured on MS medium supplemented with IAA 0.5—1mg/L and cytokinin (BA or ZT) 0.5—2mg/L, the shoots differentiated from the explant-derived calli in condition of light (25℃; 12h/day) at 30—40 days of culture and further developed to form intact plantlets after they were subcultured on the same medium composition.
    南苜蓿子叶和下胚轴外植体培养在附加IAA 0.5—1mg/L和细胞分裂素(BA或ZT)0.5—2mg/L的MS培养基上,在有光照的条件下诱导形成不定芽,进而再生成完整植株。
    The result is that the activity begin to decline after it go up to some peak value. Under continuous illumination the effect of light on PAL is the same as above,and the activity fluctuate in certain rhythm with a 24 hour period. In the continuous dark,the activity is a steadier level with a low value.
    Compared with the control land, crop heights and leaf area decreased, and the outputs of peanut and wheat reducedby 22. 3 % and 19. 9% respectively under intercropping system because of light deficiency and waer stress.
    The Pn was significantly effected by photo flux density(PFD) and temperature. The results showed that the suitable temperature for cucumber photo-synthesis was 28~35℃, and the saturation point of light was 1800μmol·m-2·s-1, the com-pensation point was 45. 776μmol·m-2·s-1.
    温度和光量子通量密度明显影响黄瓜的光合作用,其中光合适温为28~35℃,光饱和点为1800μmol·m-2·S-1,补偿点为45.776μmol·m-2·S-1,老叶的光饱和点和补偿点均比健壮叶片低。 适当提高白天大棚温度、尽量增加大棚内的光照有利于增强黄瓜的净光合速率,获得高产。
    The results showed that the optimum mechanical properties of IPN type APU were obtained if 0.010 part of light sensitive agent by mass in APU was used,APU was exposed to the light for 6 min and conditioned for 20 h before light exposure.
    The total degradation rate constant k caused by both light and heat can be divided into two parts: k=k dark +k light , where k dark and k light are the degradation rate constant caused by heat and light, respectively. The k light can be expressed as k light =A light · exp (-E a,light /RT)·E , where E is the illuminance of light;
    在高温和光照同时作用下的降解速率常数k 由两部分构成:k= kdark + klight,kdark和klight分别为无光照射时热反应的降解速率常数及光化反应的降解速率常数,且klight= Alight·exp( - Ea,light/ RT)·E。
    The effects of variations of light intensity and soil water content on soybean growth and development was carried out in jujube-soybean intercropping system, in which tree row spacings were 3.5 m×15 m.
    选择株行距为 3.5m× 15m的枣豆间作田 ,研究其光照和土壤水分空间变化及其对大豆生长发育的影响。
    Accordingly, the effects of light intensity (X1) on N application (X2) were mathematically represented by the following equation:X = 0.446 - 0.477 × 10-2X1 + 0.269×10-4X12-0.394 ×10-7X13. Moreover, nitrogen nutrition of lettuce was bigger influenced by light and N application.
    根据研究结果,还求得了氮肥施用量(X2)与光照强度(X1)的关系为:X2=0.446-0.477×10-2X1+0.269 ×10-4X12-0.394×10-7X13。 此外,本研究还探讨了光照强度、氮肥施用量与莴笋的氮素营养状况的关系。


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