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free of charge
    Of them, patients with TB bacillus positive were 1362. 1438 cases were treated free of charge. DOTS management rate of the patients was 31.5%. Negative conversion rate of sputum TB bacillus after 2 months treatment was 81.3%.
    结果 项目实施 4个月来 ,共接诊门诊病人 74 2 4例 ,发现结核病人 4 378例 ,其中涂阳病人 136 2例 ,列入项目免费治疗 14 38例 ,项目病人直接监督短程疗法 (DOTS)管理率 31.5 % ,2个月痰菌转阴率 81.3% ,综合医院结核病转诊率平均 4 7.3%。
    open-code,free of charge, stabilization and powerful function of network is the advantage of uClinux as an kind of embedded of OS.
    The term "law aid" means the state reduces or gives free of charge help for the party with economic difficulty or special circumstances.
    In terms of Misiolek's research about price manipulation of tradable emission permits and Salop's raising rival's costs, it analyzes the effect of the tradable emission permits on market structure under the conditions of free of charge allocation and auction allocation.
    分析了排污权在免费分配和拍卖分配条件下进行交易时对市场结构的影响问题 . 研究的结论表明 ,当初始排污权免费分配并存在潜在进入者时 ,产品市场的垄断由于在具有完美且完全信息的市场中增加了厂商的数目而变得非常困难 ,而当初始排污权进行拍卖分配时 ,将不会阻碍厂商的垄断性
    Linux has a good deal advantages,such as,stability in use,open source code and free of charge, therefore an IPC measurement and control system has developed based on Linux.
    Free of charge is one of the basic features of the Internet. Internet contains much free information with high academic value. This article analyzes the resources of free information resources from eleven aspects, such as governments, libraries and publishers, etc.
    Through mathematic analysis of the real problems such as drawing lotteries free of charge, this paper discusses the wide application of the mathematic anticipation of the probability statistics.
    Results 1836 patients have obtained free of charge in pain-killers, psychological counseling, re-getting dignity, calm, warm, happy to leave this world.
    This paper applies the real-time OS μC/OS-Ⅱ in the development about the wireless immobile telephone. Some mature real-time OS almost need purchase and be expensive . Contrast to them, the real-time OS μC/OS-Ⅱ is free of charge.
    The idea behind MIT OpenCourseWare(MIT OCW)is to make MIT course materials that are used in the teaching for almost all undergraduate and graduate available on the Web,free of charge, to any user anywhere in the world.
    MIT OCW,即 MIT 开放式课程,它是由 MIT 基于“抵抗商业化知识”的信念,把其所开设的全部课程的教学材料和课件公布于网上,供全世界的求知者和教育者免费无偿地享用的计划和行动。
    Starting form the definition,type and access of electronic periodicals,the paper has expounded the important position and role of electronic periodicals in university's libraries,and pointed out that in order to make full use of the electronic periodicals on web free of charge,it is essential to unfold activities of joint order and resource share so as to meet the demand of university library development.
    27? 299 TB suspects had been examined and 4? 330 cases with pulmonary tuberculosis had been treated free of charge.
    结果10年间共投入结防经费316.37万元,接诊27 299名可疑症状者,为4 330例涂阳和重症涂阴病人提供免费治疗。
    Free public goods is free of charge and is provided by tax and budget.
    For safeguarding the litigious rights of the litigants,the judicial judgement,as a social service to handle civil lawsuits,should be free of charge.
    It has the advantages of data and analysis tool distributed in network,can be dynamically renewed,and can be obtained free of charge when cross the platforms.
    Conclusion The antivirals provided free of charge by the State was shown to be fairly effective in the treatment of patients with AIDS.
    "Free of charge" is a common phenomenon in the network economy.
    The author makes an analysis of charge and free of charge e-mail through the viewpoint of "prisoner predicament" in the theory of playing chess,and gains a good deal of enlightment about introducing how to charge e-mail to face "prisoner predicament".


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