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contents and methods
    In order to meet the need of social development, the new standards of curriculum explicitly require that the design and implementation of mathematics curriculum should put more emphasis on the adoption of modern education technology, especially the influence of calculator and computer on the contents and methods of mathematics learning.
    Methods One hundred and six workers undergoing occupational health exam were investigated with self-designed questionnaire about health education contents and methods.
    On the Contents and Methods of Employment Education
    contents and methods of mental health services could be accepted widely by people through popularizing mental health knowledge.
    to strengthen the manage of the students' being on net, and ensure moral "security", to improve the contents and methods to evaluate the moral teaching;
    四、加强对中学生上网管理,保障德育“安全”; 五、改进德育教学评价内容和方式
    This article is just on the basis of introducing the boom and development of strategic management in public and private sectors approving the public nature of public sectors strategic management through comparative study on it's management differences in contents and methods in public and private sectors, strategic management is methods, not aims, so it can be used in public sectors.
    In his classroom instruction, he should also, in the light of the general theory and the four general characteristics of the creative thinking, dig out the essence of the teaching material, choose the contents and methods scientifically, give the students challenging tasks and assignments, stimulate their enthusiasm to create, lead them to seek and discover, exploit their power of creative thinking and raise the quality of the classroom teaching activities.
    and makes the contents and methods of education/cultivation of medical ethics comply with the characteristics of the cultural behaviors in hospital, so as to serve the medical development better.
    另一方面使医德教育与修养的内容和方式符合于医院文化行为特征 ,能更好地为医学发展服务
    In the course of ideological education, we must attach importance to the arrangement of educational contents and methods, pay attention to the reasonable disposition of educational resources, and coordinate the integrated function of various educational forces and activities with the purpose to start a new phase of ideological education to students in colleges and universities.
    在教育过程中 ,重视教育内容和方式的层次性 ,注意优化教育资源的配置 ,协调各种教育力量和教育活动的整合 ,以此开创高校学生思想教育的新局面
    Elementary Stage:Restriction on learning contents and methods;
    第一阶段 ,教育在低层次上对学习的内容和方式加以限制 ,表现为教育理念的个人化 ;
    Secondary Stage:besides restrictions on learning contents and methods,education is restrictive to those being educated,thus makes education unequal to learners;
    第二阶段 ,教育除对学习的内容和方式加以限制外 ,还对受教育者加以限制 ,造成教育的不平等和教育理念的区域化 ;
    In this paper, the contents and methods of configurable software in control system are introduced, the design and realization of monitor configurable software based on figure elements are discussed in detail, and the system structure, processing flow, design of monitor figure elements and data interface are described on emphasis.
    介绍了控制系统软件组态的组态内容和方式 ,详细讨论了一种基于图元的监视组态软件的设计与实现 ,重点阐述了其系统结构、处理流程、监视图元的设计及其数据接口
    The Knowledge-based economy is calling up the innovation of the Financial Reports both in their contents and methods.
    知识经济环境下 ,财务报告的内容和方式必须拓展、创新。
    This paper describes the characteristics,contents and methods of sewage draining in shi p' s activities and services and then pr oposes systematically the process,contents and comprehensive affirming principles of on -scene se wage draining superintendence.
    The current situation of health education implement in colleges and universities of China——the deficient understanding of the course, the simple contents and methods as well as the abnormal organization and implement was analyzed by investigation and study in order to reinforce the reform of the health education course in colleges and universities.
    This paper makes analysis of the character, work contents and methods of construction quality supervision institutions after China's entering WTO and discusses the new pattern of construction quality supervision management from the aspects of the requirements of socialist market economy and the development of building industry in accordance with the WTO rules and changes of government functions.
    根据 WTO 规则和政府职能转变,从适应社会主义市场经济和建筑业的发展角度分析入世后工程质量监督机构的性质、监督内容和方式,探索了工程质量监督管理的新模式。
    This paper discusses on the relation between environmental protection and economic development, accentuates the understanding of the governmental functions in aspect of the environmental management, points out some error areas existing in this aspect, and puts forward the contents and methods of the environmental management of the government under the conditions of the market economy.
    The objective of this essay is to find whether family poverty influences the psychological state of university students,to offer reference for educational contents and methods in mental health and to increase mental health level of university students.
    This paper analyzes on the present situation and shortages of utilizing and developing the information resources by enterprises,and probes into the contents and methods of the information service provided by university library for enterprises.
    Innovative services of archival work in universities should carry out the innovative services of information, establish major web sites, realize information sharing, improve service contents and methods, enhance consciousness of innovative services of archivists, etc. , on the basis of rich archive information resources.


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