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cold shut
    The defects including surface crack, cold shut and surface splinter on alloy ingot were eliminated.
    解决了合金生产中铸锭表面裂纹、冷隔、起刺等难题 ,实现了大批量提供盘管所用的ACR管材铸锭
    the mould temperature should be controlled about at 450 ℃, and when the temperature of the mould is too low, the casting is apt to present the deficiency of cold shut and crack.
    Based on the expericnce from production for years , the investigations were carried out to prevent ZG25 Mn Cr4 type cast steel casting from surface fold and cold shut, which were caused by poor fluidity owing to the oxidation of Mn and Cr in the melt. It is evident that the cast defects mentioned above can be effectively eliminated by close controling the casting prosess parameters.
    Using Volume of Fluid(VOF)method,combining the fluid flow and heat transfer, the computor simulates not only the two dementionalvelocity field and temeprature field, but also the flowing stoping process,providing the theory ofpredicting and preventing defacts such as shot run, cold shut and so on.
    Using the numerical simulation,the location of cold shut can be predicted and the optimum design of EPC process achieved.
    The criterion which could predict the occurrence of cold shut mark on sUS304 stainless steel during twin roll casting process was determined by combining numerical simulation with test observation. The criterion was tested and verified by experimental results, and was showed correct and reliable.
    Then, the limit speeds of cast drawing were calculated according to the main technical defects, i.e. the cold shut and the solid break, the calculation value corresponded with the measured results.
    The results showed the applied pressure is beneficial to eliminate grainy surface and cold shut because of improving filling ability.
    加压后提高了铝液充型能力 ,有利于消除铸件表面的颗粒状和冷隔 ;
    In the paper the author analyses the causes to the defects of gas porosity,loose,cold shut and shrinkage cavity in cylinder casting of YC6108 diesel engine. Countermeasures are proposed.
    针对 YC6 1 0 8柴油机缸体铸件出现批量气孔、疏松、冷隔、缩孔的现象 ,结合生产过程 ,分析了导致缺陷的原因 ,提出了相应的对策。
    The lower specific pressure and delay pressurization in time during casting process were responsible for surface blister and cold shut of motor cycle wheel in squeezing casting.
    Otherwise, defects such as cold shut,misrun,porosity,conclusion have been prevented,meanwhile,defects of the shrinkage and porosity located at the hot spot,root of riser have been eliminated by means of gating and feeding system, techniques of chill and over flow riser.
    通过强化浇注系统充填与补缩 ,并配合冷铁、溢流技术防止铸件冷隔、浇不足、气孔、夹渣等充填性缺陷 ,消除铸件热节、浇口根、冒口根的缩孔、缩松等收缩缺陷
    the surface of the ingots of LFEC has no cold shut and less segregation.
    锭坯表面无冷隔和少偏析瘤 ;
    Simulation results show a smooth filling, uniform temperature distribution and few flaws such as gas inclusion and cold shut. A casting with a good quality was obtained.
    by coupling simulation of fluid field and temperature field, the location and cause of the defects such as misrun ,cold shut ,material property are exposed.
    通过对流动场温度场的耦合计算 ,揭示了铸件产生冷隔浇不足、材质等缺陷的部位与形成原因。
    The experimental results indicated that the new LFC technology can siginificantly improve the filling ability of the Mg alloy,eliminate the misrun and cold shut appeared in the Mg castings in gravity LFC process.
    试验研究表明 ,这种新的消失模铸造工艺大大提高了镁合金的充型能力 ,消除了重力下消失模铸造镁合金充型能力差、易形成浇不足和冷隔缺陷的缺点。
    Simulated results show that obtained parts has few defects,such as inclusion and cold shut due to smooth mold filling and uniform distribution of temperature field.
    Using the technology,not only the impurities,gas hole and inclusion-slag can be obviously decreased but also the misrun and cold shut were reduced due to the improvement of purity of liquid alloy resulting in the good fluidity.
    A Comparison between vertical moulding-vertical pouring method and the horizontal moulding-horizontal pouring method for the automobile reductor sub-housing castings was made,and it was pointed that the latter method has following advantage:less machining allowance,better casting surface quality,favourable to reduce blowhole,misrun,cold shut,low sand/iron ratio,high process yield rate,and the qualified rate being increased by more than 15%.
    The success of casting motor shell and window pattern demonstrates the new technology can greatly improve the filling ability of the magnesium alloy,consequently eliminates the misrun and cold shut in gravity LFC process.


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