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    The anomaly can be divided into the Sn-Cu type,Sn-Cu-Pb type and Sn-Pb type.
    Taking Yucheng District,Yaan City,Sichuan Province as an example region,we evaluated the rainfall triggering factors to landslide quantificationally,and found that the grade threshold values of 1 day rainfall are 20mm,50mm and 100mm and those of 3 days rainfall are 100mm,150mm and 240mm,which is the basis of integrated warning system.
    研究发现,降雨量对滑坡的诱发因素可划分为4级,1d降雨量分级临界值分别为20mm、50mm和100mm,3d降雨量分级临界值分别为100mm、150mm和240mm。 这一研究成果为雅安雨城区地质灾害预警预报提供了基础。
    They are the product of AFC process caused by underplating alkaline basaltic magma mixing with lower crustal dioritic magma,other than the product directly differentiated from alkaline basaltic magma.
    The thick glutenite in Wangguantun Oilfield is divided into 13 flow units,which are subdivided into to 4 types,A,B,C and D based on the characteristics of Jurassic thick reservoir of Guan142 block and the core data analysis and factor analysis.
    针对王官屯油田官142断块侏罗系厚储层的特点,以取芯井岩芯分析资料为基础,应用因子分析的方法,将厚约50 m的砂砾岩层划分为13个流动单元,分为A、B、C、D四类。
    Based on an integrated analysis of geologic,seismic and drilling data,the Lower Cretaceous Shahezi Formation-Quantou Formation(K1sh-K1q1)in the southern Songliao Basin are divided into 5 second-order and 14 third-order sequences,which consist of the sequence stratigraphic framework in southern Songliao basin.
    According to the results from Deep Seismic Sounding in western China, combining the geological and other geophysical information, the western Chinese continent can be divided into three blocks, Xinjiang Terrain, Qingzang Terrain, and Sichuan -Yunnan Tectonic Belt, each of which has its features respectively.
    According to the characteristics of serpentine in such aspects as its chemical composition, crystal structure and chemical bond, the authors have divided the activated atom group in serpentine into five classes, i.e. unsaturated Si—O—Si,O—Si—O, OH—Mg—OH(O) ,OH -,and O—H—O.
    analyzed the area's engineering geological charactersthrough the information from geological reports and divided coal measures in the area into 8 engineering geological groups.
    According to the analysis of the allucial-fluvial facies deposit and the changing of accommodation, the Kongdian formation in this area is divided into three four-classed sequence, which one include two system tracts.
    Reservoir of 7-block is divided into four hydraulic unit (E, G, F, P) on the basis of well data and drilling core.
    Salt-mud tectonics is one kind of tectonics resulted from the distortion ofsalt-mud bed flow.
    From bottom to top, three parts of the Formation was subvided as: the lower sandy and silty limestone part (with molar-tooth-like veins, is 13-18m thick), the mid stromatolite limestone part (is 19-62m thick) and the upper sandy limestone part(with macroscopic fossils, is 7-10m thick), based on the characters of the lithology, event deposits, paleontology and correlation of different outcrops of the Formation.
    The reservoirs are divided into destructive type and stabilization development type through systematic study on reservoir-formation rules of western Qaidam area.
    The formation process of the rocks is divided for thefirst time into three cycles corresponding to J2, J3, and K1, respectively, and each cycle into early,middle, and late periods based on intruding contact relationship among different types ofgranitoids.
    The main achievements and innovations in this paper are as follows: 1. After analyzing plate structure background in which Bohai bay basin formed and inner structure features of Tanlu fault, it is put forward that Bohai bay basin is an active-type rift basin.
    According to plate tectonics, the course of evolvement of the volcanic-magma arc are divided into fivestages as followed: (1) Early ocean crust subduction (J_2)--commonvolcanic - arc stage;
    Two third class Sequence can be departed, it is Ⅲ_3 (E_1t - E_2y) . which developed in the period of fault subsidence-depression and Ⅲ_4(E_2h-E_2x)which develop the depression of the basin.
    并将其划分为两个Ⅲ级层序,层序Ⅲ_3(E_1t—E_2y)形成于盆地断—坳时期,层序Ⅲ_4(E_2h—E_2x)形成于盆地坳陷期。 各层序充填阶段发育的沉积体系有相似之处,又各有特点。
    3member of Qingshankou Formation (SQqn3) , No. 1~2member of Yaojia Formation (SQy1-2), No. 3member of Yaojia Formation (SQy3), No.
    Klsh+yC+ Kid2~K1qi+2 has 17 subsystems.
    the formation and the relationship of stratums,the difference of tectonic deformation of stratums in different period in Santanghu Basin,This basin is divided into four structural layeres: structural layer of basement;


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