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    In order to solve the interface problem between ProCAST and Pro/E of a 3D designing software, the Shell Model is invented creatively during the researching.
    为解决ProCAST 与三维设计软件Pro/E 接口问题,在探索中创造性地提出了“Shell 模型”。
    4. 1,4-dioxane is creatively used as solvent in synthesize of pyrimidinyloxy benzoic acid benzene ester derivative.
    (2) to correspond the nine relationships: design creatively with inheriting the history , grasping local color, corresponding the nine relationships among garden and aesthetics, nation and world , tradition and modernity , culture and technology , native and foreign , garden and geographic landscape, parts and whole , art and technology.
    (2) 协调“九大关系”:传承历史文脉,把握地方特色,协调园林与美学、民族和世界、传统与现代、文化与经济、生态与科技、本土与外来、园林与地景、局部与整体、艺术与科技九大关系,以创造性的设计联系历史、现实和未来。
    Guided by Marxist thought morals construction theory, Deng Xiaoping resolved Chinese thought morals construction issue creatively in the condition of opening to outside and socialism modernization construction.
    In 21st century, facing the new situation, new problem,new challenge and building the well-off society in an all-round way, the new leaders of the Party taking the General Secretary Hu Jintao as the core propose the peaceful rise strategy creatively on the basis of inheritting the 28—word diplomatic policy of Deng Xiaoping.
    Therefore, on the basis of these two kind of patterns, this article creatively proposes the third path of the administrative law development —principle control pattern.
    The ultimate aim is to improve their mathematical abilities of discovering and analyzing and settling creatively questions.
    The framework of teaching quality appraisal index system is creatively designed on the basis of the author's practice,and the part raises some problems in the process of teachers’teaching quality evaluation ,pointing to the different situation in the practical research.
    根据作者自身的工作实践创造性地设计出教师教学质量评价体系的框架,并针对实践研究中存在的不同情况,本文提出了开展教师教学质量评价中应注意的问题。 第四部分通过对基于校园网的教师教学质量评价的实践研究,认识到:(1)教师既是评价主体,又是评价客体,教师自我评价在教学质量评价中的作用十分重要。
    Secondly, the article analyses the characteristics of the project and the service, summarizes the characteristics of international labor service as a project creatively, and, in allusion to these characteristics, manage the operation of international labor service as a project.
    Research and development personnel are the most important resources of a technology enterprise, they can creatively resolve key technological problems of a technology enterprise.
    Several credit risk treatment methods used in commercial banks such as Credit Risk+ model, credit derivatives, and loan risk measurement are used for reference and the characteristics of credit assurance organizations are integrated, furthermore, quantitative analysis is creatively introduced to credit assurance risk management.
    本文借鉴了商业银行的Credit Risk+信用风险模型、信用衍生产品、贷款风险度法等几种信用风险处理方法,结合信用担保机构的特点,创造性地把定量分析引入信用担保风险管理中。
    Tow types of flexible hinges, the Equivalent Tensional Stiffness Flexible Hinge (ETSFH) and the Equivalent Moment Flexible Hinge (EMFH), are creatively presented.
    This essay uses the theory of modern managerial science to enunciate some important questions of teaching's management in university,such as objective of management,the system of management,the managerial of teaching,advocating manages learning and studying the theory of modern managerial science manipulate creatively in management of teaching.
    本文运用现代管理科学理论就高校教务管理工作中的管理目标、管理体制、教务管理模式等问题作了研究 ,倡导教务工作人员学习和研究现代管理科学理论来创造性地开展教务工作
    Based on the successful experience and lessons of Chinese agricultural development, Deng Xiaoping creatively set forth a series of thoughts on agriculture, rural areas and peasants.
    邓小平在总结我国农业发展成功经验与失败教训的基础上 ,创造性地提出了一系列关于农业、农村和农民的思想。
    Taking the Lower Paleozoic carbonate rocks and the Archaeozoic gneiss reservoirs in the Chengbei 30 Fossil Buried hill as objects of study, the authors presented creatively a set of evaluation and prediction methods for buried hill fracture reservoirs through comprehensive study by means of the quantitative core description, the laboratory analysis, the logging analysis, the seismic correlation analysis and velocity analysis, etc.
    作者以埕北 30古潜山的下古生界碳酸盐岩和太古界片麻岩储层为研究对象 ,通过定量化的岩心描述、实验室分析、测井分析、地震的相关分析及速度分析等方法进行综合研究 ,创造性地提出了一套潜山裂缝性储层的评价和预测方法。
    Discussed from 8 aspects in the paper, having used some functions of Authorware 5.0 creatively, improved adaptability of the courseware.
    文中分 8个方面展开讨论 ,创造性地运用了Authorware 5.0Attain的一些功能 ,提高了课件的灵活性
    Imagination can creatively synthesize the world categorized by science.
    On the basis of rich legal system practice and experiences, from the political viewpoint of Three Represents, the third generation of central leading collective with Jiang Zemin as the core has enriched and developed the legal system theory of Deng Xiaoping creatively in the process of leading the people to manage state affairs by law and construct a socialist country ruled by law.
    To realize this function, teachers must effectively and creatively convert culture and science into subjects or curricula, and then further into the learning activities of students.
    In the increasingly sharp competition in bidding for projects, the contractors will, on their own initiative, cany out the construction organization design and creatively bring forward the construction proposal scheme to improve the rate of bid winning.


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