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    Gas Used in Vertical Furnace Changing to Use Single Blast Furnace Gas for Rational Use of Energy Source
    This paper used the recent ground water information(from 1980 to 2000),has calculated the yearly average exploitation of shallow groundwater which mineralization degrees M was below 2 g/L by the way of exploiting coefficient for each second water resources region and the plain of every province respectively.
    利用近期(1980~2000年)地下水资料,采用可开采系数法,分别计算了西北诸河区各水资源二级区和各省(区)平原区M≤2 g/L矿化度分区的浅层地下水多年平均可开采量。
    In the study, Xi'an was selected to do the job, and the fuzzy model of water resource value was used to calculate the water price.
    WOE (Weights of evidence) method is used to study the pecific vulnerability of nitrate nitrogen in Tangshan plain area, which is conducted on the extension module of Arc-SDM with ArcView GIS software as the platform.
    本文还以ArcView GIS软件为平台,利用Arc-SDM扩展模块,应用WOE方法(实证权重法)对唐山市平原区地下水硝酸盐氮特殊脆弱性进行了研究。
    (3) This paper is to assess sustainability of land use on the basis of land related data during 1996~2004 in Liu panshui city. Method of correlation analysis and fuzzy mathematics were employed. Thirty indexes, land resource, ecology environment and social —economic aspects, were used in the integrated assessment.
    In this model,qualitive,quantitative and semi-quantitatine geological variables can be used simultaneously,and useful information of geological variables can be used completely.
    The paper makes the rational analysis of water resources utilization in Songliao rivers basin at 2000 year from precipitation, surface water, groundwater, water supply, used water and water consumption.
    Rainwater can be used as a valuable resource through various ways, such as to supply urban water resources, conserve groundwater, improve ecological environment and help to control over urban floodwater.
    雨水是宝贵资源 ,可通过多种方式实现雨水资源化 ,充分利用雨水资源以补给城市水源 ,涵养地下水 ,调节城市生态环境 ,防治雨洪灾害。
    Fuzzy theory and method is used by the article in order to build the quantitative evaluation's indicator system and assessment standard of forest garden tourism resources value. Then confirm the weight of all kinds of factors and make statistically calculation of evaluated result graded by experts. .
    According to the assessment of water resources in the Shiyang River Basin, it is known that from 1980 to 2004, river flows of the Caiqi Station in the lower reaches of the river are 238 million m3 in 1980, 179 million m3 in 1990, 124 million m3 in 2000, 84 million m3 in 2002 and 0 m3 in 2004. It shows that water has been used to its extreme in the Shiyang River Basin.
    (3) the demand of water in demonstration area was 3 739 352 m~3, just was 52.19% of the potential of theoretical resources, the remain of Potential of realistic rainwater could be used.
    Based on the current state of the evaluation of sustainable utilization of water resources,this paper summarize and expect contrastively the representative evaluating methods used in common,offer reference on choosing the evaluating methods of sustainable utilization of water resources.
    For helping professional personnel analyse and evaluate the groundwater resources exploitation potentialily, a model of groundwater resources exploitation potentiality evaluating is designed with the index of quantity of unit's area being adopted, GIS overlay analylical method being used and the space database of groundwater resources being taken as the basis.
    The linear regression method and fuzzy mathematics method were used to compute the coordination degree of economy,society,resources and environment.


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