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    From Words to Word Groups
    What's restrictions from lexeme to its varieties
    Chinese Need to Make Better from Writting as Characters to Writting as Words
    Further grammaticalization of “shi”: From functional word to word-internal element
    Based on the above studies, the author summarizes the nature of psychological construction relevant to phonological structure at the word tier, and concludes that a symmetrical pattern is a transitional one from syllable acquisition to word acquisition.
    Praising the cis of Liuyong and Zhou Bangyan is the mainstream of Ming Dynasty manifested in the selected works, evaluation on cis and cis' being used as reference.
    The algorithm improves performance of the word frequency extract and statistics effectively.
    But in the South Song Dynasty, the poets surpassed the field of pure literature on art and came into a new field of morals and social culture which is the essential background of Ci's existence and development.
    The vocabulary is embodied into word bank according to definite principle, in the process of the primary segmentation by the third party software of words segmentation along with manual statistic and manual correct;
    In this step, wemake use of world knowledge and the corpus, compute the language model of phrases, thealignment model from phrase to word, and give a score for each pair of abbreviation andphrase.
    Besides the factors already considered in Lucene, the enhanced ranking algorithm also consider other factors such as links, text length and the special positions where the querying words stand.
    改进后的排序方案除了原Lucene考虑到的词频因素还考虑了:网页文档的链接情况、网页的响应时间、正文大小以及用户查询关键词在文档特殊位置的情况等。 试验表明改进后的排序算法较原排序算法有较明显的改善。
    The focal point of techniques in Chinese Information Processing has shifted from single-Character processing to word and sentence processing.
    First,it use s the lexicon tree,which saves the static storage space and increases the dynamic speed in finding words from syllable sequences.
    Bi Ji Man Zhi established a comparatively complete theoretic system concerning the origin and the ontology of Ci - poetry in view of philosophical cosmologist genesis and dualism.
    From cognitive perspective , this paper aims to analyze(1) bottom-up process and top-down process in comprehension, (2) dual-mode system in knowledge representation, (3)the development of interlanguage system and communicative competence, and contend that vocabulary teaching is a process from word to chunk.
    文章阐述了词汇教学的发展及现状 ,分析了 :(1)理解的宏观与微观的心里过程 ,(2 )知识的双重模式表征系统 ,(3)学习者中介语系统的发展和以交际为目的学习的特点 ,论证了词汇教学是一个从单词到词块的过程 ,论述了从单词到词块教学的必要性和可行性
    From language system to discourse,words will go through a process from lexems to lexeme varieties,which may be restricted by some factors on diffrent aspects and levels.


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