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    Sponsor Rules balance the information status and interests of issuers and investors, and therefore decrease market risk.
    Base on the existed theory on the content of the clear power system, the theory piece respectively discusses the purpose of its establishment, the gist of its existence, and the analysis of its tendency.
    To contract constant development that responsibility know , is it it is expected the system in breach can produce to make just, and expect that the establishment of the system in breach becomes new high degree that people know to the responsibility of the contract.
    正是对于合同责任认识的不断发展,才使得预期违约制度得以产生,而预期违约制度的设立成为人们对合同责任认识的新高度。 预期违约制度为世界各国合同法律制度所确认,有其客观必然性。
    We draw following conclusions: The establishment of independent director's system has not influenced the company's earnings management;
    The establishment of priority system is requirements of theory and practice development as well as an important way of perfecting secure real right;
    (3) The establishment of the system meets the need that society should prevent debtors to escape debt, and is effective legal means of ensuring creditors’rights to realize.
    The aim of this paper is to analyze the major cost of occurring in the institutional change course , the nature of the cost that derived from the institutional change course, and the cost denaturation & the cost restriction when the new institution is not completely ripe yet.
    本文对制度变迁过程中发生的主要成本 ,即原有制度成本和新制度成本的差额、制度转换前后的摩擦成本、新制度生成后的机会成本进行了详细的讨论 ,并研究了制度变迁条件下发生的成本的性质以及新制度设立后尚未完全成熟时的成本变异与约束。
    This paper discusses the neccssity,basic principle and the effective ways of establishment of subject librarian system.
    本文从学科馆员制度的起源入手 ,论述了学科馆员制度设立的必然性 ,然后阐述了学科馆员制度设立的基本原则 ,最后就设立学科馆员制度的有效途径进行了探讨。
    Along with the development of financial industry internationalization in our country,the financial risk obviously rises and establishing the deposit insurance system becomes urgent matter and so we should discuss how to set up the deposit insurance system.
    On the Establishment of the Legal System for Evidence Collection and Secret Protection in Civil Lawsuits in China
    A Research on the Foundation of cumulative Offence System
    The System of Limitation of Actions for the Lawsuit of Intellectual Property Right and the Establishment of Legal System of the Relevant Remission
    Analysis About Substantial Law In the Court Case of Yinchuan Guangxia Industrial Corporation——The Establishment of Civil Liability System For False Information In Securities Law
    Characters and Reference of the Relative Right System in Macao and the Discussion of Setting Up the System in the Mainland
    On Establishing the System of Deposit in Security of Probation
    The aim of plaintiff qualification transfer system in administrative litigation
    Between the Limitation of Rationality and the Value of Rule of Law——Practical Analysis Based on the Legal Ideas of Civil Proof Burden's System Building
    Charpter eight "Technological Measures of Copyright Protection",by analyzing the technological measures from several perspectives like copyright owners,the public,technology in itself and citizen's constituional rights,researches on the effect which technological measures exert on copyright protection and limitation.
    版权保护技术措施被纳入版权保护体系可以说是WCT、WPPT及许多国家有关互联网版权立法的最引人注目之处,同时该制度的设立也产生了多方面的影响。 本部分从版权人、公众,从技术本身、公民的宪法权利等多角度入手,分析研究了版权保护技术措施对版权法律关系中各方的影响。
    The paper studies systematically the establishment and development of Royal Bibliotheca and Imperial Secretariat, and its political and cultural functions in North Song Dynasty.
    Chapter 2 presents an analysis of the theoretical and practical aspects of the various elements which constitute a commercial arbitration agreement.
    并在此基础上就仲裁协议效力扩张的各种情形进行了详细的分析和研究。 最后,对与仲裁协议效力扩张密切相关的仲裁第三人制度设立的合理性与可行性进展开了探讨。


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