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single or multiple
    Integration and Expression of the Human β-Globin Gene with Single or Multiple DNase Ⅰ Hypersensitive Site Core Fragments from Locus Control Region Following Viral Vectors Mediated Gene Transfer into Mouse Erythroid Cells
    Objective Severe acute pancreatitis(SAP) occurred in 15% ~20% of patients with acute pancreatitis, which was morphologically characterized by extra and intrapancreatic necrosis and associated with single or multiple organ failure syndrome(MOFS).
    目的 重症急性胰腺炎(Severe Acute pancreatitis,SAP)占急性胰腺炎的15%-20%,是以胰腺坏死及单个或多个脏器功能衰竭为特征的严重疾病。
    Background and ObjectiveSevere acute pancreatitis (SAP) occurred in 15%~20% of patients with acute pancreatitis. It is a serious disease characterized by intrapancreatic necrosis and associated with single or multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS).
    重症急性胰腺炎(severe acute pancreatitis,SAP)占急性胰腺炎(acutepancreatitis,AP)的15%~20%,是以胰腺坏死及单个或多个脏器功能衰竭为特征的严重疾病。
    The ultrasonographic manifestations of prostate were compared with its pathological results. Results:Single or multiple hypoechoic nodules were identified in 47(66 20%) cases,homogenous echo in 12(16 9%) cases,mixed echogenic lesions in 9 (12 68%)cases,hyperechoic lesions in 3(4 22%) cases.
    结果 :71例前列腺腺癌其中 47例 (6 6 .2 0 % )表现为单个或多个低回声结节 ,12例 (16 .90 % )为均质回声无结节 ,9例 (12 .6 8% )为混合回声 ,3例 (4.2 2 % )为强回声改变。
    An airfoil shape design method that couples viscous flow analysis, a complex method and parallel calculation is described in this paper. The method is applied to search an airfoil geometry with improved aerodynamic performance at single or multiple design-point while the specified design constraints being satisfied.
    CT findings of primary malignant tumors of liver were summarized as following:(1) Single or multiple lesions of low attenuation in the liver on plain CT scans were enhanced inhomogenously following in injection of contrast medium.
    Hepatic metastases appeared on precontrast CT scans as well-circumscribed single or multiple lower density lesions,more clearly shown on enhanced CT,but not specific.
    This paper reports the short-term curative effects of dental root implantation with titanium stamen hydroxyapatite coating for single or multiple anterior teeth dificit of 12 cases.
    B-ultrasound and CT examinations showed enlarged spleen with single or multiple space occupying lesions.
    B超和CT检查显示脾脏均有不同程度肿大; 并有单个或多个占位病灶。
    Results All patients presented with single or multiple nontender subcutaneous nodules or plaques from 1 to 20 cm in diameter and 6 cases accompanied by medium or high fever,Histologically,the lesions were primarily confined to the subcutaneous tissue and the tumour cells infiltrated between adipocytes.
    结果  17例病人主要表现为 1cm× 1cm~ 10cm× 2 0cm的单个或多个结节、斑块和皮下包块 ,6例伴发热 (体温呈中、高热 )。 组织学上主要病变均在皮下脂肪组织内 ,瘤细胞主要浸润于脂肪细胞之间。
    Experimental research shows that the proposed method can be successfully used to localize single or multiple damages on the three dimension truss structure.
    空间桁架结构破损诊断的实验研究表明 ,该方法能成功地诊断出结构单个或多个破损的位置。
    Results:Single or multiple glands were enlargement in 87 cases.
    结果 :87例单个或多个腺体受损 ,受侵腺体不同程度弥漫性肿大 ,部分轮廓模糊 ,内部回声减低 ,欠均。
    Results (1)On chest films, 4 cases showed single or multiple large air cystic lesions (>3 cm in diameter), one case only showed localized hazy and curl-like lung markings, and 3 cases showed honeycomb-like small cystic lesions (<3 cm in diameter). All cases were complicated with emphysema on affected side. 6 cases showed pulmonary hernia of mediastinum.
    结果  (1)胸片见单个或多个毗邻含气大囊 (囊径 >3cm) 4例 ,多发蜂窝样小囊 (囊径 <3cm)的 3例 ,1例表现为肺纹理模糊 ,6例合并纵隔肺疝 ,患侧肺气肿样改变 8例。
    Methods:147 SAP patients were analyzed retrospectively. 38 out of 147 patients with SAP presented single or multiple organ dysfuction (SAP-Ⅱ) in early stage of SAP.
    方法 :回顾性分析 14 7例重症急性胰腺炎 (SAP)的治疗情况 ,其中 38例伴有单个或多个重要脏器功能障碍 (SAP -Ⅱ )。
    ②Single or multiple enhancement rims or rings are in and/or around the lesions;
    The indications of OVP combined with internal fixation were that: ① Old fracture of single or multiple vertebrae combined with scoliosis or kyphosis;
    开放式椎体成形术 (OVP)病例选择标准 :①陈旧性单个或多个椎体骨折并脊柱侧弯或后凸畸形 ;
    The design results indicate that RSM can be successfully applied to improve aerodynamic performance of a airfoil at single or multiple design-points, subject to specified constraints by less flow field computation cost, and will be very attractive for practical use because of its high design quality.
    Results Single or multiple red or yellowish tumor lesions were found in ocular fundi of all of the 17 eyes associated with intraretinal and subretinal exudations (100%), haemorrhages (n=10, 58.82%), retinal detachment (n=5, 29.41%), exudative changes at the macula (n=9, 52.94%), and vitreous haemorrhage (n=1, 5.88%).
    结果17例患者17只眼眼底均有单个或多个黄色或红色肿瘤样病变,均同时伴有视网膜内或视网膜下渗出,占100%; 伴出血者10只眼,占58.82%;
    Juvenile xanthogranuloma (JXG) is an uncommon benign disease, which usually occurs on the skin of head and neck region, as a single or multiple nodular lesions.
    The Web queries submitted to search engines usually involves single or multiple topics.


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