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    0.71+0.31 and 2.17+0.18 per mm2,density of 28 days old was 9.43+1.49 and 4.99+0.04 per mm2.The positive sequence of MC density in earlier days was duodenum,ileum jejunum, and the highest density was in jejunum in 28 days old .
    直到5日龄在空、回肠才出现,单位面积数分别为0.71±0.31和2.17±0.18,28日龄时为9.43±1.49和4.99±0.04; 小日龄MC密度由高到低十二指肠、回肠、空肠,28日龄时空肠最高。
    5:5 and 7:3 nitrogen application at the booting period (A3B2, A3B1) greatly improved the 1000-kernel weight and kernel number per ear, but the yield was not so high as that of A2B2 for their fewer spikes ;
    (9)Increasing nutrient absorbing of drill-planted rice from elongation, was an important approach to increase harvest index and yield, largely due to increase spikelets per area and dry matter accumulation from heading.
    The main results were as follows:(l)The sequence of grain yield was N15>N16>N14>N17>N13>N18, and the former three results were recorded higher than 650 Kg/666.67m2 due to the correspondence between the number of ear per 666.67m2 and the number of gram per spike.
    (1)666.67m~2的稻谷产量大小顺序为N15>N16>N14>N17>N13>N18,前三者均>650Kg。 高产的主要原因是单位面积穗数与每穗粒数的协同增加所致。
    (1) The carrying capacity can be increased from 10 sheep per hm2 to 30 sheep per hm2. (2) The gross system productivity can be increased 1.61 times than before.
    家畜饲养量显著增加(系统单位面积饲养量由现行结构的10只/ hm2增加为30只/ hm2);
    Water volume flowing across microcrack per hour will reduce with the increase of permeating time and the reducing is most significant in the first three weeks.
    Through comparing with the advantage and disadvantage of pure earning method (per net capital, investment earning ratio)and risk-adjusted method (Jensen Index, Treynor Index, Sharpe Index, M2, T-M model, H-M model, Morning Star).
    其次,对证券投资基金绩效的评价方法进行综合性介绍; 主要介绍传统的纯收益法(如:基金单位净资产,基金的投资收益率)和现代的风险调整法(如:詹森指数、特雷利诺指数、夏普指数、M2指标、T—M模型法、H—M模型法、晨星法)以及数据包络分析方法。
    Curve the films into rectangle waveguide with BCl3 ions. Detect the gain 10.0dB at the 10uW square wave signal and pump power 160mW. Get 4.2dB gain per centimeter.
    4. For microwave drying experiment, the optimal parameters are follow conditions: power/0.245 W, time/1Omin, the weight of Jujuba Mill per decimeter square /50g.
    4 微波干燥在微波功率0.245W、干燥时间10min、单位面积载样量50g/dm~2时,所得红枣总黄酮含量最高;
    The proper grain yield components for Yangsimai 1 was: 600 104 ears/hm2, 50 grains per ear, 22g 1000-grain weight, and for Yangsimai3: 800 104 ears/hm2, 25 grains/ear and 36g 1000-grain weight.
    The tillering numbers per area of treatment (A1B1)mowing and topdressed of nitrogen at rising stage were more than CK by 20~83stem/hm2. The tillering numbers per area of treatment (A1B0) mowing and no-topdressed of nitrogen in rising stage were less than CK.
    The grass yield per area increased by 20% applied with 50 mg/L at returning green stage or applied with 25 mg/L and 50 mg/L at milky stage.
    返青期50 mg/L和乳熟期25 mg/L、50 mg/L三个处理单位面积产草量比对照提高了20%左右。
    Treatment with 50 mg/L GA3 at returning green stage was the best way to improve grass and crude protein yield per area.
    Every dog was injected with Saline and 10% glucose 500ml per day for one week.
    The yields of crude thymosin α1 was 89.9% with a purityof 31.2%, and the cost was 2.49 RMB per mg of thymosin α1. By using ion-exchangechromatography (IEC) and reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography(RP-HPLC), thymosin α1 was isolated and purified from the crude productsynthesized.
    28.0%,单位成本为 2.49 RMB/mg胸腺素α1。 分离纯化工艺为:首先以离子交换层析法对胸腺素α1粗品进行初步的分离纯化,以除去粗品中大量的杂质。
    The yields of crude octapeptide was 87.6% with a purity of 72.8%, andthe cost was 1.23RMB per mg of octapeptide.
    该条件下合成的八肽的粗品收率为 87.6%,纯度为 72.8%,目标物八肽的收率为 63.8%,单位成本为 1.23RMB/mg八肽。
    The ratio of on-off time is 5:7. The average quantity of heat per meter of the borehole and coefficient of performance of the system are 57.64w/m and 4.10w/w respectively in the second testing phase that the GCHP system cycled at 750 L/h flow rate of U-Tube.
    测试结果表明,在埋管水流量等于750 L/h时的系统制热效率最高,平均单位井深换热量为57.64w/m,系统供热性能系数达4.10w/w。
    The average quantity of heat per meter of the borehole and coefficient of performance of the system are 46.23w/m and 3.49w/w respectively in this phase.
    V for 30 days, the strawberry seedlings were inoculated with r, f, v, 20 days later the number of vesicular per centimeter of each treatment showed no significant differentce (p=0.05).
    (2) There was extreme difference from the rate of forage and beef (P <0.05), the consumption per unit of the treatment group decreased 1.9%and 10.4% respectively relative to the control group.


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