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    Compared with that of control group, small peptide group had increased the daily weight gain by 10.14% during 60~90kg growing stage(P<0.05), and decreased ratio of feed to gain by 8.15%, decreased feed cost per kg weight by 5.99%.
    Lipase mediates esterification between caproic acid (0.6mol/L) and ethanol (0.6mol/L) in n-heptane at 40℃. The decrease in caproic acid is measured by titration and 1 unit of lipase synthetic activity is defined as 1 μmol caproic acid consumed per min.
    For the first 5 wk after weaning, the growth respond of animal protein was best, per gram aminlal protein was equivalent to 1.20 gram vegetal protein in ADG, per unit of it improved ADG was higher than vegetal protein by 20.02%.
    The results showed that at the loading rate of 65g/L, the corn stalk pretreated by 6% NaOH achieved the highest biogas yield, and the biogas production of per kilogram dry matter was 61.4% higher than the untreated one.
    There was positive correlation between the liveweight gain per hectare and the grazing intensity, it could be described as: Gh=0.31+17.60G-6.60G2(r=0.87*). As a result, we could primarily concluded that the grazing intensity in this type range was about 0.750sheep/hm2.(6) Feed conversion increased at first, and then decreased as the grazing intensity becomed heavier.
    The molecular mechanism of ICaL remodeling may be due to the reduced number of LCC in per atrial tissue of patients with CAF, or the diminished regulatory function by auxiliary L-type calcium channel subunits and modulatory 5-HT4-receptor of LCC.
    Ammonia excretion rate per unit body weight decreases with the increase of body weight, and the regression equation is Qn =141. 25W-0.325(R2=0.9242).
    The volume load ratio, sludge ratio and ratio of quantity of gas production of sludge per unit of IANS and ANS were about 2. This proved that biodegrability of IANSsystem was higher than that of ANS system.
    It showed that addition of ATP had an inhibitory effect on cell growth and did not increase 1,3-PD final concentration obviously, but increased 1,3-PD production per cell considerably. Addition of ATP can increase the yield of glycerol to 1,3-PD .
    Ears per square meter, grain number per ear and 1000-grain-weight in FACE, average value of the data in 2001-2002 and 2002-2003, significantly increased 17.8, 2.9, and 4.8 percent, respectively.
    (1) The basic equations of multi-field coupling for conductive polymer are derived by use of the Gibbs function per unit volume.
    (1)利用单位体积的Gibbs 函数,推导出导电聚合物多物理场耦合的基本方程;
    10. The correlation between the number of oviposition per unit and field pest density, the number of puparium per unit as well as the generational survival rate was extremely-significant (P<0.01), and the correlative coefficients were 0.9200 (P<0.01), 0.9011 (P<0.01), and 0.9128 (P<0.01),respectively.
    Compared with the sample without Tween40,the sample synthesized in the presence of Tween40 has better catalytic properties, XH 2O2for per unit of membrane thickness was 1% higher,while SPO remained 100%.
    Under low seeding density cultivation, functional period of flag leaf was long , senescence velocity of flag leaf was low, large matter accumulated per leaf area provided nitrition in grainfilling period, change tredency of LA of single plant of different wheats was A3>A2>A1 and LAI of different wheats was A1>A2>A3 ?
    稀植栽培下可延长旗叶功能期和延缓旗叶叶片的衰老,单位叶面积上积累的干物质比较多,为后期籽粒灌浆提供充足的养料。 各品种单株叶面积变化趋势在各个时期均表现出A3>A2>A1,叶面积指数变化趋势基本是A1>A2>A3。
    The total general estimate of project investment is $55.6809 M yuan, and theinvestment of per unit water is $1113 yuan / m3·sewage.
    In accord with its 5×104 m3/d scale, the equivalent investmentindex of per unit water is $1049.6 yuan/m3.During the short-term project, the areas of deodorization equipment and hydrolyzingand acidification tank are reserved.
    The removal efficiency of VS at1.36W/mL is higher than that at 2W/mL, but the biogas production produced per unitvolume of degradede sludge at 1.36W/mL is lower than that at 2W/mL.
    在1.36W/mL声能密度下,厌氧消化中VS去除率稍高于2W/mL声能密度下VS去除率。 但是,在1.36W/mL声能密度下,处理单位污泥的产气量却低于2W/mL声能密度下处理单位污泥的产气量。
    in this foundation, there have used five methods to forecast the water demand of Emeishan city in 2010, in 2020, in 2030, including the classified forecast synthesis to be legitimate, the average per person overall target law, the year increasing progressively rate law, the target of unit uses law, the gray system GM (1,1) model, and so on.
    The average biomass per m2 of S. altemiflora is about 2.6 times of that of Phragmites australis and 10 times of Scirpus mariqueter.
    互花米草单位面积地上部分生物量,是芦苇(Phragmites australis)的2.6倍,是海三棱蔗草(Scirpusmariqueter)的10倍。
    Background and aim Insulin resistance defined as that diminished effectiveness of insulin in lowering blood sugar levels: Requiring the use of 200 units or more of insulin per day to prevent hyperglycemia or ketosis.
    研究背景及目的 胰岛素抵抗(insulin resistance,IR)是指一定量的胰岛素所产生的降低血糖的生物学效应低于预计的正常水平:需使用200单位或更高剂量的胰岛素来控制高血糖或酮症发生。


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