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health education
    Evaluation of Health Education regarding CardioCerebral Vascular Disease Taking 3 Years Enforcement in Fangshan Farmers,Beijing
    Enhance the Psychological Health Education and Foster the Healthy Psychological Quality
    加强心理卫生教育 培养健康心理素质
    Of Physiological and Psychological Health Education among Five-Year Students
    Influence of psychological health education on mental health status of parents of hospitalized children in psychiatric department
    Problems of psychological health education of college stuednts
    Master of Public Health(MPH) is a novel specialty that is built up in order to adapt to the development of public health and health education in our country and to consummate medical degree and postgraduate education.
    公共卫生硕士专业学位(英文名称为Master of Public Health缩写为MPH),是为适应我国公共卫生事业和公共卫生教育发展,完善医学学位与研究生教育而设立的新型学位类型。
    2) The infection rate reduced to 1% by health education and repeated examination as well as treatment for 3 successive years in clonorchiasis-endemic area with an infection rate of 20%;
    Under a project supported by UNICET, 8 demonstration areas with a population of 2 817 873 including 720 843 children have been established since 1985. Primary health care, health education and measures for controlling parasitic diseases have been carried out in the past 5 years.
    The article analyses the health state of college studentss,it considers that the traditional so it suggests that the college health education should be directed by the viwpoint of modern "Health", emphasizes the active meaning of physical training sets up the view of "Lifelong physical Culture",attaches importance to the " Psychic hygiene" education protmds the character of the People's health eaucation
    本文分析了目前高校学生的健康状况,认为传统的“体质健康”观念较陈旧、片面、提出必须以现代“健康”的观念指导高校健康教育工作,强调体育锻炼的积极意义,树立“终生体育”观; 重视心理卫生教育;
    Conclusion Health education aim at neurosis may play an important role in the health development of university students.
    神经衰弱学生中,个性以内向和不稳定型个性比例高。 结论在大学群体中开展针对性的健康教育尤其是心理卫生教育具有重要意义
    Conclusion:The mental health education and psychological treatment should be developed effectively.
    Conclusions: Mental health education should be developed vigorously and moral education should be strengthened in medical universities.
    Conclusion According to the high rate of injuries among middle and primary schools students, we must strengthen supervision, safety health education and increase awareness on self protection among the students.
    结论 应针对中小学生的高伤害率及其产生的原因采取有效的监督管理措施,加强安全卫生教育,提高学生的自我保健意识。
    Conclusion After enrollmemt, it must strengthen mental health education and popularize mental knowledge in recruits and improvement their mental stuff during military trainig so that they could adapt the army living and decrease incidence of training injury.
    结论 新兵入伍后 ,应加强心理卫生教育 ,普及心理知识 ,注意战士心理素质的培养 ,使其在军事训练的同时心理素质也得到培养和提高 ,能够很快适应部队生活 ,减少训练伤的发生。
    (2)In management,the occupational health administration system,including establishing organization,strengthening occupational health supervision service,carrying out specialized technical training and occupational health education were completed.
    包装工序除尘以滤袋或静电等。 (2 )组织措施方面 :完善了职业卫生管理系统 ,包括建立组织机构、加强职业卫生服务、开展专业技术培训和职业卫生教育
    and to observe the effect of interfering measures including mental health education and communication and co o n.
    We had inten sified daily care and health care together with mental health education between 1997and 2001.Results The score of QOL in 2001was slightly higher than 1997because of improvem ent of ADL,IADL and psychologic status.
    其间加强了社区对老年人的生活和医疗服务,并进行精神卫生教育。 结果2001组老年人的QOL总分略高于1997年,QOL的增高源于ADL和IADL的提高和老人心理状况改善。
    Conclusion The authors suggest that we should promote consultation liaison psychiatry in general hospital and the mental health education to medical professionals.
    结论 认为应在综合性医院积极开展会诊 联络精神医学服务及对医务人员进行精神卫生教育
    Health education is a most part of his people education theory. TAO Xing zhi attached importance to the health education all long and pursued the principle of "health first".
    陶行知一贯重视健康教育 ,奉行“健康第一”的原则 ,提出了健康教育的手段和方法 ,包括注重身体运动、用卫生代替医生、注重饮食营养的调节与改进、坚持卫生教育以预防为主的方针、通过合理的生活制度来达到健康等。
    Objective To investigate the effects of oral health education (mouth rinses,tooth brushing,oral prophylaxis) on periodontal indices and distribution of helicobacter pylori (Hp) in dental plaque.
    目的 探讨口腔卫生教育对牙周参数和幽门螺杆菌 (Hp)在牙菌斑中分布的影响。


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