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health department
    Research on Problems of Human Resource Administration and Development of Public Health Department of Benxi
    In terms of the evaluation of Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), about 80-90 percent of government data, which naturally include those from health department, are georeferenced.
    据美国联邦地理数据委员会(Federal Geographic Data Committee,FGDC)的评估,政府部门全部数据的80-90%是带有地理位置信息的,这自然也包括卫生部门的数据。
    Policy analysis on medical expenditure containment (1):Health Department key policies analysis
    Health Promotion is not only a responsibility of Public Health Department but also Education Department.
    This study confirms that diarrhoea in the childen in this county is higher,the suggerting that diarrhoea should be noticed by local health department society and families.
    Basing on strengthening the work of friendlybaby community,the health bureau of Xicheng district guided by international cooperative items of friendlybaby community,improved the art of management,found a way of management,did well the coordination of each department,took subdistrict office as bridge,provided technical service by health department,carried out the work of breastfeeding,improved the art of MCH work. \ \
    Health department must pay more attention to problems related to aged persons and promote the health status of middle aged and aged women.
    卫生部门应关注人口老龄化带来的新问题 ,积极提高中老年妇女健康状况
    86.73% doctors completed the task given by higher level organizations. Places where local government and health department could solve funds investment, preferential policy, rewards and punishments, remuneration for village clinics and doctors well were better than places to solve the problems poor.
    村级防保医生完成上级交付疟防任务的占 86 .73% ,当地政府和卫生部门对村卫生室和村级防保医生在经费投入、优惠政策、奖惩及劳务报酬等解决较好的地方 ,村级防保医生完成疟防工作优于解决较差的地方。
    In addition, the inspecting of the national health department has proved that the series products are non-toxic, odourless, non-irritant and safe and hygienic.
    The definition of "serious injury sufferer's physical health",should base on the grade scale of medical ac-cident that constituted by health department,in the same time,make a compromise of the human body damnification judging standard constituted by jud icial authority.
    Government should be strengthen the intervention of the disease, any prostitution and whore visiting, and publi c health department should conduct vigorous propaganda about syphilis provention be improve the medical workers in their knowledge about ahd prevention and trea tment.
    结论 :在本地控制梅毒任务艰巨 ,要采取综合性治理措施 ,政府要加大干预行为 ,卫生部门要加强梅毒防治知识宣传 ,提高群众对梅毒的认识 ,提高医务人员对梅毒的防治水平等措施来控制梅毒流行。
    The mortality of U5 reported by public health department was 22.97‰ during 1997-2000, it was 30.55‰ by using CRM estimated. CRM was better than common way of merging two data of registries.
    卫生部门 1997~ 2 0 0 0年报表登记的 5岁以下儿童平均死亡率为 2 2 97‰ ,估计 5岁以下儿童死亡率为 3 0 5 5‰ ,高于将两部门资料合并得到的儿童死亡率 2 8 5 6‰。
    Objective:To acquire the people's status of the Life Quality and its effect factors by researching the life Quality of the middle-aged intellectuals in Guiyang city,to provide accordance of health care for them and to provide reference for the health department making relative policy.
    The educational, health department, school , family and community should pay attention to this.
    Meantime,the health department should strengthen the supervision and surveillance according to "Food Hygiene Law of PRC" and "Hygienic Specifications of Pastry Factory" so as to improve the pastry hygienic quality and prevent the food poisoning.
    Conclusion The support by the government,cooperation among departments,leading role of the public health department,participation of community,planning and design,monitoring and evaluation,are an effective community health-promoting model in Shenzhen.
    育龄妇女RTIs患病率由干预前的33.6%下降至干预后的27.2%,差异有显著性意义(P<0.05)。 结论政府支持、部门协助、卫生部门牵头、社区参与、规划设计、监测评价是深圳市行之有效的社区健康促进工作模式。
    One of the key health policy issue is how to control unreasonable increasing of medical expenditure. Through systematic review of medical expenditure containment related health policies in the latest 20 years,this research outcome classified it into health department policies,basic health insurance policies,and drug related policies.
    Objective:By the research of the life quality of the female middle-aged intellectuals in Guiyang city, to acquire the people's status of the life quality and its effect factors, to provide accordance of health care for them and to provide reference for the health department making relative policy.
    目的:通过对贵阳市中年女性知识分子生存质量的调查研究,获得该人群生存质量的现状及其影响因素。 不仅为她们提供了健康保健的依据,同时也为卫生部门制定相关政策提供参考。
    Objective To know the policy effects and related expense after the cost price falling down of high cost medical disposable such as pacemaker artificial purchase by public bidding, supply the health department with data and analysis basis for relevant policy adjustment.
    After sluicing, there is risk of eruption of Zoonosis borne diseases with migrating of rat and propagating of mosquito, and the government and health department should pay high attention to these changes.
    三峡水库建成蓄水后,鼠类迁徒和蚊虫孳生面积扩大, 存在虫媒及自然疫源性疾病暴发流行的潜在危险性,应引起各级政府和卫生部门的高度重视。


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