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    Scanning Technique and Methods of 16-slice Spiral CT Coronary Angiography
    Method for Extracting Chip S -Parameters by TRL Calibration
    Comclusion Multiparametric DNA/CK cytometric analysis is better than single DNA one;
    结论 DNA/ CK双参数较 DNA单参数技术更佳。
    This paper introduces new type extra heavy vibratory roller of YZ20D from such aspects as main parameters,characteristics and industrial molding.
    By the establishment of a Process Quality Monitoring System, technical parameters, standard technological conditions on the basis of statistical methods and coupled with relative technical management measures, the process capability levels were improved, the percentage of real process capability index (Cpk) values, whose 22 major quality characteristic values were above 1.0, increased from 50% to 86.4%. The transformation from result control and manual control to process control and automatic control were preliminarily achieved.
    The basic parameters,technique characteristics and equipment level of the first domestic 1450mm reversing 6-h cold rolling mill are introduced. Its output per day of the 0.3~0.5mm×1000~1250mm thin gauge strip is reached 600t,and the gauge deviation of strip is small than ±0.005mm.
    The Pro/ E are designed of Cad/ CAM /CAE by the American parameter technique company.
    The article introduces the characteristics of the electoral wool as well as the main processing parameters,technical measurs and attentions in spinning 41.7tex/2 dyed pure electoral wool knitting yarn on cotton spinning frame.
    介绍了绵羊绒的主要特性,探讨了用棉纺设备开发41.7 tex×2纯绵羊绒色纺针织用纱的主要工艺参数、技术措施和注意事项。
    The main technological parameters,technological characteristics,structure composition,function flowsheet,flash welding principle and electric control system of the NMW-C1375FS flash butt welder,which is applied in CPL of Cold strip Mill in Jigang were introduced.
    Described are the development process,main technical parameters,technical fea- tures,structure,testing and application prospects of the KM_(70) coal bopper car.
    Described are the usage,composition, technical parameters,technical requirements and main structure of the T_(11BK) 500 m long rail train-set.
    介绍了T_(11BK)型500 m长钢轨列车组的用途、组成、技术参数、技术要求及主要结构。
    Theoretical and Experimental Researches on Open-ended Coaxial Probe Measurement Techniques for Simultaneously Determining Complex EM-parameter
    Technical Analysis of the Main parameters of Modern Motorcycle/s Engine
    The methods to construct RD geo-location model and the algorithms to solve the model directly and indirectly were explored in detail.
    对RD定位模型的构建和直接及间接定位算法进行了详细探讨。 本文对比评价了几种卫星轨道描述方法,并设计了从不同SAR数据产品的元数据中提取必需成像参数的技术框架。
    The researches on the simultaneous EM-parameters measurement techniques with an OECP can be classified into two parts, in this dissertation. The first one is dedicated to studying the theoretical modeling and design of OECPs. We firstly formulate the spectral domain model for OECP measurement configuration in detail.
    The second part of this dissertation is mainly involved in investigating the simultaneous EM-parameters characterization techniques.
    In other words, the multi-stoke curve was designed according to the optimization of efficiency and the rotate speed, the stability of the torque were considered at the same time. The PRO/E was used to analyze the its performance and the CAM files were created. The files drived the CNC machine to manufacture the multi-stoke cam.
    With orthodoxy design, based on typical structure of semi-rigid based asphalt pavement, mechanics design parameter is thoroughly studied. And reasonable resilient modulus and thickness ranges of semi-rigid base materials are concluded.
    In this paper, it is introduced how to resolve some technical problems of track circuits parameters on-line tested in electrical railway.
    In order to resolve this contradiction, the thesis comes up with new way that bases on computer vision and studies systematically the technique feature of real-time measurement system of parameters of motion objects.


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