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    One shock leads to another
    In the discussion of "static stress triggering" problem, based on the relationship between the occurred earthquake and "triggered" earthquake, the researches at present can be roughly divided into 3 categories: (1) aftershocks triggered by mainshock;
    在地震“静态应力触发”问题的讨论中,按照己发生的地震与“被触发”地震之间的关系,目前所进行的研究大致上可分为几类:(1)地震“触发”余震的研究(2)大地震“触发”另一次大地震的研究(3)火山或爆炸“触发”地震的研究。 本文的研究属于第二类。
    Two climaxes were obvious among this period: one is from 1988 to 1990;
    Along with the extensive application of CPLD/ FPGA which is based on the EDA technology, the electronics design technique is facing another breakthrough of larger meaning after the appearance of singlechip computer.
    And another Fractional Fourier Transform accomplishes the hiding after adding the phase encoding.
    The intrinsic emissions were observed in all the samples at 250-450 nm with the peak temperature at 70-90K and 120-135K.
    According to the analysis in this paper,were it not for these artificial factors,the two of the flood peak discharge,on Aug 4,1996 and on Aug.5,1993 would have been very near,however,by measurement,one was 4100m3/s (1996),the other one was 2800m3/s(1993),made at Quankou hydrometric station.
    The 12th century renaissance in Western Europe was a revival movement of Christian culture which took place after Carolus renaissance.
    Research also finds that there was another event of warm climatic event which occurred in this area between about 850A.
    研究还证实另一次温暖的气候事件发生在大约 850A.
    As for patients with L4-5 and L5-S1 protrusions the main lumbar discs can be treated in the same way, but for another minor one, the injection of O 2-O 3 10 ml into the lumbar disc and the nearby intervertebral foramina and ethanol through a 21G needle would be properly promising.
    对于L 4~5及L5~S1均突出患者,主要椎间盘采取上述方法,另一次要椎间盘采取2 1G乙醇针经皮穿刺,于盘内及椎间孔附近各注入O2 -O31 0ml。
    The distribution of aftershock is unsymmetrical distribution according to the mainshock location and appears to be unilaterally distribution. The aftershock of M6.2 centralize in the northwest of M6.2 and the aftershock of M6.1 in the southeast of M6.1, moreover, the M6.1 earthquake appears to be another southeastern rupture due to the M6.2 earthquake on the same fault.
    Chinese Banks Need More Than Simply Another Capital Injection?
    不要指望“被保释” 中国银行业需要的仅仅另一次注资吗?
    The interaction of Ylr190w and Ynl107w was affected by phosphate concentration;
    Thermal behavior of PTT/PBT blends are studied. The results suggest that the presence of the less crystallizable PBT (or PTT) molecules in the PTT-rich (or PBT-rich) blends decreases the crystallizability and crystalline (peak) temperature of the blends.
    In the theoretical analysis, two experiments can be adopted to take the place of numbers of tests, namelyprogrammed heating experiment to obtain the kinetics parameter related to temperature and programmed humidifying experiment to obtain the kinetics parameter related to humidity.
    从理论上分析,我们可用两次试验来取代目前的数十次试验,一次是在恒湿条件下进行的程序变温加速试验,以获得与温度有关的动力学参数; 另一次是在恒温条件下进行的程序变湿加速试验,以获得与湿度有关的动力学参数。
    Through analyzing homogeneous tempreture about fluid inclusion enclave , with heat history and embedding history , this paper claim that there are two main period which oil accumulate to buried hill , one is the end of Yimin group , another is end of Damoguaihe group .
    The first trial lasted for 40d, the second trial lasred for 52d.
    One of the groups was trained with morphine while the other with saline as control.
    其中一次注射盐酸吗啡,另一次注射等量生理盐水。 盐水组在偏爱试验中用等量生理盐水代替吗啡。
    Sprinklers from five manufacturers were used in the fire tests. The fire source in all but one of the tests was a 130kW heptane (0.46m diameter) pool fire. In one fire test the fire size was approximately doubled (0.6m diameter heptane pool fire).
    With provision for the daily increasing applications of packet data service and the inevitable trend of combination of MIP (i.e. Mobile IP) technology and mobile communication network, the author as well as did some research work in the identity authentication of EV-DO system.


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