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trailing edge
    The linear relation between the velocity differences of the two sides of the trailing edge and the exit angle β_2 has been found, it shows the range of linear variation of β_2 decreases with the increment of the length of the region behind cascades, in addition, the linear variational relation between tanβ_2~(1/2) and L_3 has also been obtained.
    Compared with symmetrical extraction algorithm and polygonal approximation algorithm, the algorithm can extract contour's typical character of the blade effectively, for example, leading edge and trailing edge.
    该方法与均匀取点法和多边形逼近法相比,能够有效地提取叶片轮廓中的典型特征部分(例如前缘和后缘),克服了传统算法丢失部分特征点的缺点; 同时有效地消除了数据冗余问题;
    In this thesis, the control law based on adaptive filter for Smart Rotor with actively controlled trailing edge flap is researched.
    The work of this thesis is mainly about the design and test of an actuator for a smart rotor with the trailing edge configuration.
    The smart rotor with active trailing edge is a new system for reducing the vibration which can adjust the air load of the blade to actively counteract the main harmonic of the force to the fuselage by controlling the deflection of the trailing edge.
    In this paper, we mainly investigate trailing edge noise of the clean wing which is one of the most important airframe noise sources on an aircraft flying.
    In this paper, the modeling approach includes a theoretical trailing edge noise prediction and utilizes RANS code with Menter's SST k- ω turbulence model to obtain the characteristic velocity and length scales.
    本文基于CFD数值模拟和Ffcows Williams-Hall理论,研究应用了一种预测干净机翼后缘气动噪声的方法。 文章采用Menter's SST κ-ω湍流模型对翼型、机翼和翼身组合体进行N-S方程数值模拟得到翼型或机翼后缘附近的湍流特征速度和湍流特征长度,再利用Serhat Hosder的预估方法计算后缘噪声强度级。
    Some examples with two symmetric airfoils, two supercritical airfoils, EET wing and wing body configuration demonstrated the effect of the wing geometry, airfoil trailing edge shape and the lift coefficient on the trailing edge noise.
    然后研究了两个亚音速翼型(NACA 0009,NACA 0012),两个超临界翼型(SC(2)-0710,SC(2)-0714),NASA EET机翼,某翼身组合体的不同参数对后缘噪声强度级的影响,得出了对降低后缘噪声强度级有指导意义的结论。
    This paper gives a brief description of the whole process of the low-speed wind tunnel test for active flutter suppression of a two-dimensional wing model with trailing edge control surface.
    The modification attempts to reproduce the lag process of the response, so that the predicted accuracy of boundary layer parameters (displacement thickness, momentum thickness, shape factor and skin friction coefficient) in shock-wave boundary layer interaction and airfoil trailing edge regions at transonic speed is improved.
    For trailing edge problem,the integral equation of Kutta condition and the differential equation of vorticity conservation are solved simultaneously,and the vorticity distribution Υ(y)is found with t (time) and x (longitudinal location) as parameters.
    Comparing the pressure distribution in both cases, one may observe that for the porous airfoils a gradually recompression towards the trailing edge is occuting, without strong shock waves, in a quite large Mach number domain, in opposition to.
    This paper describes the trailing edge and near wake flow of a NACA 63-012 symmetric airfoil measured by a hot wire anemometer. The distribution of mean flow velocity and Reynolds stress is measured and discussed. The semiempirical relation of nondimentional velocity distribution is obtained.
    本文简述了用热线风速仪测量“NACA 63-012”对称翼型近场尾流及后缘边界层流动特性,讨论了流场的时均特性及雷诺应力等湍流量的分布特性,提出了无因次速度分布的半经验公式、相关参数及相关曲线解析式,并得出了几点重要结论。
    The four vortices originated from the trailing edge of canard fins, which tend to "the leapfrog" in a crossflow plane, or the two vortices of the dihedral fins and a pair of symmetric body vorticas, which tend to " the hybrid leapfrog " in another crossflow plane, could be observed.
    From the experimental results it is found that in part of four fifths of blade surface from hub to tip,the air flow runs from leading edge to trailing edge in the outward direction with some inclination to chord.
    从实验结果看 ,在桨叶由根到尖的五分之四部分 ,气流由前缘向后缘与弦线方向倾斜某个角度向外流动。
    It is shown that in the present numerical investigations, the trailing edge shape and the reduced frequency have an important influence on the vortex evolution.
    A high suction peak is induced by the stall vortex as the trailing edge vortex sheds downstream smoothly.
    Once the trailing edge vortex stays at the trailing edge the interaction of complex vortex structures occurs and no longer has a beneficial effect on the suction peak induced by the stall vortex.
    We improve in this code the distribution of the number of the grid points over wing and body surfaces, and keep the trailing edge of the wing being one of the grid lines even when the edge has sweepback or sweep forward.


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