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trailing edge
    Water-tunnel experiment re- sults indicate that the reason for drag reducing of swept wing-tip is that when the angle of attack is not Zero,the strength tip vortex of the wing is weakened by the combined effect of the leading edge and trailing edge vortices of the swept wing-tip.
    Smart rotor using actively controlled trailing edge flap(ACF)for vibration reduction is a new research topic to which more and more attention is paid in helicopter engineering recently,especially when there is a great breakthrough and wide application in smart materials.
    The dye injection and Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV) techniques have been used to investigate the flow over a delta wing with swept of 60°. The content includes the effects of trailing edge differential and symmetric jets on the breakdown position of leading edge vortex, the spatial distribution and the velocity distribution of the vortex core and the evolution of the flow structure with angle of attack.
    本实验应用染色液流动显示技术和激光测速技术 (LDV)研究了 6 0°后掠三角翼在后缘差动喷流、对称喷流情况下前缘涡破裂位置、涡核的空间分布、涡核的速度分布以及三角翼背风面流动结构随迎角的演化等。
    Incompressible Reynolds averaged Navier Stokes equations are solved using pseudo compressibility method for the simulation of incompressible flow over a delta wing with trailing edge jet at high angles of attack. The Beam Warming implicit approximate factorization scheme and MML algebraic turbulence model are utilized in the simulation.
    本文用拟压缩性方法求解不可压流雷诺平均拟压缩N S方程组 ,对带有后缘喷流的三角翼粘性绕流进行了数值模拟 ,求解中采用了Beam -Warming隐式近似因子分解格式以及MML代数湍流模型。
    In addition, the trailing edge jets may weaken or even eliminate the mixing phenomenon of the leading edge vortex, which is in advantage of the flight control of aircraft.
    另外 ,后缘喷流可以减弱乃至消除前缘涡混掺现象的发生 ,进而有利于飞行器的操纵 .
    The light stall is characterized by the trailing edge separation and the influence of separation bubble is restricted in the rear part on the airfoil.
    计算结果显示 :轻失速主要是由于后缘分离引起 ,分离涡的影响范围主要是在后缘附近。
    An aero-acoustic model is developed based on the Howe's unified theory of trailing edge noise and is incorporated with the wake model to predict the sound pressure level and directivity of vortex shedding noise.
    Gurney flap is a high lift device, which is a flat with small height and thickness, perpendicular to chordwise of an airfoil, and on trailing edge of lower surface of the airfoil.
    In this paper,the results of lift increasement of different highness Gurney flap with and without table (TAB)at airfoil trailing edge are investigated.
    Measurements of flowfield in the cross-sections vertical to the axes of the model have been made with various attack-angles at the trailing edge of the strake,the 1/2 mean aerodynamics chord of the basic wing and also the leading and trailing edges of the vertical tail. Two-dimensional spectrum analysis has been used to calculate the energy spectra of the flowfield with the strake vortices in the wavenumber space.
    实验主要测量了各种攻角下边条后缘、基本翼的 1 2平均气动弦、立尾前缘及立尾后缘四个位置与机身轴线垂直的截面内的流场 ,同时利用二维谱分析的方法对测得的二维速度场进行分析得出边条涡的能量谱。
    The socalled EM is named from spatial relationship (more precisely,phase angle relationship) between trailing edge and leading edge curves of two neighboring blade rows.
    Active flutter suppression and gust alleviation controller was designed for a delta wing model with two trailing edge control surfaces, by using linear quadratic Gaussian (LQG)/robust control theory. Due to considering the minimum singular value of the system return difference matrix as constraint, blindness in traditional design method is avoided.
    以一个带有两个后缘控制面的三角机翼风洞模型为研究对象 ,采用LQG/奇异值控制理论设计颤振主动抑制与阵风减缓的鲁棒控制律 ,对组成的闭环系统进行控制仿真。
    A particle imaged velocimeter (PIV) was used to measure both qualitatively and quantitatively the velocity field in a plane normal to the flow at x/c= 3, where x is the downstream distance from the trailing edge of the wing model and c is the chord length.
    Moreover, with the increase of the height of blade tip clearance, the tip leakage flow is stronger and the origination position of the tip leakage vortex is closer to the trailing edge of the blade.
    (3) enhancing the strength of the trailing edge vortex and accelerating its shedding can produce high lift.
    The maximum heat transfer coefficients appear slightly upstream from the corner and at the fin leading edge while the minimum occur downstream from the corner and at the fin trailing edge.
    Several models which have NACA23012 airfoil with Gurney flaps and have airfoils with modified surface curvatures near to its trailing edge were built in this paper. After numerically computed using FLUENT software,we get aerodynamic characteristics as well as surface pressure,velocity and Mach number distributions of the airfoils at different flow speeds and incidences.
    建立了NACA23012翼型后缘加装Gurney襟翼模型和高度为2%弦长的Gurney襟翼翼型的后缘表面曲率进行修改的模型,并利用FLUENT软件对其进行数值模拟,得到不同模型在不同风速,不同攻角下的空气动力学性能(C l、Cd)以及翼型表面压力、速度、马赫数的分布等。
    It also indicate that in the wake integration method,the location of wake integration surface should be set in the distance of 0.6~1.0 relative chord length from the trailing edge.
    During Middle Jurassic -Early Cretaceous , the margin of the orogenic belt detached while the epiorogenic subsidence occurred within the orogenic belt, resulting in a complicated structural pattern with outstretching on the trailing edge and thrusting on the leading dege.
    Aim To study the movement regularity of homogeneous soil landslide with known trailing edge and undetermined shear opening.


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