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absorption peak
    The FTIR spectrograms of antioxidant 1010, PE and PP are analyzed, the characteristic absorption peak of antioxidant 1010 is determined at the wavenumber of 1746-1 and the influence of the PE and PP test parts containing a given quantity of antioxidant 1010 on the measured spectrograms and curves is analyzed in detail.
    Results: The purified matter(named jn219) was identified, and its absorption peak was 220 nm, its molecular weight was 519 Dalton, 50% toxic dose was 50 μg/mL, 50% effcetive concentration was 1 μg/mL, therapeutic index was 50. Conclusion: Jn219 is confirmed initially that it has the anti-human cytomegalovirus activity.
    结果:分离到的单峰物质(命名为jn219)紫外吸收峰为220nm,相对分子质量为519,半数中毒浓度(TD50)为50μg/mL,半数抑毒浓度(IC50)为1μg/mL,抑毒指数(TI)为50。 结论:初步证实单峰物质jn219在体外具有抗人巨细胞病毒的活性。
    The characteristic absorption peak of α/β is about 3 and the nickel porphyrins is chiefly ETIO homologue.
    We believe that the correction height and the area of the absorption peak of the Y(Eu)—O bond are determined from two factors: the average bond-length and the number of the vibrating-running states of the Y(Eu)—O bond.
    [Methods]QC 8000 continuous flow injector was used to determine urea according to the principle that urea combined with diacetyl monoxime and aminothiourea can produce red compound and has maximal absorption peak at he wavelength of 530nm.
    方法采用QC 8000连续流动注射仪,根据尿素在强酸性条件下与二乙酰一肟生成红色化合物,在530 nm波长处有最大吸收峰的原理进行测定。
    The absorption peak becomes weak rapidly and disappears finally at maximum absorption wavelength 261nm during the photocatalytical elimination of alizarin red, and the new absorption peaks appear at 223nm and 228nm respectively, which showed new products formed.
    The change of absorption peak when the Mg2+ doping concentration reached the threshold concentration was studied,and the Mg2+ sites in the LiNbO3 crystals were analyzed.
    In HCl-NaOAc buffer medium,cationic surfactants(CS) reacts with eosin Y(EY) or ethyl eosin(EE) to form an ion-association complex,the colors of solutions fade obviously,the maximum fading wavelength at 514 nm and 516 nm,besides,there is an absorption peak at 548 nm and 544 nm.
    在HOAc-NaOAc缓冲介质中,阳离子表面活性剂(CS)与曙红Y(EY)或乙基曙红(EE)反应,形成离子缔合物,溶液颜色褪色明显,最大褪色波长分别在514 nm和516 nm处,同时在548 nm和544 nm处有吸收峰.
    The infrared spectrum of crystals shows that when Sc doping concentration in Fe:LiNbO3 is over 3mol%,O-H vibration absorption peak of Sc(3mol.%):Fe:LiNbO3 is shifted to 3508 cm-1,comparing with 3484cm-1 of crystals with lower Sc doping level.
    Its ultraviolet absorption peak was at 275 nm. Three protein bands of the enzyme correspond with its activity bands by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Its relative molecular quality was 31.63 kD and subunit relative molecular quality was 15.73 kD.
    The effective band width more than 10 dB of the sample reaches 6.2 GHz and the highest absorption peak is 34 dB when the thickness of sample is 2 mm,the frequency is in the range of 2? 18 GHz,Sr content is 0.2 and Fe content is 0.12 and 0.14,respectively.
    当样品厚度为2 mm左右、Fe含量为0.12和0.14,Sr含量为0.2时,在2~18 GHz范围内,10 dB以上吸收带宽达6.2 GHz,最大吸收峰达34 dB;
    There are a maximum absorption peak at 560 nm and a fluorescence peak at 570 nm for butyl rodamine B(BRDB) in the medium of 0. 2 mol/L HC1. The DBS- and BRDB+ combine into hydrophobia DBS-BRDB association molecule by means of static gravitation.
    在0.2 mol/L HCl介质中,丁基罗丹明B(BRDB)分别在560 nm和570 nm处有一个吸收峰和荧光峰。
    We also explained physical origin of the new absorption peak observed at A = 760nm which is tentatively assigned to 2B1(2E) 2E(2T2) electric dipole allowed transition of Cr56 here.
    对位于760nm附近的新吸收峰的起源进行了讨论,并将其归属为四面体格位上Cr5+离子2B1(2E) 2E(2T2)的电偶极允许跃迁。
    The 0-H vibration absorption peak in Infrared region shifts from 3481cm-1 to 3535cm-1 and the ability of optical damage resistance improves two orders of magnitude when Mg doping concentration is up to threshold. The double frequency properties of Mg:LiNbO3 crystals were determined.
    The sound absorption coefficient of the nano-TiO2 and epoxy resin composite was improved above 1.2KHz. It was also obviously enhanced of the nano-Al2O3 and epoxy resin composite and there is an absorption peak from 1.4KHz to 1.5KHz.
    A study of wavelength shift on absorption peak
    The Influence of ATR Absorption Peak upon Double Metal Wave-Guide Parameter
    Electronic Structure and Absorption Peak Shift of Semiconductor Quantum Dots
    IR spectra of graft copolymers existed the carbonyl C=O characteristic absorption peak at 1730-1750 cm-1 besides the characteristic absorption peak of starch.
    Infra-red spectrums showed that absorption peak of 1020cm-1 of 732 rein devided into two peaks of 1011cm~(-1) and 1025cm~(-1) of loaded resin. This suggested that 732 resin reacted with AlCl3.Mono-furfuryl maleic ester was acquired by esterification of maleic anhydride and furfuryl alcohol of 1:1 at 90℃for 2.5h.
    红外光谱检测结果表明,732 树脂在1020cm~(-1) 处的吸收峰发生明显裂分,形成1011cm~(-1) 和1025cm~(-1) 两个吸收峰,说明732 树脂磺酸基与AlCl_3 发生了络合反应。


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