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group team
    Construction Enterprises' Human Resources Management:A View from Group Team's Angle
    Found group team type enterprise culture;
    The result of empirical test shows that the specific component of human capital associated with age and the scale of entrepreneur group team is found to have a greater positive impact on the initial firm size,but company's initial scale and the educational background of entrepreneur have positive influence.
    As a organization, if motivation take no important and ample role in practice campaign in entire organization( or group team), this organization will halt, at the same time it will also lose the opportunity of many developments, will also lose deserved competitive vigour.
    The theme-teaching pattern denotes student groups develop themes together with the teachers of different department (teacher group team) and spread out teaching activity around these themes by standardizing teaching program and operative system in comprehensive and practical activity.
    Applying Fourth Generation Management to the Engine Room management on board ship, its core concentrates on quality, scientific method and integrative group team, which were needed in Engine Room.
    To combine the staffindividual achievement and the group team achievement effectively to promote the staffs value and establish the system to attract and keep the talented person resource.
    This requests the software development management to be able to adapt the demand, the technology, the group team and so on the various factors unceasingly changes and rapidly construct to achieve the goal that is enhances the software development efficiency, reduces the development cost.
    But the above software development agile management is emphasizes the development technology method management, and neglected the group team's leadership and the development process’s integrity.
    My nature scientific research circumstance has occurred an important change, colleges have become one of the principal part in market competition. Therefore, today, the competition of market economy is very inspirited, how to construct and manage the group team of college is very important.
    This text investigate college scientific research group team, using stride subject measure,using for reference organize, group team and corporation to analyze college scientific research group team.
    The second department: on the base of scientific group team, define college scientific research group team, and analyze it’s characters and function.
    The third department: using for reference of group team tectonic theory to construct college scientific research group team.
    This paper discusses specific method, meaning and the feasibility of group team energy and the training student competitive consciousness in school physical education emphatically, the relation between culturing of competitive consciousness and team spirit and quality education is also explored
    This paper studies innovation as organization transform, puts forward that through the transition of organization, the create people transfering to working group team, the space effect of knowledge assemble taking the proliferation of innovation then with integration, promote enterprise competitive advantage and the economic benefits of innovation.
    The group team is outstanding person's combination, therefore the more and more enterprises all manage the high achievements group team regard as the weights which the enterprise succeeds.
    The construction enterprises those take the group team cooperation as the axle center should regard the group team management as the business management the necessity chooses.
    This article unifies the at present construction enterprises human resources management present situation, discussed the human resources management countermeasure which managed based on the group team.
    This article puts foreword a CSF system for Chinese Enterprises and analyses the key points and the difficulties of the ERP implementation in terms of organization and management,business application,ERP production and technology,personnel and group team,education and training,project management,and cultural conflict. It provides a guideline for the successful ERP implement of Chinese enterprises.
    This article elaborates how to establish balanced mechanism in group team management from drive mechanism,processing mechanism to staff's complains and questions,talented person's balanced mechanism in the group team,raising staff loyalty in the group team. It has vital significance to set up one group team with high quality,vigor and creativity.


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