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trap type
    According to the facies' distribution and structural features,it is predicted that the fine reservoir of type Ⅰ is mainly located along the pinchout boundary of the research area,and the main trap type is structured-iagenetic.
    A possible trap type: seismic source trap
    Structural Style and Trap Type of Zhenwu-Wubao Fault Zone in Subei Basin
    The reason why no oil flow was found in these wells is that people had not ascertained the geological structure, trap type and lithology distribution in that area.
    The trap type obviously depends on the generation type of sand body.
    Shattered breccia is a kind of better reservoir rock body. Centered on the fracture systems where earthquake took place, it forms a lithologic trap type thinning out towards bilateral reservoir rock body.
    震裂角砾岩是一种较好的 储集岩体,以发生地震的断裂系统 为中心,组成向两则储集岩 体尖灭的岩性圈闭类型
    Shiwu fault depression superposition region is the place where the J 3 K 1 Formation is most grown up and it has the largest thickness in Songliao Basin,being of the properties as abundant lacustrine hydrocarbon generating organic matters,grown up deltaic sandbodies and various petroleum systems controlled by multiple source reservoir seal assemblage as well as multiple trap type and multiple reservoir type,etc. According to existent exploration,it is indicated that this region is the best area of prospecting deep oil and gas in Songliao Basin.
    十屋断坳叠置区是松辽盆地J3 —K1发育最全、厚度最大 ,具有湖相生烃物质丰富、扇三角洲砂体发育、多个生储盖组合控制的含油气系统、多圈闭类型与多油气藏类型等特点。
    Formed in an evaporating lagoon environment having a short connection with sea water and produced a complex deformation by joint action of gravity and structural stress, the plastic body such as salt, gypsum and mud in Neogene in western of Kuche Depression plays a important role in structural pattern, trap type and oil gas reservoir forming in western of the depression.
    库车拗陷西部的下第三系盐、膏、泥等塑性体形成于与海水有短暂沟通的蒸发泻湖环境 ,受重力和构造应力联合作用发生了复杂的变形 ,对拗陷西部的构造样式、圈闭类型、油气成藏的形成产生了重要的影响。
    The trap is composed of three nose structures,each one has different configuration and trap type.
    此圈闭由 3个鼻状构造组成 ,每一构造在不同甚至相同的剖面上 ,反映出的构造形态及圈闭类型各不相同。
    Based on the high resolution 2D seismic data and combining with drilling base data, this paper studies the interlayer structure and trap condition of Gao 3 and Gao 4 subzones in Xingshugang area through and analysis on the reservoir structure interpretation and sedimentary geologic characteristic and lithologic prediction. It determines the trap type and controlling factors and predicts the oil and gas enrichment area.
    以高分辨率二维地震资料为基础 ,结合钻井基础数据 ,通过油层构造解释、沉积地质特征分析以及岩性预测 ,对杏树岗地区高三、高四组油层的层间构造和圈闭条件进行了综合研究 ,进一步落实了圈闭类型和控制因素 ,并对有利油气富集区进行了预测
    The oil distribution rule of oil and gas in the Tertiary basin of Chaidamu was studied by using the model of the terrigenous sequence. The arrangement relation of the sedimentary system in different system of the sequence and the source reservior cap combination and the distribution of trap type were discussed.
    应用陆相层序地层概念模型 ,研究柴达木第三纪盆地层序格架中油气分布规律 ,探讨各层序中不同体系域中沉积体系的配置关系、生储盖组合、油气聚集模式、圈闭类型及分布。 认为第 构造层序中的最大湖泛体系域最具生油潜力 ;
    The trap type of Carboniferous is con-sidered to be a low-amplitude anticlinal structure overlying the upper part of Ordovician.
    (4) Paleozoic non-structural trap, which is the main trap type of large oil and gas fields;
    On the basis of analyzing and chemically examining a large numble of samples, through comprehensively studying the reservoiring geological conditions as hydrocarbon generation, petrophysical property, reservoir-caprock assemblage and lithologic trap type, by use of mathematical statistics, it was considered that Yulin gas field is located in the greatest hydrocarbon-generating intensity area in the basin and its hydrocarbon source rocks are the Permo—Carboniferous coal measure strata, thus possessing the material conditions of forming large-sized gas fields.
    Pool-forming is mainly controlled by trap type, fault activity and growth of cap and reservoir, and the pattern of pool-forming is established.
    Four blocks mainly constituted by south thrusting fault system have relatively favorable petroleum geological condition, abundant oil-gas resources, diversified trap type, which are favorable to form both oil and gas reservoirs, distributed in both shallow and deep layers, as well as stratigraphic-lithologic trap and structural traps existence together. These blocks will become possibly new areas and main spectacle for petroleum exploration in Ordos Basin.
    The analysis shows that the main control factors of oil and gas pool formation are the condition of source rocks,cap and reservoir-cap assemblage,trap type,sealing of faults and predominant output series.
    According to the structural location,trap type and reservoir nature,the gas reservoirs can be further subdivided into three types,including palaeohigh structural gas reservoirs,anticlinal gas reservoirs,and lithologic gas reservoirs.
    Exploration proved it is local and discontinuous for hydrocarbon content distribution of p~1_(x1) sandstone and the trap type belongs to the lithologic trap.


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