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    Gbrga2 and Gbrga8 were also mapped to linkage group A03 at 59.2cM from the start point and is 1.7cM and 8.6cM away from Unig26B04E5D(22D) and Gate4DB08bE3D(14D) marker, respectively.
    Gaussian quadrature formula with weight function Wμ(x) = xμe-x(μ> 1)is discussed in the case of the multiplicity more than 1 at the end point x=0 . Especially, an explicit Gauss-Laguerre quadrature formula is given with the multiplicity 2 at the end point for Laguerre weight function W(x) = e~x .
    本文对[0,∞]上的权函数W_μ(x)=x~μe~(-x)(μ>-1)讨论了在端点x=0重数>1情形下的Gauss型求积公式. 特别地,对Laguerre权函数W(x)=e~(-x).
    LaFe 1- x Cr x O 3 systematic compounds were prepared by Cr 3+ doping into the end component LaFeO 3. The crystal constants have been evaluated by using MarqX code.
    The nonlinear Neumann boundary value problems -u{″}+Mu=a(t)f(u)+b(t)g(u),u′(0)=u′(1)=0 are studied, where a,b are allowed to be singular at both end points t=0 and t=1,and f,g are both superlinear(sublinear). The existence of at least one positive solutions to this problem is shown.
    分别在 f ,g同超 (次 )线性情形下 ,研究了非线性Neumann边值问题 -u″ +Mu =a(t) f(u) +b(t)g(u) ,u′(0 ) =u′(1) =0正解的存在性 ,其中a ,b在端点可以具有奇性
    Though modify the RED algorithm to Marked-RED, the gateway can differentiates the marked and unmarked packets, so it can guarantees the minimum rate guarantees to real-time multimedia traffic.
    then based on a special kind of functional splines, we propose a G~2 cubic A-spline curves;
    A self-trapped exciton in an open chain with finite length of a PtCl complex was numerically investigated. The results show that the zero-field absorption peak of the exciton is near 1.55eV, which is in good agreement with the recent data observed by Wada et al.
    In this paper we shall consider the boundedness of these commutators on Lebesgue spaces, Hardy spaces and Herz-type Hardy spaces .
    Second, the end of the algorithm to improve the detection, long and dynamic windows were used to zero threshold from poor judgment algorithms.
    The simulation results suggest that, at the end of the scanning line, the dissymmetric temperature field and the great temperature gradient result in the balling phenomenon and great thermal stress, which could lead to the destruction of the sintering samples in this region.
    This paper goes deep into the application of linear theory in the speech analysis and synthesis and realized the speech synthesis based on the anti-Burg algorithm.
    A graph is said to be embeddable in the plane, or planar, if it can be drawn in the plane so that its edges intersect only at their ends.
    In this paper, two types of curves with gradually varied curvature are suggested as transition between straight boundaries in spillway design.
    In this paper we discuss an improving Hermite interpolation and obtain a better estimation of approximation order of derivative function.
    Using the one sided singular integrals with singularities of high order,the properties of Cauchy type integrals with kernel density of class H  near the ends are generalized to those with that of class H  n . The corresponding results are obtained.
    However Fetokovich type IPR equation can avoid these errors with the problems in Cheng type equation, Fetokovich type IPR equation for horizontal and inclined well are given. This type of IPR equation has a more reasonable result in the treatment of end points and is more reliable in application.
    针对Cheng 型IPR方程的存在问题,给出了Fetkovich 型斜井和水平井的IPR方程,此类IPR 方程在端点处更合理,应用更可靠。
    By means of the Hermite interpolat formula with two of n +1 nodes,a new type of integrating formulas is proposed,and the formulas only contract with the derivative extreme points of integration interval of derived function . The results shown when the derive function and the every derivative on extreme points are calculated easily ,the calculative accuracy is satisfactory.
    利用具有两个n+ 1 重结点的Hermite 插值公式导出一类新的求积公式,这类求积公式仅和被积函数在积分区间两个端点上的函数值导数值有关.如果被积函数及其各阶导数在端点上的值容易计算,利用这类求积公式能获得较好的结果.
    A special kind of unabridged end conditions like wing is used in the interpolation of curves, it needs both radius of curvature and tangent vector perpendicular to chord line,and has been solved very successful by special processing.
    Without nonnegative assumptions and any monotonous assumptions on f, the existence of positive solutions of nonlinear boundary value problems have been studied in this paper, where q is nonnegative continuous and may be singular at end points.
    本文对f没有非负性,同时也没有单调性的情形研究非线性边值问题 正解的存在性.其中q是非负连续函数,并且在端点可以具有奇异性.


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