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    In order to meet the requirements of the special construction conditions such as the large engineering in scale,the complex hydrographic conditions,the changeful meteorology,the poor geological conditions of engineering and corrosive environment in the sea,a lot of new technics,new technologies,new materials,new equipments and new theories are adopted in the general design of Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge Project,and many new technics of bridge design and new design ideas are brought forth and realized.
    It is constructed on the basis of deep and thick overburden, the sluice foundation is in the poor uniformity including the structure, the physics and mechanical property.
    The foundation of longitudinal RCC cofferdam in Liuku hydropower station is sandstone alluvium and the bed rock is cracked. The elastic modulas of cofferdam’s bed rock is very small (E0=0.04~0.048Gpa),so the stability of RCC longitudinal cofferdam foundation in Liuku hydropower station is the critical technique problem.
    The results also indicate that the uplift pressure distribution is reasonable, drainage measures can be taken under the conditions that the drainage holes are sufficiently efficient and the uplift pressure does not reach its designed value when the geological condition of the dam foundation is unfavourable.
    During Jingchuan's second period of mining development engineering for trackless haulege ramp at 1150 level, poor geological conditions, roadway with large cross section area, pressing time schedule and other restrictive conditions make it the only choice to use track equipment for operation.
    金川矿山二期开拓工程1150水平无轨运输道的地质条件差,巷道断面大,工期要求紧。 由于条件限制,只能采用有轨设备施工。
    With the more population, less land, highly reclaiming and cultivating soil, poor geologic conditions and high underground water, the traditional waste treatment brought serious contamination to the surrounding area.
    Because of its natural geographical conditions,the Tarim Basin witnesses unique geotechnic properties such as low bearing capacity,poor geological conditions,poor water quality,high salt content,etc.
    The total length of the South Main Line of the YRDP is 97.7km,in which the length of No. 7 tunnel is 43.5km,it is the longest tunnel for water conveyance in the YRDP,and 33km of it lies in the swelling rock zone. In this paper,swellability of the rock is classified according to the contents of clay mineral in varying stratum and to the engineering feature of the swelling rock.
    The ground water of Haijiagou tunnel is abundant. The geological condition of the tunnel is very poor. It is about 120m sandy clay and new loess at the tunnel entrance,and there is a 300 meter wide fault at the exit.
    This tunnel start to construct in October 1997,and have been completely constructed it's first project-right tunnel in April 1999.The tunnel has shallow cover,bad geology and weak surrounding rock,and according the actual needing,large span is asked.
    该隧道于1997 年10月动工,至1999 年4 月完成一期工程右洞的建设。 该隧道埋深浅,所处地质条件差,围岩非常软弱,且根据实际需要,隧道跨度要求较大。
    Resulted from worse geological condition and active ground pressure,the underground workings of Jinchuan Mine always suffer from unstability,especially when they are under dynamic condition of mining activities.
    金川矿山地下工程围岩的工程地质条件差 ,地压活动强烈 ,尤其是处于采矿动态环境中巷道的失稳更为严重。
    To avoid the Guiwu road being divagated,the right bank joint dam of the Jingnan WR pivotal project took some measures to shorten the joint dam's length and decrease excavation. That made the construction section being placed on the rock of strong weathering and bad engineering geologic condition.
    广西京南水利枢纽右岸接头坝为避免梧昭公路改道 ,采取缩短接头坝长度、减少开挖措施 ,使基建面置于风化强烈、工程地质条件差的岩体上。
    Taking the poor geology conditions, a large cross section, a shallow overburden, high buildings and numerous sensitive buildings on ground into consideration, the paper points out two problems in the construction of Shihuang tunnel in Chongqing, i. e. the construction safety problem due to collapse and the safety problem of buildings and residents due to ground settlement.
    For unfavourable geologic condition of rock banks in energy dissipation and scour prevention zone of spillway of Shuibuya hydroproject, the scour prevention wall is adopted in design stage.
    由于水布垭溢洪道消能防冲区两岸坡岩体地质条件差 ,故在设计研究中拟采取设防淘墙的防护工程方案。
    Geological condition isn′t good and coal is soft in Wuyang coal mine of Lu′an coal group company,support adopt I-steel shed in coalroad driving,in recent years,reserves of coal mine is decreasing day by day,dovetailing of mining is tight,mant coalroad must mine in geological structure zone and influence of mining pressure region,make support is crushed out of shape,repair is very difficult safe of production and benefit is influenced.
    潞安矿业集团公司五阳煤矿地质条件差 ,煤质松软 ,在煤巷掘进中一直采用工字钢棚支护。 近年来 ,矿井储量日趋减少 ,采掘衔接紧张 ,不少巷道须在地质构造带或动压影响区内开掘 ,造成巷道支护变形严重 ,修复工程量大 ,直接影响生产安全和效益。
    It has summarized constructional techniques on trestle engineering of deep foundation pit in“ Haiyin garden” which located at bank of Zhujiang River in Guangzhou City, there are very bad environment of construction and complex conditions of geology. So that provide successful experiences for similar large complex trestle engineering construction of deep foundation pit in the future.
    With these condition such as use local soil, bad condition of geology and bad nature of soil of reclamation, made construction technology of bad nature of soil subgrade and take measure to solve task of difficult to compacting in bad nature of soil subgrade.
    结合碾北公路二十二标段路基施工地方上土、地质条件差、填缝土质不良特点 ,从实际出发 ,有效并重制定不良土质路基施工工艺 ,采取有效措施 ,解决不良土质路基施工难于压实课题
    Nanchang international business mansion (31 storeys, with double-story basement), foundation pit depth was digged into 9.5m. The geology conditions are poor. There are some difficulties to support the upright side slope was strictly demanded about deep foundation pit digged.
    As the geological condition of the shallow buried Donggaoling tunnel is poor and its surrounding rock changing is complex, large scale collapse as to 11 000 m3 has taken place.


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