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    Research on water resources assessment of Dawu headwaters ground in Zibo city
    As a result of the model, the recharge of ground water evaluated in exploit region is of 1.13×10~8m~3/a;
    3. positively develop the countyard economy and explot the open ground within villages.
    3 积极发展庭院经济,开发利用庄体空隙;
    The tolal water demand of industry and agricultrure is about 2715×10\+5m\+3/a,nevertheless,the rechargeble ground water is about 7000×10\+5m\+3/a.
    目前 ,水源工农业和生活用水总量为 2 715× 10 5 m3/ a,可补给水资源大部分是表水和净化水 ,总量约 70 0 0× 10 5 m3。
    Inquiry on the Problem of Ground Water Resources Assessment in Tumen Water Source Area
    The ecological fragile area in Western China not only is the area where the contradict between person and ground is most sharp, but also is a typically eco-fragile and underdeveloped area in our country.
    Base on this view, to divide forest site type of the basin are mainly on thesoil water , and also use quantification theory type Ⅰto solve quantization relations betweenquantity of soil water and factors such as topography , ground form , soil ,etc.
    This paper use strongpower of GIS space analyses technology to make soil water content and actual topography inthe basin space information get related, such as ground form and soil, etc. It combines thefigure together with the attribute database organically.
    本文运用 GIS 强大的空间分析技术顺利将土壤水分含量与流域的实际形、貌和土壤等空间信息关联起来,将图形库和属性数据库有机结合到一起。
    (2) This dissertation sets up the evaluation indicators of waste-grasslands suitable for cultivation in the Hainan Province, which includes the indicators (ground slope, soil layer thickness, soil texture, irrigation condition, probability of disaster, risk of ecosystem degradation, size of site, distance of closest town), classing threshold and weight of each indicator, measure models of indicator value.
    , use its strong spatial analytical function of software to evaluate the space distribution situation of Zhengzhou vegetable base soil quality, as follows: Field Investigation: Investigation gathered 105 soil samples to the vegetable base in suburbs of Zhengzhou in the field in October 2003 .each sample use GPS's positioning and write down crop, irrigation, cultivation, vegetables of ground state.
    野外调查 于2003年10月对郑州市郊蔬菜基共采集了105个土壤样品,每个样点都用GPS定位,并记录蔬菜的作物、灌溉、耕作等状况。
    The Sangu spring is an important mined headwaters ground, to ensure continuous utilization of the karst groundwater resources of the Sangu spring basin, it is necessary to carry through the study of the karst groundwater resources, and it has an important practical significance and profound historical significance to the development of Jincheng's national economy .
    2.According to the water equilibrium principle and energy equilibrium rule, develop a math model adaptive to the hydro-geological condition of the local water resource. Also according to the superpose fundamental of the pumping water of the well cluster and analysis, forecast the amplitude of the water level falling of the local wells with 20 years under the condition that the production volume of a single well is given through researching the ground water field.
    Three special research results, including "water supp-ly prediction of the energy base in loess plateau", "the hydrogeological problemsand countermeasures of the water supply for provincial capitals in loess plateau" and"exploitation and usage direction of ground water in the running water basinfound during the Cretaceous period in the plateau,"haved formed several tens ofgreat or middle-type water resources, formulated the way for exploitation andusage, raised highly concentrated and practical measures and suggestion.
    In this paper the conceptional model of ground water analogue model of finiteelement, optimal dispatch model of surface water and ground water and optional design model of exploit region were established in the Kuche Stream irrigational region.
    本文是《新疆中小型流域水资源规划与管理模型的研究》成果在实际工作中的应用。 以建立库车河灌区下水可开采资源模型、两水统调模型和水源优化设计模型。
    This paper comprehensively analyzed surface and ground water resources,total and availablewater resources,pointed out six main problems in the development and use of water resources in Wuweicity.
    By reviewing the ground water resource investigations of the large and medium-scale fuel power plants in Henan and analyzing the performances of the existing ground water source,the conditions of continuous development and utilization,the possibilities of enlarging the mining amount and the measures to be taken are presents.
    and analysed the conditions of recharge, watershed, drain of groundwater in sandstone of Luohe formation; and indicated that sandstone of Luohe formation has wide area of distribution, large thickness, and there are abundant ground water and good water quality, so possess forming condition of large water supply.
    Ground water, as the main resources of Datong City, has been over-tapped for years, consequently the annual amount of tapping has accounted for 150% of that of allowance, which has led to yearly decrease of ground water available, meanwhile, has caused series of environmental and geographic problems, such as serious large draw-down of ground water level, surface subsidence, and ground fissure etc.
    大同市市区水资源的开发利用主要为下水源 ,但多年来一直处于超采状态 ,现状年开采量已占允许开采量的15 0 % ,致使下水可利用量逐年减少 ,同时过量的下水开采又引发了一系列环境质问题 ,如下水位大幅下降、面沉降及产生裂隙等。
    Using Geographic Information System can store and manage the information of FUJIAN marine fishery resource, it can realize the function of the fishing ground integrated analysis、the dynamic fishery status real time track、the fishery resource dynamic query and Statistic account,it can provide the even more effective technique means to manage and make use of information of FUJIAN marine fishery resource.
    On the basis of the research of groundwater forming and spreading, the authors established the concept model of hydrogeology and mathematical model for ground water flow.


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