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vertical direction
    Study of Superimposed Seismic Source in Vertical Direction on High Distinguishability Exploration
    2. A new double sigma coordinates is introduced to keep the virtues of sigma coordinate in the vertical direction.
    (2) Surface (0-75m) , hyposurface (75-300m) , intermediate (300-1000m) and deep ( 1000-3000m) water mass can be classified in vertical direction.
    In this paper, the MIT general circulation model, nested grid technique and high resolution grid (1/48°×1/48° in horizontal direction, 22 levels in vertical direction) are adopted to simulate the circulation in Miyako Strait, Tokara Strait and Osumi Strait.
    本文采用美国麻省理工MIT general circulation model(MITgcm)模式、模式嵌套技术和高分辨率网格(水平方向为l/48°×1/48°,垂向为22层),模拟了宫古、吐噶喇、大隅海峡通道中的海流。
    In this paper, on the basis of establishing the wheel/track dynamic finiteelement model, discussion is made on how to analyze and compute the wheel/trackdynamic forces P_1, P_2 and dynamic responses caused by track irregularities in the vertical direction by means of the Haitz contact theory and energy variational principle.
    Storage capacity (permeability, transmissibility) of massive thickness aquifer will show negative index change ( y=Ax -B ) as the depth row in vertical direction, while it shows power function change ( y=AH ±B ) in the horizontal direction.
    巨厚含水层富 (透、导 )水性随垂向深度呈负指数 (y =Ax-B)变化 ,水平方向上随埋深标高呈幂函数 (y =AH±B)变化 ;
    moving range in vertical direction: 0~10 cm, vertical moving precision: 1 mm.
    In the vertical direction, the salt water penetrated for 0.5 m ~ 1.67 m downward every year.
    For gas reservoirs in the fold-thrust belts of foreland basins and in rift basins,faults constitute the main carrier systems,and hydrocarbons migrate mainly in vertical direction with short migration distance and high delivery efficiency.
    Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamic Force in Longitudinal and Vertical Direction for High-speed Maglev Train
    Research on Semi-active Random Vibration Isolation of the Railway Vehicle with Vertical Direction Vibration
    In the broad water area such as the coast, estuary, lake and large reservoir, the horizontal scale is far larger than the vertical scale, the variation of the hydraulic parameters (for instance, velocity) is smaller in the vertical direction than in the horizontal direction, and the flow field can be expressed as the average flowing value along the water depth, so the two-dimension plane numerical simulation technique of the water flow and water quality may be used in these areas.
    As for the reservoir of which the width to depth ratio is smaller, and the vertical variation of the parameters related such as the velocity, temperature and concentration is greater than their variation in the horizontal direction, the vertical two- dimension water flow model were set up, in which the water depth may change with the time and space, and when the coordinate transformation was made along the vertical direction, the variable area could be changedinto the regular one.
    对宽深比较小,有关参量(如流速、温度、浓度)的垂向变化比水平横向的变化为大的窄深型河谷水库等区域,建立垂向二维水流与水温数学模型。 垂向做叮变换将可变域变为规则区域,使计算精确拟合自由面与底部边界。
    (8) The effects of distortion ratios on distribution of velocities and sediment concentrations in the vertical direction are analyzed.
    (8) 从理论上分析模型变率对流速和含沙量沿垂向分布的影响。
    Thirdly, a new σ-z coordinate are designed to keep the virtues of a and z coordinates and minish their shortcomings. It adopts σ coordinate for current, z coordinate for temperature and salinity in the vertical direction, and Euler-Lagrange method is used to join the calculation of current, temperature and salinity.
    The research of seismic balanced section shows that Kongquehe region has different structural deformation, different sequence deformation and different stacking features in east-west, south-north and vertical direction, among which the tectonic movements in early Hercynian, Indosinian and early Yanshanian have great influence on thestructural deformation.
    We can draw some conclusions below by analyzing the salt capacity in the soil in the Ejnqi Oasis in the direction from east to west and from south to north, which is that in the horizonal direction, the total salt capacity in the soil become more and more higher withthe longer distance far from the center of the oasis and in the vertical direction the salt capacity differs evidently with depth.
    额济纳旗绿洲东西、南北两个方向的取样点的盐份含量具有以下特点:以绿洲中心为基点,离绿洲越远,总含盐量越高; 在垂向上,远离绿洲的土壤中各种盐类的浓度随深度的变化也很大。
    2. Statistical analyses used to classify the water mass in vertical direction and the characteristic values of these biogenic elements in different water mass obtained.


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