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    Crampable hooks were located at 10mm below archwire and implant located at 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm distance from archwire vertically and 2mm protruding alveolar bone.
    种植体伸出牙槽骨的长度为2mm,距离弓丝的垂直距离为6、8、10、12mm。 在牵引钩上从上至下取10个点,每两点间的距离为1mm,连接牵引钩上的点与种植体中心点来确定矫治力的方向。
    The optimum regeneration media for Ponkan explants cultured horizontally and vertically were MT plus 1.0 mg/L of BA and 0.5 mg/L of IAA and MT plus 1.0 mg/L of BA and 1.0 mg/L of IAA respectively.
    椪柑上胚轴水平和垂直放置时最适宜的再生培养基分别为:MT+1.0mg/L BA+0.5mg/L IAA和MT+1.0mg/LBA+1.0mg/L IAA; 锦橙上胚轴水平放置时最适宜的再生培养基为:MT+1.0mg/LBA+0.5mg/L IAA。
    The main purpose of our paper is to use a one-dimensional vertically resolved marine ecosystem model to simulate the seasonal cycle of the plankton ecosystem’s vertical distribution in the Coastal Waters of China.
    When milling vertically middle plane, the worst location was reinforcing rib, but simulation showed no excessive deformation arose.
    The paper introduces a large size vertically parted flaskless shoot—squeeze maulding machine with a moulding chamber of 1300×600mm.
    δ15N value for total soil N in Institute farming field varied between 6.09±7.71‰ vertically, and between 6.52-7.13‰ horizontally.
    Vertically, the leaves in the toppest part of canopy (0—5cm) have the largest value of stomatal conductance, and the leaves in the middle part (10—15cm) have larger value than those in the lowest part (about 30cm).
    Con-sidering that the microspecimen is similar to the grating structure, usully lighted up and has some co-herency, so the resolution limit is z=λ0/N· A if the coherent light irratiate vertically the grating and z=0. 5λ0/N· A if in an angle.
    /N·A,考虑显微标本类似光栅结构,通常是被照明的,具有一定的相干性,着相干光垂直照射光栅,分辨极限Z=入。 /N·A,若是斜照射,则Z=0.5入。
    8 cm from the middle line. In the superficial fascia, it descends almost vertically into great saphenous vein. The separating length is 6 0±1. 7cm and the outer diameter of mid-1/ 3 is 2. 0±0. 3 mm.
    结果:腹壁浅静脉由脐下浅静脉汇成,以腹股沟为标志线,静脉在距前正中线3.5±0.8 cm处,位于浅筋膜内几乎垂直下行注入大隐静脉,分离长度6.0±1.7 cm,中1/3外径2.0±0.3 mm。
    Superficial epigastric vein is 3.5±0.8 cm from the middle line. It descends almost vertically in the superficial fascia into the great saphenous vein. The separating length is 6.0±1.7 cm and the outer diameter in the mid 1/3 is 2.0±0.3 mm.
    (2) During laterotrusion,the mandibule moved more vertically and backward in bruxist patients than in normal ones (P < 0. 05);
    The intensity distribution of characteristic X-rays from Fe element at different depths of embryo of a wheat seed implanted vertically by 110keV Fe +ions was measured in SEM along the longitudinal channel section.
    The concentric microdialysis probes were inserted vertically into the cerebral cortex and caudate of rabbit and perfused subsequently with Ringer solution at a flow rate of 3. 0ul/min.
    In this paper, the theoretical design for the quantum well lasers with vertically integrated passive waveguides, which decreases the vertical beam divergence effectively, are reported.
    Through surveying 3 active fault scarps on Jianquanzi-Luobaoquan active fault zone,respectively in Jianquanzi,Hongshankou and Luobaoquan,especially measuring the diameter of lichen and the bust of drunkard forest on Luobaoquan active fault,it is considered that the vertically active rate of the Jianquanzi thrust has been 0.99±0.02~1.85±0.03 mm/a since Middle Holocene.
    通过对碱泉子—洛包泉活动断裂带中碱泉子、红山口及洛包泉3 条活断层断坎微地貌的实测,尤其是对洛包泉活断层地衣直径及醉汉林胸径的实测,认为碱泉子活断层中全新世以来的垂直活动速率为0.99±0.02 m m /a~1.85±0.03 m m /a;
    The roots system of longwangmao almond distributes from 20cm to 60cm vertically in subsoil and horizontally distribute from 60cm to 180cm around trunk.
    Due to the difference in strength horizontally and vertically,for the nonlinear analysis the directional property of rock strength should be taken into account.
    55.8%(43/77) knew the blood transmission route of AIDS; 64.9%(50/77) knew AIDS could be transmitted from mother to infant vertically;
    5 5 .8% (43/ 77)的人知道艾滋病经血液传播 ,6 4.9% (5 0 / 77)的人知道其可经母婴垂直传播 ;
    High power lasers based on selforganized vertically coupled InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy on GaAs(001) substrate is reported.
    The principal fault plane of Urumqi River Fault dips toward west with the dip angle of 70°; the fault has the character of normal fault,offsets the cobble layers in Late Pleistocene and in 11 150±880 a(TL age),the vertically active rate of which is 0.13 mm/a,and which is an early Holocene active fault.
    乌鲁木齐河隐伏活动断裂主断面西倾 ,倾角为 70°,具正断层性质 ,切错了晚更新世与 TL 地质年龄为11150± 880 a的卵砾石层 ,垂直活动速率为 0 .13mm/ a,为全新世早期活动断裂。


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