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    The stimulative visual angles subtended ±30° horizontally and ±23°vertically. ERG-jet contact lens electrode was used to record the response from 61 retinal locations after 5min.
    Y-loop element FSS is more adaptive to vertically and horizontally polarized wave than Y-aperture element FSS, and its filtering characteristic is more obvious as well;
    There were 65 families transmiting vertically more than two generations,accounting for 94.2% of all families.
    共有两代以上垂直传递家系65个,占所有家系的94.2 %。
    First,4.0 mL 0.1 mol/L SbCl_3 alcoholic solution was diluted to 39.6 mL with alcoholic,and then,0.4 mL 0.5 mol/L CH_3CSNH_2 alcoholic solution was added. After the solution was stirred homogeneous,the cleaned substrate was then clamped vertically into the solution to deposit 72 h under the temperature of 15~18 ℃. At last,the sample was annealed.
    先用无水乙醇将4.0 mL浓度为0.1 mol/L的SbCl3 乙醇溶液稀释至39.6 mL,再加入0.4 mL浓度为0.5 mol/L的CH3CSNH2 乙醇溶液,搅拌均匀后垂直放入玻璃基片,在15~18 ℃温度下沉积72 h后,进行退火处理。
    The stimulative visual angles subtended±30° horizontally and ±30° vertically, ERG-jet contact lens electrode was used to record the responses from 64 retinal locations in 8 min (8 segments).
    One cage was placed in lumbar interbody at an angle of 45° anteriorposteriorly in 58 cases(group 1),and two cages were placed vertically in the other 24 cases(group 2).
    Objective To discuss the diagnosis and treatment of rotately and vertically unstable pelvic fracture.
    An example of a 57 mm caliber cuspidal warhead vertically penetrating a concrete plate (diameter 1.6 m, thickness 1 m) with a compacting velocity of 300 m/s was simulated by using non-linear dynamics analysis software AUTODYN-2D, The effects of different target mesh sizes on the penetration depth, overloading, and spalling size are studied.
    The natural Chinese lacquer trees over Qinba mountainous areas in Shaanxi Province were distributed vertically and concentratedly. The dense distributions were focused on the elevations of 1 280~2 000 meters in the north slope of Qinling,1 600~1 900 meters in the south,and 1 300~2 360 meters in the north of Bashan.
    结果表明,陕西秦巴山区天然漆树资源垂直集中分布,秦岭北坡以海拔1 280~2 000 m、秦岭南坡以海拔1 600~1 900 m、巴山北坡以海拔1 300~2 360 m范围内密度最大,随纬度降低,漆树垂直集中分布的范围加大,且海拔增高。
    For the same tube type within the range of vacuum P_h = 0.0686 MPa and cooling water Re number 5×10~3-4×10~4 the total heat transfer factor of a vertically installed tube BGT-1 is about 0.78 -0.87 times of that of a horizontally installed tube.
    对于同一管型,在真空Ph=0.068 6 MPa、冷却水Re数5×103~4×104范围内,BGT-1管垂直布置时总传热系数约为水平布置时的0.78~0.87倍。
    For P-N agents,they absorb vertically on the surface of iron atomic cluster by P1,N5,N14,and the adsorptive system of N14-Fe4 has the largest interaction energy.
    Because of the impacts of topography, there is very different precipitation even though the vertically integrated liquid water in the same.
    In 50 of the 89 patients(63.9%) the location of umbilicus corresponded to the retroperitoneal major vessels,among which the umbilicus of 47 patients(94%) projected vertically to the abdominal aorta or the right common iliac,and the umbilicus of 3 patients(6%)projected vertically to the left common iliac artery.
    the rats in the model group were established into models of stress ulcer: After forbidden food for 24 hours and water for 2 hours, the rats under ether anesthesia were bound the legs and head to board. When the rats came back, the board was vertically immersed into water at 23 ℃, the surface of which got to the xiphoid cartilage for 6 hours.
    The calculated vertically excited energy from excited state CH(a~4Σ~-)(ν=0)is(0.926eV) and R(C—H) is 0.1094nm using the theoretical level of TDDFT/6-311++G(3df,3pd). All the calculated values of CH excited state are in good agreement with the experimental values.
    对低激发态CH(a4Σ-),使用含时的密度泛函方法(TDDFT)和大基组6-311++G(3d f,3pd)计算所得的R=0.1094nm,垂直跃迁能量为0.926eV,均与实验结果有较好的吻合。
    For group C,the foramina of L_ 3,4 ,L_ 4,5 and L_5S_1 became narrower vertically,the nerve root and nerve root ganglion were oppressed between the protrudent disc and the inferior border of the foramen.
    The numerical simulation of Ni-5.8%Al-15.2%Ta(mass fraction)alloy during the vertically unidirectional solidification was performed by this continuum model.
    Taking Huarun plant phase one project cooling tower construction as an example, this paper introduces the scheme of adding pumping pipe to standard flat bridge to vertically transport and pour concrete with tractive pump.


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