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culture results
    The pathogen culture results is as follows: 28 cases were positive for bacillus pyocyaneus, 24 cases had staphylococcus aureus,16 case had bacillus klebsiella,14 cases had candida, 6 cases had Escherichia coli.
    RESULTS From 119 cases of patients were earned the routine bacteria culture results,the tested rate was 96.75%,the positive specimens were 379 and the postitive rate was 83.85%.
    结果其中119例患者标本送细菌培养,送检率为96.75%; 培养结果阳性标本379份,阳性率为83.85%;
    Analysis of the anaerobic bacteria culture results of 220 cases abdominal infections specimens.
    The culture results showed that C—17 medium supplemented with CH 50mg/l+Cm 200ml/l+Inositol 100mg/l+Sucrose 90g/l is more suitable to the hybrid immature embyos growing and seedling.
    Cell culture results showed that ammonia plasma treatment could promote the cell attachment and cells growth.
    对鼠 3T3成纤维细胞的培养结果表明 ,用氨等离子体处理的聚 (D,L -乳酸 )改性膜能有效地促进 3T3细胞在膜表面的粘附与生长 ;
    The correspondence rate of the culture results between the sputum and the hands was 60.7%.
    医护人员的手采集标本培养结果与痰培养结果符合率较高为 60 .7%。
    Methods Bacterial culture results of wound, blood, venous catheter were compared between 1992-1996 and 1997-2001, and drug sensitivity of Staphylococci was analysed.
    方法 比较1992~1996年和1997~2001年两组烧伤病人的创面培养、血培养和静脉导管培养结果,对细菌检出及葡萄球菌的药敏进行综合分析。
    The culture results indicated that the rooting rate and the rate of grow into useful seedlings all reached 100%,and that the mean number of roots reached 5.83~6.27,and the effective propagation coefficient reached (5.50)~6.23 at the 30 d.
    培养结果表明,Cy 的生根率和成苗率均达100%,平均根数达5.83~6.27条,有效繁殖系数达5.50~6.23.
    Review the microbiological result of infected total hip replacement cases we found that positive rate of preoperative and intraoperative culture is only 77.1% and 78.5%, and the coincidence rate of preoperative and intraoperative culture results only 59.1%.
    对髋关节置换后感染病例的微生物学结果进行研究,分析细菌培养结果、药敏结果、术前和术中培养结果符合率和生物被膜形成情况。 发现术前和术中培养阳性率较低,分别为77.1%和78.5%,术前和术中培养结果符合率也不高,仅为59.1%;
    Culture Results and Resistance of Microorganism: An Analysis of 1 633 Samples in Children
    Methods:One hundred and forty nine hospitalized neonates with positive sputum culture (SC) were divided into three groups according to fungi、bacteria and mixture of sputum culture results.
    方法:回顾性分析149例痰培养结果阳性住院新生儿的临床资料,根据痰培养结果将患儿分为真菌组、细菌组和混合组,运用x2检验及方差分析等统计学方法,比较了三组患儿的临床表现、实验室检查及可能的危险因素。 结果:(1)真菌组40例,细菌组79例,混合组30例,痰真菌生长占47.0% (70/149)。
    Three species (four strains) were selected as immunogens including B. fragilis ATCC 25285 and CDC 14462, B. thetaiotaom ron. CDC 1041-A, and B. asaccharolyticus ATCC 25260. Indirect fluorescent antibody assay (IFA) was studied for rapid detection of anaerobes in 75 clinical pus spec mens. Compared with culture results, the sensitivity of IFA was 72.7%, positive predictive value 88.9%, and negative predictive value 81.3%.
    Fingernail specimen's culture results showed that Trichophyton rubrum grew on Sabouraud's dextrose agar and Pityrosporum ovale grew on the medium containing rapeseed oil.
    指甲培养结果发现在沙堡培养基有红色毛癣菌生长 ,在含菜子油培养基有卵形糠秕孢子菌生长。
    Methods Analyse the diagnosis and treatment of 103 newborns with ventilator-associated pneumonia,the culture results of the sputum and gastric juice.
    方法 分析 10 3例新生儿VAP诊治情况及痰、胃液培养结果
    Method Based on detecting the Cp specific region of 16S rRNA gene, 81 cultured nasopharyngeal swabs were amplified by nested PCR and compare the results with culture results.
    方法 采用以衣原体属及Cp种的 16SrRNA特异片段为目的基因 ,对已知鼻咽拭子Cp培养结果的 81例病例进行连续 2次扩增 ,检测Cp基因组DNA ,并对其应用予以评价。
    Methods Using different kinds of culture medium and comparing the culture results of different culturing and preserving ways.
    方法 选取不同的培养基 ,以不同的培养、保存方法检测培养结果
    Objective To investigate the correlation among culture results of the hypopyon and the infected fungal strains, pathological examination, diseased course and progonosis in fungal keratitis.
    目的 探讨真菌性角膜溃疡前房积脓的培养结果与真菌菌种、病程、病理和预后的关系。
    METHODS The clinical data and fungus culture results of 246 tumor patients were collected and analyzed.
    方法 收集本院 2 4 6例肿瘤患者的临床资料及真菌培养结果 ,加以统计和分析。
    The serum free culture results indicated that the number and diameter of the primary clones showed no distinct difference between the bFGF and EGF+bFGF group. The number of the primary clones were more and the diameter were longer in the bFGF and EGF+bFGF groups than that in the EGF group.
    无血清培养结果显示 ,b FGF组和 EGF+ b FGF组原代培养液中形成的原代克隆球数量和直径的差别不明显 ,但都明显地大于 EGF组。
    Results: Of 62 patients, 56 cases had positive sputum culture results. 52 cases received satisfactory therapy under the guide of bacterial drug-sensitivity test.
    结果 :62例患者共有 5 6例取得阳性痰培养结果 ,按药敏结果进行治疗 5 2例取得满意疗效 ;


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