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complexity system
    Causality Diagram Theory Research and Fault Diagnosis Research Applying It to the Complexity System
    Complexity science is one science to study the complexity and complexity system, it studys mainly the development process of the complex nonlinear system.
    复杂科学是研究复杂性和复杂系统的科学。 其主要研究内容是复杂非线性系统的发展演化过程。
    Geographical Complexity System and Geographical Nonlinearity Model
    Virtual Reality Simulated of Complexity System in Virtual Manufacturing
    Analysis on Control Strategy for a Kind of Uncertain Complexity System
    Public opinion is the most opinions of the public to the specific affairs, which is the inherent phenomenon and characters of human society, which is subject to Nature, Society, Economy, Culture, Politics and Law etc, and it is a typical complexity system.
    Emergence behavior is one of the most prominent qualities, which is alternative means of complexity system research.
    Positive Feedback:The Research on pynamics Mechanism of Emergence in Complexity System
    The theory of causality diagram and the fault diagnosis methods of complexity system based on it have been researched in detail in this paper.
    The development regulation of safety transportation is found from the complexity system. A Genetic Algorithm model is established to distinguish black-spot. Researches are made to town-road by using traffic conflict technique and confirmed that main reason of town-road becoming black-spot.
    In April, 1994, the SCIENCE—an America journal has published a special issue entitled Complexity System, which focused on the complex system and its content covered physics, chemistry, biology, economics, ecology, geography, meteorology, neuroscience, etc.
    So we advanced 6 supposes which argued that competition, cooperation (specialization, information communication and collective action), agent with limited varied schema, entrepreneurship, innovation and accident were important drivers of the cluster's evolution, by the study of biology genetics which was the core of modern evolutional biology and belonged to complexity system theory.
    Integrated with the interactive microcosmic analysis and the thinking method of the System Theory,the feature description about the Complexity System can be completed.
    The evolutional process of the “activity" Complexity System based on the Energy Dissipation is determined by the coordinative coupled relationship of engendering mechanism of multipal state and selective mechanism of the fixed states.
    Complexity science is the study of complexity and complexity system. The methodology is combination of qualitative judgement and quantitative counting, combination of microscopic analysis and macroscopic comprehension, combination of reductionism and holism, and combination of scientific inference and philosophic speculation.
    Aimed at selecting puzzle of control strategy for uncertain complexity system control, the authors describe cybernetics model based on analysis on some kinds of control strategy and contrastive research, and the model is applied in physical engineering system successfully. Finally, the authors point out that intelligent control strategy should be selected for uncertain complexity system control, and that Human Simulation Intelligent Control is a wise choice.
    作者针对不确定性复杂系统控制中存在的控制策略选取问题 ,在对各种控制策略作分析及对比研究的基础上描述了不确定性复杂系统的控制论模型 ,并以成功的实际工程应用实例说明 ,智能控制策略最适合于实现对不确定性复杂系统的有效控制 ,其中仿人智能控制策略是明智的选择
    Information science study creed can supply complexity system study with basic, theoretical mode of core significance.
    In the effect of complex co-petition, market self-organizing as an ordinary complexity system also requires some basic conditions, namely, system opening, far from equilibrium, nonlinearity and fluctuation.
    This article makes a review on the characteristics of complexity systems and laws of their evolution, and views the industrial cluster as an evolutionary complexity system. In this way, it combines each level of the internal system with the system circumstance from the evolution model of complexity systems, which presents an research on microcosmic factors study and innovation, and explores the whole industry cluster constitution and function evolution.
    The management of plant diseases and insect pests was a complexity system. This paper introduced the basic models of grey system and the author gave the GM(1,1) model of plant diseases and insect pests using the grey system. The verify precision of model simulating comes to first level,its expand modulus (a) was less than 0.3 .So the model could be used as mediunrterm or long-term forecasting for plant diseases and insect pests.


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