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    It gives new meaning in the new era should be servant spirit,dedication and the spirit of science,humanities,enterprising spirit,innovation,teamwork and the spirit of sharing with the public the organic unity.
    To explore the positive psychological character of special education teachers and its influence on outcome variables, 114 special education teachers are measured, and the results show that: (1) Special education teachers have medium level of engagement, and scores of three dimensions from the highest to the lowest are: dedication,absorption and vigor.
    Jinggangshan unselfish dedication spirit and education of view of value
    College Students' Outlook on Dedication in Market Economy
    Research results showed there were some differences in the sources of validity: criterion-related validity sources of situational judgment test came from better predicting to job dedication and interpersonal facilitation performance dimensions, but the validity of behavioral judgment test came from better predicting to task performance and adaptive performance.
    但是,情景式判断测验与行为式判断测验在效标关联效度来源上存在较大差异,情景式判断测验的效标关联效度更多的来自于对管理者工作奉献和人际促进等周边绩效的预测力; 而行为式判断测验的效标关联效度则更多的来自于对管理者任务绩效和适应性绩效的预测力。
    We also found that work dedication, task performance, relationship facilitation had effect on organizational climate.
    (4) The employee'saffective, nonnative and continuance commitment make notable influence on his working dedication.
    In this condition, the value of knowledge for enterprises and the dedication attitude of workers will decide the destiny of enterprises in market competition.
    The spirit of freedom and democracy, the sense of right and equality, the spirit of initiation and dedication as well as the openness in virtual society have provided a new growing point for the moral construction together with a series of negative effects.
    虚拟社会的自由和民主精神、权利意识和平等意识、自主精神、奉献精神、开放思想为道德建设提供了新的生长点 ,但同时带来了一系列负效应。
    As the soul and essence of library,library spirit includes the spirit of profession,dedication,science,humanism,team and patriotism.
    Love and Dedication:Spring Buds Blossom in the Mountains
    Mentality·Dedication·Personality·Innovation——Teacher's Soul
    The Great Migration of Wanzhou District Glorious Epopee Combined with Dedication and Dream
    万州大移民 奉献与梦想交织的壮丽史诗
    Dedication,Dignity and Diligence——On Professional Ethics of the Joural Editor
    敬业自重 默默奉献——论学报编辑的职业操守
    Responsibility, Morality, Dedication and Cost——in memory of my parents Wang ziyun and He zhenghuang
    Dedication to The Three Gorges, a Holy Mission
    Innovation:Florence Nightingale's spirit is important as dedication
    Success of every organization depends on the staff devotion and dedication.
    Professional awareness is growing in professional journalists and changes occur in government political control. As a result, professionalism becomes a trend in disaster coverage, represented by active adaptation to political control, looming of objective report, exploration of professional means, stress on dedication and social responsibility etc.
    During the course of transition from plan economic system to market economic system, people's material appetites are expanding infinitely. The old dedication mode economy ethic which forced to comply by society member on the surface under some kinds society pressure has been collapsing in short 10 years and replaces by the merit standard of all with benefit.


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