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    Cooperative Learning:Development History, Status Quo&Prospects
    Part one is the review of research-based learning, which expounds the meaning and the basic features of the research-based learning, the significance, the theoretical basis and the historical development of implementing it in biological classroom from theoretical point of view. Meanwhile it defines several related concepts.
    This part is contributed to the probe into the history, the development, the connotation and the unique value of inquiry study.
    Knowledge,skills and understanding is peolple and changes in the past,historical interpretation,historical enquiry,organisation and communication.
    On Jiang Zemin's Dissertation about Studying History
    The Study of History and the Exaltation of Leaders' Character
    The Values of Historical Education——A Brief Review of Effects of Studying History under the Condition of Qualities Education
    On Improving Students′ Interests in the Course of History Pedagogy
    An Analysis of the History Textbook for American Students in lnquiry Learning
    A Modified Table of Learning History
    Learning diagnosis is to test the learners by means of testing andexercises which is checked by the measure theory, and evaluate the learner’sability and the master degree of the field knowledge on the base of the learner’sresponses, it is the important facts that the system dynamic organizes he learningcontents.
    学习诊断就是利用一些经过测量理论校定的测试练习题对学生进行测试,并根据学生的反应情况来估测学生能力以及领域知识的掌握程度,它是系统对学习内容进行动态组织的重要依据。 学习内容的适应性呈现是指适应性学习系统根据学习诊断的结果以及学生的学习历史记录,动态地组织与呈现与学习者当前学习能力最相关的学习内容。
    The results of Matlab programs show that this model is able to learn the law from history data perfectly and quickly.
    The research discusses the development of inquiry learning following its historical route on the base of a great deal of material.
    在分析、综合大量文献资料的基础上,本研究沿着探究性学习的历史脉络讨论了探究性学习的发展。 从早期朴素主义到自然主义、经验主义、结构主义教育观,一直到当代的建构主义;
    Under the guidance of learning theory, science education theory and physics theory, the thesis discusses the aims, principles and models of instruction in PRPL, combined with the history of research-oriented study, the meanings and characteristics of PRPL.
    In chapter one, the history of research-oriented study is reviewed, and the meanings and characteristics of PRPL are analyzed.
    Third, the thesis puts forward the improving measures, which include constructing the comprehensive learner personality model, using a flexible personalized course produced technique, enriching cognitive tools, perfecting evaluating system and stimulated methods.
    It's helpful for us to answer why the times calls back the study in research curriculum and how to implement it in practice if we can grasp the essential meaning, tell the relationship of study in research and study in research curriculum, ' analyze the difference between traditional subjects curriculum and study in research curriculum and last recall the history trace of study in research.
    Basing on the above theory, this thesis draws the following conclusions:(1)Whatever study in research is ,a way or a curriculum, it should begreatly advocated in schools.
    This paper mainly adopts documental method, comparative method, inductive method and citing method. It first traces back to the historical origins of cooperative learning in and out of China, compares the new teaching modes with the old ones and reveals the background and the importance of carrying out cooperative learning of English in high schools.
    Under the teacher's instruction, students could discover the truth features of history, reveal the nature from appearance, raise their cognition from perception to ration, seek for necessity from contingency and summarize the outlook on science during their study on history.


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