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    To Acquire Historical Truth with Academic Attitude
    On Liang Qichao's Rational Spirit and Academic Approach
    An Intricate Case of Zhou Ying's Mistaken Criticism to Hu Yinglin's Learning Attitude in the End of Ming Dynasty
    Qian zhongshu and Ma yifu:Attitudes towards Study
    Therefore, we try to make clear of the relationship between colour and modem Chinese literature on the basis of our empirical and serious attitude.
    The Introduction, after a review of the earlier research in this field, states the academic attitude and the research methods the author takes in the paper, defines two key words, i.e. Right-wing Literature and Nationalism, and then comments briefly on the major characteristics Nationalistic Literature presents.
    The author believes that Fiske's optimism should be regarded as political faith first and then as a kind of scholarship attitude.
    This extreme attitude of a critical reconstruction of the academic reason will perhaps be practical with modern literary studies at a time of doubts atout rationality and modernity.
    值此理性与现代性一起遭受怀疑之际 ,这种倡导适度理性的学术态度庶几对矫枉过正有所补益
    Based on the background of the knowledge era and the market economy, this paper mainly discusses the deviation of understanding occurring in the academic activities, analyses the motivation of conceiving such academic ideas, and furthermore, provides the basic requirements to form academic ideas chiefly on the pursuit of the academic ontology, the perfect academic attitude and mood, the beliefs in academic capabilities and so on.
    文中以知识时代与市场社会为背景 ,讨论了大学教师在学术活动中所出现的认识偏误 ,分析了构建教师学术观念的动力因素 ,并从学术本体观念、学术态度和情绪、学术能力为本的信念等维度 ,提出了学术观念养成的基本要求。
    Ought to understand the relation between creative and cautious attitudes in the academic studies.
    应正确认识学术态度上创新与谨慎的关系 ;
    Some subjects on decisions for west line project of “south-north water diversion” are presented academically and scientifically and need further look into.
    Based on different study purports and methods, they hold different theories and views in general study ways and principles, the definition of religionary sociology, social function of religion, the mundane of religion, their altitudes and objective endings of study in religionay sociology. Their ideas are similar in one aspect while different in another aspects.
    基于不同的研究旨趣和研究方法 ,他们在宗教社会学研究中的一般研究方法与准则 ,宗教的社会学界定 ,宗教所具有的社会功能 ,宗教世俗化及他们各自对宗教研究的学术态度与客观结果等方面有各自的理论与见解 ,表现为同中有异 ,异中有同。
    The core of Gagne thought is learning theory and teaching theory. The enlightenment on our research and development of educational technology can be shown in the following four aspects. Firstly,the research into educational technology should take the all inclusive attitude and then promote the development of our educational technology.
    And the change of three scholars′ attitude to Chinese linguistic history reflects the process of western scholars understanding this research tradition.
    Based on his own academic experience, the writer dissertated some theoretical issues on theory of music temperament, theory of harmony and theory of music either in China or the west, and expounded his basic academic manner.
    In his research into the history of Chinese Buddhism,Tang Yong-tong always attached importance to an academic attitude of “sharing the feelings,understanding the thoughts”,which means to comprehend the gist of the thoughts of the ancient scholars by experiencing what they did.
    For heightening the level and grade of the safeguarding of consumers′ rights and interests in China,it is of great importance to study,establish and build "3·15 Culture" based on rigorous academic research. But the current definitions of culture,which are highly traditional,are not suitable for this cause.


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