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individual student
    This dissertation holds that west modern education philosophy criticizes modern education in such aspects as modern ignores and deforms the individual student, smothers the willing of the students and goes far away from the students' real life.
    Actually, through the interactivity of the three elements, the cultural experiences have been internalized into the spiritual treasure of the individual student through the teaching process, so that the process of the construction of both the culture and human can be constantly realized.
    Compared with traditional experiment teaching, the authorconsiders, that the most distinguished characters of open experiment teaching lie in: the flexibility is its soul (flexible learning course of individual student, flexible management course and flexible teaching contents and methods), strengthening and strictness of teaching objectives is its guarantee and the utmost development of students is its objective.
    From my study, the structure consists of the teacher's regulation on individual student's emotion, the teacher's regulation on the emotion of group students, and the self-emotion regulation of teachers themselves.
    The purpose of the study is to demonstrate the stress of humanistic thought and to promote the continuous development of the individual student.
    As individual student, different students sense study pressure differently.
    In Shanghai, as the release of new edition , teacher' s comments towards students in student record book developed from "moral comments" to "student comprehensive diathesis comments" and further to "student development comprehensive comments" . It shows that education in the new period pays more attention to the evaluation of individual student' s development.
    While ensuring the accomplishment of the two great goals of Physique and Three Basic Training, how will the ethics education make a unique coutribution to the development of meral character for individual student?
    According to the characteristics of objects in school physical education and the demands of soeial development on physical education, it illustrates school physical education should advance the total development of individual student and strenghten the international communication, and based on the good experience inside or outside the country, it creatively establishes a theory and a system of school physical cducation, which will reflect the special features of China.
    The main ways to show "Interaction System" are :interaction between individual teacher and the group of teachers; interaction between teaching side and learning side; interaction between individual student and the group of students and etc.
    “互动机制”的表现形式主要有 :教师个体与群体的互动、教学双边互动、学生个体与群体互动等。
    The evaluation of an individual student is the greatest interest with which the teachers follow and is also used as a way to judge the students and their progress.
    对学生个体的评价是任课教师最关注的评价 ,用以判断学生及其学习的进展。
    The aim of applying humanism for ideological and political-education at institutions of higher learning is to arouse, to the most degree,the enthusiasm,activeness and creativeness of the educators and learners,to improve the study and understanding of idelolgical and political education on individual student, and to improve the directions of ideological and political education and to enhance the effectiveness.
    人本思想运用于高校思想政治教育中 ,就是最大限度地调动教育者和被教育者的积极性、主动性和创造性 ,增强思想政治教育者对学生个体的研究和了解 ,增强思想政治教育的针对性 ,提高实效性。
    Statistics of orgainc chemistry experiment achievement of group students for four years and investigation on individual student for three years show that this system is practical and helps improve students` laboratory capability and their creativity as well.
    通过对连续四届学生群体有机化学实验成绩的统计和学生个体在校三年实验能力的综合考察 ,结果表明 ,此项改革是可行的 ,对提高学生的实验能力和培养学生创新精神具有良好的效果
    According to the Theory of Division and considering, the difference of individual student, we have been probing into the possibility of carrying out grade teaching initially and have gained some useful enlight-ment.
    The essence of students' management lies in mobilizing the students'initiative,organizing manpower reasonably,raising the actual effect continously and making the individual student develop.
    For an individual student,classroom teaching has such functions as transferring knowledge,adapting to the society,developing has/her personality and building up his/her characters,etc.
    And the third or micro involves his fundamental views of the disciplinary teaching and individual student related to putting new courses into practice.
    而第三层面,是对与具体实施新课程有关的学科教学、学生个体等方面的基本看法,即微观观念层。 本文重点讨论实施新课程过程中教师所需要的中观观念层。
    To cultivate and accumulate the individual student' s is an ideological project that has a bearing on an educative worker in Chinese teaching in renewing his teaching concept and in raising his levle of understanding.
    对学生个体情感的培养与积累,的确是一个关系到语文教育工作 者更新教学理念和提高认识水平的思想工程。
    It is the strategic necessity for modern education to study how to deal with the relation among "what kind of talents the society needs",what kind of education the individual student need"and"what education is supposed to do.
    Sports education is directly undertaking the responsibility of "enhancing individual student physique and promoting individual student health" in university. The students don't master the scientific knowledge but also have the good physical quality and the health body.


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