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    Practical Studies on the Degree of University Students' Satisfaction in Learning
    By comparative analyzing the examinatorial result, the evaluation method, which was used to evaluate the Educational technology ability of the students of
    This paper emphasizas society, family environment , school education and student individual - the four chief negative factors to the practicality of university students ideological and political education, and makes them a model of main influence tial factors.
    本文着重分析社会、家庭环境、学 校教育和学生个体等四个主要因素对大学生思想政治教育实效性的消极影响,并将四个因素作为一个整体构建主要彰响因 素模型。
    2)independent-cooperation teaching model makes the students learn aotonomy,fit the individual differences of students and promote exchanges between students and the enhancement of social,improve the quality of teaching;
    On the other hand,the development of individual virtue is directly influenced by university culture,which results from the arrangement of school system.
    The management of students mainly depend on aim management. It is an elastic didactical system which is suitable for the difference of individual.
    Compared with traditional experiment teaching, the authorconsiders, that the most distinguished characters of open experiment teaching lie in: the flexibility is its soul (flexible learning course of individual student, flexible management course and flexible teaching contents and methods), strengthening and strictness of teaching objectives is its guarantee and the utmost development of students is its objective.
    Meanwhile, the development trends of the opening, creative, lifelong and individual modern education and the new characteristics of college students' thought in a new period require college moral tutors to switch their roles timely with the mental outlook going with time and the enterprising ideology.
    According to analyze the major elements of the student's personal socialization, this article gives these suggestions to solve the negative influence of flaunting consumption: 1. We should try to strengthen the consumption education by giving speech in high school to form a positive idea of consumption for high school students.
    the principles of Checking the creativity in the college were that students were given enough time to consider the problems, the individual diversity of students were recognized and the creativity was checked with the subject characteristic from more perspectives and arrangements;
    Moreover, the students in the science and technology need develop their dynamic subjective, recognizing "I" and enriching "me" which will contribute to improve individuals' self-achievement process and realize the educational goals.
    From the viewpoint of government, institutes and student individual, the financial benefits, the risks and obligations are explored.
    Now disharmony of education mental and interpersonal appears in the relationship between teachers and students of universities and colleges, whose reason contains three aspects: first society politico economic and culture's influence; secondly own contradiction of higher education;
    The diversification of teaching mode in cultivating qualified graduates in higher educational institutes refers to the teaching mode in which the institutes, according to their own orientations, special features and cultivation targets, construct and combine their local modes, which manifest a relative variety within a certain scope, so as to joint the need of individual development and that of society, and create a more appropriate learning space for different students.
    Under this circumstance, ideological and political education, as a kind of practical activity that serves the social development by training people, will focus on the student individual's subjectivity more and more, and serve for training students to be the person with subjective consciousness and subjective ability.
    The main problem exist in traditional high school student managed is neglect student's individual need and development need, neglect student's main body status and the emotion relation.
    (iv) lack of value education of history. The factors that influence the changes of value orientation of history education in normal colleges and universities at present are investigated at different social levels in the second part, among which the first one is the impact of market economy, the second one is the delay of the reforms of educational systems and the third one is the increase of the individual educational consciousness of students.
    Psychological difficulties of Current undergraduates become increasingly serious, which affect not only individuals' physical and mental health,but also the training of qualified advanced personnels for the country.
    The main ways to show "Interaction System" are :interaction between individual teacher and the group of teachers; interaction between teaching side and learning side; interaction between individual student and the group of students and etc.
    “互动机制”的表现形式主要有 :教师个体与群体的互动、教学双边互动、学生个体与群体互动等。
    We propose that we shouldachieve our Purpose of ideological and political educationon the basis of our respect for personalities.


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