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    Discussion on Determination Method (accelerate method) of Light Diesel Oil Oxidation Invariability
    Study on Improving Invariability of Gasoline by ILs Catalyst
    Theoretical Analysis and Experiment Study on the Invariability of the Reinforced Concrete Frame
    Study on improvement of invariability for jet fuel by electrolytic hydrogenation
    The result indicates that the ISO strength, the setting time, invariability and other physics properties of the compound cement with the utilization of the principle of superiority making up to each other for mixture and with the blended material addition of 50%, 45%, 40% and 35% can conform to the requirement of Chinese standard.
    The Research Of Relations Among Invariability Indexes Of Diesel Oil
    1. The study of factors influencing ultrafine red phosphorus's invariability and phosphine liberation indicated red phosphorus undergone oxidation and dismutation reaction in air, and trace ion of iron, copper and nickel fastened water absorption and oxidation, in which the effect of copper ion was the most, while aluminium and zinc ion could slow down red phosphorus' oxidation, and silver ion had the best effect on red phosphorus moisture absorption.
    The third party system is a very important system in the administrative litigation law. It is very significant for clarifying the facts of some cases, ensuring fair judgments, avoiding conflicting judgments, safeguarding the invariability of the law, saving judicatory resources, realizing litigation economy.
    Through calculating, checking and estimating various mortar structure elements, ballistic elements, aerodynamic coefficient, flying stability, shooting intensity, invariability, spreading precision, the result indicates the improved mortar shell meets the requirements of mortar shell criterion.
    Therefore,in order to improve deposited invariability of oil and meet the rigid diesel oil specification,increase the economic benefit of refinery, adapt the demand of environmental protection,almost each refinery takes different measures to remove nitrides from the oil product especially in light oil.
    因此 ,为了改善油品的储存安定性和满足越来越严格的油品规格 ,提高炼厂的经济效益 ,适应环保要求 ,各大炼厂都采取了不同的方法来脱除油品特别是轻质油品中的氮化物。
    This research reviews the correlation and corresponding of diesel oil's actual colloid and invariability sediment, sulfur content, iodin value, acidity, aromatic content. As well as offers a testing basis to enlarge the range of colloid index of the long stockpile diesel oil.
    In light of the principle that constitution being supreme, the separation of powers and the invariability of constitution order, all the states adopt the principle of constitutionality presumption widely to settle the problem.
    根据宪法的最高性、权力分立与宪法秩序安定性原则 ,各国普遍采用合宪性推定原则解决这一问题。
    The factors influencing on invariability of gasoline and the importance of improving it were described in this paper, preparation method and the characteristic of ILs were in troduced, too.
    讨论了影响汽油安定性的因素和改进汽油安定性的重要性 ,介绍了离子液体的制备方法及特性 ,并提出了用离子液体催化剂改进汽油安定性的新途径。
    (3) compliance with internal request of legal system, implementing justice, ensuring benefit of civil action and maintaining invariability of procedure;
    It is optimum method to enhance the invariability of diesel fuel using the stabilizer, because it is not only economical, but also no pollution.
    使用稳定剂提高柴油安定性 ,既经济又无污染 ,是理想的方法。
    After the comprehensive assessment on indoor physiochemical performances, it is found that the research oil possesses such advantages as, low solidifying point, oxidation invariability and excellent performances as, defoaming, anti-emulsification, anti-rusting and anticorrosion.
    Results showed that Prolipid 141 has good spreading coefficient and emulsification effect, and its explosive system has favorable sensitivity, lower exudation quotiety and good invariability.
    实验结果表明:Prolipid~(?) 141作为分散剂的乳化效果最好,其铺展系数较好,形成的炸药机械感度好、渗油率低,热安定性良好。
    The stability trend and checking methods of GATo-3 propellant was given by the experiments of aged and invariability.
    This paper mainly discusses the modality of f-CaO in steel slag, and that the volume expansion of f-CaO when being hydrated will result in the steel slag's ill invariability, which will decrease the utilization factor of steel slag in the form of cracking in road engineering, construction engineering, and building materials that are made from steel slag.


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