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    Model checking is an important approach which guarantees program correctness, with the benefit that it is completely automatic.
    To realize apple automatic grading completely, the method for classifying apple surface defect by digital image processing was researched.
    The experimental results show low alcohols compounds that the recovery of falls within the range of 94%~99%,RSD within 1.3%~2.8%,lowest detection limits 0.10~0.38mg·L~-1 .The method is accurate,rapid and automatization.
    结果表明,方法的回收率为94%~99%、相对标准偏差为1.3%~2.8%、最小检测限为0.10~0.38mg·L-1。 方法准确、快速、重复性好、完全自动化
    In this paper, a new, fully - automatic method for the quantification of brain atrophy based on CT volume data is put forward by taking advantage of the characteristics of cerebral CT images in combination with the prior medical knowledge.
    An intelligent clamp system is designed to realize the grinding pressure controll, efficiency controll, technique parameter measure and other functions and lay a foundation for automatic grinding of monocrystal diamond tools.
    (2) Simplification of testability measure calculation: In order to fully automate the testability measure computation, decrease the time complexity and avoid the truncation errors introduced by numerical method, the relations between the determinant decision diagram (DDD) and the partial derivatives of the product-terms coefficients in the numerators and denominators of transfer functions with respect to faulty component parameters are constructed.
    (2)可测性测度的简化计算。 为使可测性测度的计算能够完全自动化,并降低其计算处理的复杂度和避免数值计算所带来的舍入误差,本文建立了传递函数分子和分母乘积项的系数相对于各故障元件参数的偏导数与行列式判决图之间的关系。
    (2) Fuzzy control (FC) in greenhouse.
    Thus, using formal verification, especially model checking method (an completely automated method), to verify arithmetic circuits effectively becomes a hot spot concerned by world wide R&D institutes and EDA vendors.
    With the development of power system, the demand on the reliability and the automatism of Gas Insulted Switchgear (GIS) is increasing. Especially, it is demanded that GIS should be automatic and intelligent entirely in measurement, control and protection to the greatest extent because of the implement of unattended substation automation system.
    随着电力系统的发展,对SF_6气体绝缘全封闭组合电器(Gas Insulted Switchgear,GIS)可靠性和自动化的要求日益提高,尤其是变电站自动化系统无人值守运行模式的实施,在很大程度上要求GIS在监测、控制和保护等方面完全自动化和智能化。
    In our country, the furniture relievo machining is behind the timescomparing with developed country. This paper introduces a furniturerelievo design and machining CAD/CAM system. This system is based onAutoCAD R14 developing platform.
    在我国,家具浮雕加工的方法还比较落后,本文介绍了一个基于AutoCAD R14开发的浮雕设计CAD/CAM系统,该系统以Visual C++作为开发工具,以ObjectARX作为支撑库来开发的,其目标就是要实现家具浮雕生产从设计到加工的完全自动化
    The system is transformed from a simple Automatic Measurement System to a Virtual Instrument with opening, blocking, reusable and interchange characters. The new system can measure a source in multi-frequency point automatically. The testing precision has reached the design requirement.
    With these modules,can control the automatic dynamic parameters in the real manufacture .
    The extraction of endocardiac boundary is the crucial basic of quantificational researching 2D echocardiogram. Due to the speckle noise in ultrasound imaging, it is very difficult to detect the endocardiac boundary automatically and accurately in echocardiogram.
    After mechanisation and informatisation of human activities,the acquisition of the right information has become the largest obstacle to total automation.
    在人类生产和生活实现了机械化和信息化后,信息的获取就成了实现完全自动化最大的障碍。 因此,传感器日益成为研究的重点。
    2. Establishes a complete mechanism to mapping the data types from WSDL to Java types and structures(JavaBeans), this mechanism can automatically map user defined data types to programming language's data types, in this thesis, is Java.
    Realize that the density of carbon dioxide is adjusted and control automatically in the greenhouse.
    Users could analyze the genotypes according to the value of mP and scatter plot. The software was laid a sound foundation for the development of 'SNP Scorer' to analyze the human SNP automatically.
    该软件的设计为以后开发适用于人类单核昔酸多态性完全自动化分析研究软件“ SNP Scorer”打下了基础。
    Along with the development of computer, the automatism in 3-D fabric weaving gained much progress, but there is still large distance compared to complete automatism and continuous production.
    The whole line, from the initial materials transported, weighted, lifted, stirred in pug mill and molded in forming machine to the finished product maintained at field, is controlled by PLC, and realizes the automatic production.
    Our future works includes providing visualization tools to platform, and use Griddatabase and Gird Knowledge Service to make trust evaluation process more automated.


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