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    Grasp Conformity Phenomenon to Adopt Scientific Management
    把握从众现象 实施科学管理
    implement scientific management;
    Conclusion Social management can effective improve the quality of the entire emergency service.
    结论 实施科学管理能有效地提高急诊服务质量
    It is asked to strengthen quality education, capacity building, project construction and supervision and facilitate scientific management.
    Correct Guiding Principles and Scientific Administration are the Key to Run a Private Institution of High Quality and Distinctive Features --Constructing a New Talent-training Environment with Stress on Good Qualities and Distinctive Feature
    Finally it guarantees the construction and implement on the model of teachers' continuing education by redefining educational concept, implementing scientifically, strengthening the construction of courses and reinforcing scientific researches.
    From all above, it is a basic work to study proper evaluation and decision-making model and risk management method for water resources problem, which is also the destination of this paper.
    So, the modern automobile maintaining enterprise that has modern concept, technology and management must replace traditional automobile maintaining enterprise \vhose produce mode and management fashion has failed to adapt to modern society.
    In order to change such a situation, it is vital to establish correct management thinking and scientific management measures.
    Establishing the physical performance evaluation index system of junior football players that matches the region characteristics of Jiangsu province and establishing the homologous database, developing fleetness, accurate evaluation system, will be convenient for researcher to following research on junior football player of jiangsu province for many years, and for coach and athlete to evaluate physical performance, to proceed assess and verify to train method and train result, it can also be used in selecting player.
    In order to understanding the behavioral model of IP network, providing scientific management and effective control to the network, it will be of great significance for study in precisely and real-time network measurement.
    secondly, the company manages the structure absurdity, and is hard to carry out science management;
    2. Kindergartens undertake scientific management, which helps to promote the development of teacher's specialization.
    Modern Internal Control, based on Internal control including abundantmanagement experiences in the history, is a self-manage system which is needed inscientifically management, promoted by audit organization taking basic audit, createdby managers in practical management and improved by auditors.
    The forth part, " the management of the middle school resources of the network course and the applied countermeasure": The relevant countermeasure aimed at the third part problem is found out.
    the college level physical courses should emphasize on the logistic system, organization and management. Attention should also be paid on personalism, thus the higher level and wider view could be reached for the college level physical courses at general colleges.
    This is a new challenge to school management since novice teachers take a large proportion of positions in schools.
    Bridge plays important roles in transportation and economic construction,it has great influence on people’s lives and properties, Therefore, it is an important guarantee of safe working carry out safety monitoring and scientific management for it.
    The SA of urban environmental protection projects should transfer from the anti-thinking of target-oriented demand to the concept of demand-oriented design, conduct effective control on the social risks from perspectives of optimizing design, appropriate implementation and scientific management and then the dissertation gets a conclusion for institutional framework to take specific measures, monitoring and evaluation.
    3) Head nurses should adopt effective means to stimulate the movale of nurses according to the particularity of the nurse group;


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